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Results for April 2016

0118/1613 April 2016ANZ Banking Group Ltd
ANZ’s #equalfutures ad
0125/1613 April 2016Newscorp Australia
Promoting read sex survey findings published the Sunday mail
0126/1613 April 2016Medibank Private Ltd
Showing that they have products for all social groups.
0128/1613 April 2016Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Ltd
The commercial is for new Hyundai cars and the whole advertisement consists of various people telling the viewer to "get in".
0129/1613 April 2016Isuzu UTE Australia Pty Ltd
Advertising the Isuzu Dmax
0130/1613 April 2016Boost Juice Bars Australia

Repeating sexual innuendos and inappropriate words for that time of the day and children listening.

0131/1613 April 2016ACT Government
A single male dressed in Tshirt with satin slinky shorts, acting in a provocative sexual manner, displaying effeminate voice and actions was apparently advertising a blue (ice cream) bucket to demonstrate the type of plastic that could be recycled.
0134/1613 April 2016AAMI
Sexist it depicts only women as working in call centers for Aami which is extremely sexist - only attractive women are depicted
0135/1613 April Ltd
A female voice describes the new and improved "womaniser" sex toy, stating that it no longer goes "rrrrrrr", but now makes simulated kissy noises, "using air pressure to pleasure". The ad then indicates that it is "like Channing Tatum kissing and sucking (me)...." to the point of ecstasy. The female concludes by saying, "At least, that is what it feels like to me" and giggles.
0136/1613 April 2016MTV Networks Australia Pty Ltd
I took a photo - however there is no way for me to add it to this form. The advertisement says: "Squeezing more Geordie Shore into MTV. Brand New Series. Starts Wed 16th March 9am/9.30pm. No delay from the UK. #Geordieshore"
0137/1613 April 2016Urban Purveyor Group
Vintage cartoon-style images of semi-dressed women to advertise beers with names such as "Blonde Moment" and "Butcher's Bride"
0138/1613 April 2016Target Australia Pty Ltd
A sexy lady wearing blue jeans and a white t shirt
A very young girl wearing the same
A sexy lady flashes her sexy undies
S teenage? girl wearing blue jeans and a white t shirt
0139/1613 April 2016McCain Australia and New Zealand
The ad opens with one young man bailing up and dancing stupidly in front of a pizza delivery driver on a motor scooter. While the driver is distracted a second young man steals a pizza from the container behind the driver. Several young men then eat the stolen pizza and a McCain pizza. They are blindfolded. The ad ends with one of these young men punching one of his friends in the head (both blindfolded), for what appears to be the fun of doing so.
0140/1613 April 2016Liquor Alliance (VIC)
Promotion of driving pints of alcohol around in a fast car.
0141/1613 April 2016ANZ Banking Group Ltd
ANZs "pocket money" advertisement.
0142/1613 April 2016Sir Walter Premium Lawn Turf
People are gathered at a back yard barbecue. One of the guests approaches the host with a handful of grass. The guest then proceeds to push the grass into the host's mouth and rub it in while all the other guests stand by and watch. The guest asks if it's Sir Walter and once the host has spit out the grass he shamefacedly says no. All guests drop their plates and rush out of the back yard.
0143/1613 April 2016Sexyland
The billboard advertisement features a woman in pink, wearing bunny ears and a skirt that clearly shows the curve of her butt cheeks. She is bent towards a man, wearing bunny ears, a fake tuxedo collar and wrists. In the background are easter eggs and a tree. The phrase "Easter fun" is clearly visible in the top right corner of the billboard on the blue background.
0145/1613 April 2016Ultra Tune Australia
Two women in a sports car are apparently so stupid they follow phone maps to drive their car off a cliff. Their car explodes and ultra-tune employees rescue them in a helicopter.
0146/1613 April 2016Coca-Cola South Pacific
Ad for coke zero. Features young boys one sitting on a park bench 3 approaching and one approaching later. 3 boys attempt to take coke zero from young boy. Older boy approaches and threatens 3 boys, returns coke to boy on bench. Then smacks the bottle as the young boy is drinking.
0147/1613 April 2016Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Special K consumers are told to claim the product and the viewer is shown a woman emptying the contents of the packet directly into her mouth.
0149/1613 April 2016Aldi Australia
Aldi advertisement for cheese.
0150/1613 April 2016AHM Health Insurance
Health insurance ad.
0151/1613 April 2016Boeringer-Ingelheim Pty Ltd
Antistax ad shows a woman standing on an elephant’s trunk.
0152/1613 April 2016Road Safety Advisory Council
Road safety advisory council.
0153/1613 April 2016Road Safety Advisory Council
Road safety advisory council.
0154/1613 April 2016Wicked Campers
The marketing communication is painted on the rear door of a Wicked Camper van. It is in large print, to facilitate viewing by all who are situated behind the van whilst parked or being driven.
0155/1613 April 2016General Pants Group
A mixture of men and women, lining up, wearing the latest fashions at General Pants Co. Men were fully dressed, where as the women were topless - two showed them wearing only black bras, and one women completely nude on top, with her wrist covering her nipples.
0156/1613 April 2016Mars Confectionery
Two couples sit on the couch watching tv eating Maltesers. The men have fallen asleep, their girlfriends are awake. The girlfriends play a "prank" on their boyfriends by making them embrace whilst they sleep. The two men kiss each other on the face whilst they sleep. Their respective girlfriends laugh at this.
0157/1613 April 2016Stihl Pty Ltd
Male, assumed husband, directs female, assume wife, to clean an area she has missed.
0158/1613 April 2016Grill'd
Posters that say "The Good SHIT" which is meant to be clever, because it's about ScHnITzel, but it is a poster with "SHIT" on it in a damn shopping centre food court, which has little enough class as it is.
0159/1627 April 2016FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
Boy binge watches game of thrones to catch up before the new season starts to impress a girl.
0160/1627 April 2016FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
A man on a bus is watching sexually explicit scenes on his tablet device and other bus passengers are viewing it too. The advertisement is for Foxtel live streaming.
0161/1613 April 2016General Pants Group
Its a video style ad with about 8 young models, 4 male and 4 female standing around. men are all fully dressed and the women are about half dressed, one is topless.
0162/1613 April 2016The Cosmetic Institute Bondi Junction
The advertising is huge posters on the external floor to ceiling walls of their practice, which displays women in bikinis advertising breast implants and their cost. The advertising is on the walls fronting Ebley Street and Hollywood Avenue, Bondi Junction.
0163/1627 April 2016VISA International
The TV Advertisement overtly focuses on a male actor in "budgie smugglers" walking along the beach to a food & drink stand where the actor uses his wrist watch to pay for a drink.
0164/1627 April 2016Fair Dinkum Sheds
The ad shows a man and a child in a boat on water advising how to get/order/quote a shed.
0165/1627 April 2016Lion
There are various advertisements toting the 99% sugar free benefit of beer, the preservative free/ gluten free beers ect and asking you to visit a website all about the glorious health benefits of beer.
0166/1627 April 2016Machine Zone
A cartoon character of Arnold Schwarzenegger using his mobile phone to blow up property
0167/1627 April 2016Ubet
Training school for gambling
0170/1627 April 2016Burger Urge
A man delivering a burger from a woman, apparently from her vagina.
0171/1627 April 2016Lion
Beer the beautiful truth - beer is 99.9% sugar free (on average) with images of 18 different brands of beer and a link to
This advert is within 500m of a school and the advertisement appeals to young people.
0172/1627 April 2016Burger Urge
'We deliver' posters featuring a woman in a vulnerable position with a man between her legs and a burger.
0174/1627 April 2016Hotels Combined
The ad opens with a cartoon bear (the mascot of the company) with its back to the viewer sitting at desk looking at laptop with a pixilated screen. On the desk is a box of tissues , a coffee mug and a photo. The laptop is emitting sounds. The voice over says. "Because some things online are best viewed from someone else's IP." The bear turns around to the viewer with a grumpy expression and slams the laptop shut .
0177/1627 April 2016Unilever Australasia
Everyone is enjoying tea.
0178/1627 April 2016Unilever Australasia
Advertising various reasons for drinking a cup of Bushells Tea
0179/1627 April 2016Medibank Private Ltd
Selling health insurance.
0180/1627 April 2016Doll House Gentleman's Club
The ad referred to a Chase the Ace competition and went on to describe what the prizes were.
0181/1627 April 2016Unicharm Australasia (VIC)
Ad selling pads using "clean barrier technology"
0182/1627 April 2016Urban Purveyor Group
"The Crafty Bavarian" is a craft beer brand that has been established by the Urban Purveyor Group and distributed through its German themed restaurants - The Bavarian Bier Cafe, Lowenbrau Keller and Munich Brauhaus.

0184/1627 April 2016NBC Universal
A Foxtel show called Heatbeat and depicts a woman with gloves covered and dripping in blood.
0186/1627 April 2016Jaguar Land Rover Australia Pty Ltd
David Pocock and Scott Sio (2 rugby players from the Brumbies of which Landrover is a sponsor of) are driving on an open road.
0188/1627 April 2016Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
It was difficult in the initial stage but men's underwear.
0189/1627 April 2016Sportsbet
"do you wanna bone her"
0197/1627 April 2016Unilever Australasia
A series of different groups of people are shown drinking Bushells tea in different locations - a beach, a mountain, a veranda, a bedroom, a kitchen.