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Results for December 2016

0494/167 December 2016Ubet

0504/167 December 2016The Beauty Door
Objectifying and sexualisation of women in public places, which promotes gender inequality, reduces women to object and promotes unhealthy body images.

0505/167 December 2016Honey Birdette

Shop Window dressings that consist of photos of women wearing Bondage and Discipline 'clothing'.

0507/167 December 2016Aldi Australia

The entire ad presents Americans in a negative light, celebrating Christmas in an inferior way to Australian celebrations.

0508/167 December 2016Favworld
Advertisement for a baby pillow, which is a large stuffed elephant. Picture of newborn sleeping with face snuggled into elephant.
0509/167 December

The advertisement shows a man standing in a hallway with a ladder and a cat that he promised a banking authority he would teach to change a light bulb.

0510/167 December 2016Allpest WA
A pest control company advertising frequently and daily on Radio 6PR in Perth
0511/167 December 2016Ozkleen
I don't think we need to see a man in a pair of biggie smugglers cleaning a shower then turn around to the front and the camera show her personal part it looks gross
0513/167 December 2016SBS Corporation
The caption on the ad say Fu*k that was delicious.
0514/167 December 2016Aldi Australia
A catalogue in the mailbox advertising food, electrical, clothing etc..

0515/167 December 2016NT Official

The CU in the NT campaign. The way their logo is positioned, clearly spells the word "CUNT."

0516/167 December 2016Shedd
Images of women's body parts.
0517/167 December 2016Cotton On

On a recent shopping trip to Hornsby, I noticed an advertisement in the window of "Cotton On Body" which is a lingerie shop located at Shop 2075/76 in the Westfield Shopping Complex. The advertisement in large print read "LUST HAVE BRAELETTES".

0518/167 December 2016BCF
an ad advertising fishing and camping gear
0519/167 December 2016Henkel

Shows almost complete nudity. Couple are sitting next to their washing machine with no clothes on. Female nipples covered only by her hair and something is in front of the male's genitals.

0520/167 December 2016Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd

Young females in their under wear stroking their bodies in the genial area / vagina also with the hair removal product several times. This was shown in a provocative and titillating way.

0521/167 December 2016Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd

Young females in their under wear stroking their bodies in the genial area / vagina also with the hair removal product several times. This was shown in a provocative and titillating way.

0522/167 December 2016Sexpo Pty Ltd
Billboard displaying the Sexpo exhibition featuring a woman about to erotically kiss a robot.
0523/167 December 2016Bendon Ltd

Image of woman in a seductive pose wearing lingerie (on large screen facing Market Street)

0524/167 December 2016Simplot Aust Pty Ltd
It is the Ad for the John West Street Asian range. Specifically,
0525/167 December 2016Simplot Aust Pty Ltd
It is the Ad for the John West Street Asian range. Specifically,
0528/167 December 2016Frucor Beverages Australia

Promotion of purchase V in bulk pack of 4. Half pages add, depicting 21+ cans of stacked V beside a 4 pack. Add focuses on drinking V to improve skills and encourages consumption of V to obtain further skills, suggesting you can improve yourself by collecting these skills /drinks.

0529/167 December 2016Alcovit

The alcovit advertisement on the shopper docket promotes this drink as a hangover cure. Further links on the web further encourage drinking- with some of the quotes saying how good it is, followed by "more drinks anyone".

0530/167 December 2016Icon Film Distribution Australia
Hacksaw ridge movie ad kept coming up on ads whilst we are watching kids shows regular show and adventure time

0531/167 December 2016Sexpo Pty Ltd
The ad was advertising the upcoming Sexpo.
0532/167 December 2016Super Cheap Auto Pty Ltd

The advertisement features 4 raised 4WD Ute being driven furiously and dangerously on a beach and on public roads.
Super Cheap Auto and the producers of this advertisement should hang their heads in shames, as should Shell and Castrol.
I have uploaded a copy of the ad to YouTube:

0533/167 December 2016Motor Accident Commission SA

MAC of SA is running a campaign addressing speeding in cars on the roads, how dangerous it is and how it can affect others around you. It features a character, The Hairy Fairy. This campaign has both still images and video ads which can be seen on Facebook and other social media, as well as bus stops.

0534/167 December 2016Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing

They stated that Almond Milk is high in Calcium
It's not.

0535/167 December 2016Muzz Buzz

Adult pouring drink on child's hair for his satisfaction.

0537/167 December 2016Motor Accident Commission SA
Poster (presumably as part of the TV advertising campaign) of a man, dressed in a pink tutu and work boots and wearing a spiky garland on his head with his hand held out toward the viewer.
0538/167 December 2016Edgewell
Three girls in bikinis are trimming a bush with a razor the bushes are small and placed in front of the bottom half of the bikini one girl trims the bush and a wide shot is taken directed at her bikini and it is obvious that she has trimmed it to look like pubic hair
0539/167 December 2016Chemist Warehouse
I think it was advertising a perfume
0541/167 December 2016Capri Body Fashions - HOBART
Outside of the store there are posters of women in lingerie. There are two posters in particular which I am referring to. Each poster contains a woman in just a bra and knickers. There are many more pictures and screens within the store with much of the same content.
0542/167 December 2016Hayeswinckle
Alongside a picture of an old woman, holding what looks like a gun, the caption reads "Is your property manager a grumpy old cow? Relax nice ones do exist....."
0543/167 December 2016Suttons Holden
A "American Indian" was asking people to "Circle the Wagons" and come to the sale. The was speaking in broken English, there were tribal drums beating in the background, at the end of the commercial they made use of the work "Kimosabe"
0545/167 December 2016Aldi Australia
People were enjoying their food and they opened their bubbly and the ad makes out that the cork hit and downed a black and white bird looking like magpie and it was dead on the ground

0550/167 December 2016NQ Hunting and Fishing Supplies
The ad features a woman holding a gun underneath her bottom.