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Results for February 2016

0002/1610 February 2016Aldi Australia
The advert has a scotsman taking about the whisky and and interpreter translating what he says.
0003/1610 February 2016McDonald's Aust Ltd
McMobile blasting bagpipe mucic sees men drop tools and run after the mobile and into a McDonald's store.
0004/1610 February 2016Nimble Australia
A women has just come back from holidays to find that the apartment has been taken over by people, in which there is an Asian decent man in a pair of white underwear (offensive) brushing his teeth, then a man dressed in a rabbit custom which gives misleading advice to Nimble the money so that she can move.
Then their is part two to the ad where the women is packing her and the Rabbit is talking away with a goat standing behind him, the goat turns around with a pair of underwear on its head and the Rabbit says "Come on Spanky"
0005/1610 February 2016Entertainment One
Preview of upcoming movie release 'Dirty Grandpa'.
0006/1610 February 2016Liquor Alliance (VIC)
Thirsty camel advertisement for free water.
0007/1610 February 2016Coty Australia Pty Ltd
It was an advertisement for women's perfume which depicted a young woman dressed in black lingerie who was posing in a sexually suggestive manner.
0008/1610 February 2016AICS
Tv advert showing male driving a car while not watching the road and then observing some image on small girl's mobile phone, crashing car.
0009/1610 February 2016Carlton and United Breweries
Win TV
0010/1610 February 2016All Tools NT
A woman in revealing clothing and high heels holds a large jackhammer suggestively.
0011/1610 February 2016Optus Communications
An ad where three woman are sitting on beach chairs sipping some drinks. One woman is describing her new boyfriend who is an accomplished surgeon and how she is obviously happy with him. They ask her 'what's the catch?' She replies 'There's no catch.' The two other women start making innuendos about 'huge' and 'massive' televisions and the women with the boyfriend angrily yells 'SIZE DOES MATTER.' The ad then closes with the words 'Size Does Matter.'
0012/1610 February 2016Australian Insurance Holdings
Captain Risky does some stunts and ends the commercial urinating into his own mouth
0014/1610 February 2016Allianz Australia Ltd
A man is attempting to wash his car with a hose, but no water is coming through the nozzle. He is seen fiddling with the nozzle, before he points and holds the nozzle centimetres from his right eye. Noticing his father's trouble, his child removes a kink in the hose, causing a force of water to hit the man's face, making him drop the hose.
The force of the water starts the hose wriggling, which breaks a window, before causing an accident when the force of the water hits the driver of a passing ice cream van in the eyes, causing it to crash into another car.
0015/1610 February 2016Carl Jnr Burgers
Advertising a hamburger : woman on beach eating hamburger
0016/1610 February 2016Unilever Australasia
The advertisement depicts a Bubble O'Bill ice cream and a Splice ice cream. The latter is wearing a bikini and has a bite taken out of it so that the white ice cream is showing. The Bubble O'Bill says: 'I can see your white bits'. Please also see article at: : regarding this advertising campaign as other advertisements are questionable and would be worthy of ASB consideration.
0020/1610 February 2016Ultra Tune Australia
Ad for car servicing featuring two women in a car caught on a train track.
0021/1610 February 2016Ultra Tune Australia

Ultra Tune advert

0022/1610 February 2016Ultra Tune Australia
Short ad for current specials. 2 women in black rubber suits play with tennis rackets and balls while tyre brands and prices flash up on screen.
0023/1610 February 2016Ultra Tune Australia

Ultra Tune advert

0024/1610 February 2016Ultra Tune Australia
Ad shows 2 attractive women fully dressed in skin tight rubber outfits with very low cleavages. They look seductively at the camera and dance around. The ad says "We're into rubber.".

0025/1610 February 2016Ultra Tune Australia

Ultra Tune advert

0026/1610 February 2016Wicked Campers
I was stuck behind a campervan with the following slogan in huge letters 'Blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere'.
0027/1610 February 2016Wicked Campers
The Wicked Camper rental van had this message displayed in large print across the back of it: "Hurricanes are like women. When they come, they're wet and wild, and when they leave, they take your house and car." (I have a photograph of the vehicle)
0028/1610 February 2016Yum Restaurants International
A person dressed as a chicken, riding a skateboard on a winding road.
0029/1610 February 2016Carlton and United Breweries
The advertisement was an image that showed a hand offering a beer to a kangaroo who was reaching out to hold it and the caption "Kangabrew"
0030/1610 February 2016Strippers Wanted Agency
Strippers Wanted
0031/1624 February 2016Yum Restaurants International
Dipping box deal on offer from KFC
0032/1624 February 2016Aldi Australia
The poster shows a bottle or whiskey with the birds above it
Cheap and Scottish
Act surprised
0033/1624 February 2016Ferrero Australia Pty Ltd (Ferrero Rocher)
Treat/reward your children with a chocolate (Kinda Surprise)
0034/1624 February 2016Offshore Surf
Ad for surf shop
0035/1624 February 2016Milne Agri Group (Mt Barker)
This advert showed "free range" chickens roaming all over "Mount Barker" and then returning to the farm through a gate and onto a green paddock. The chickens were clean and very active and mobile and at no point were they shown in sheds or contained in any way.
0036/1624 February 2016NPS Medicinewise
A man is trying to pick up a woman at a bar. She has gonorrhea. This starts a discussion about how gonorrhea is more antibiotic resistant now because of overuse of antibiotics.
0038/1624 February 2016Hollywood Showgirls
2 girls in bikinis on the billboard advertising for hollywood showgirls
0039/1624 February 2016PVH Brands Australia Pty Ltd
Rafael Nadal is doing a strip tease. The camera cuts as he reveals time and time again, removing his underwear.
0040/1610 February 2016Ultra Tune Australia
Ultra Tune selling their services by portraying 2 women in cars in 'unexpected' situations from driving off a cliff instead of reversing.
0041/1610 February 2016Ultra Tune Australia
Two females enter a white convertible that's sitting precariously near the edge of a cliff. In stead of putting the car into reverse they go forward and off the cliff. The driver activates her roadside assistance and a helicopter with males rescues them.
0044/1624 February 2016Sportsbet
A group of men are in a pub and one of them is betting on his phone. At the end of the ad, thanks to some gambling success, the men embrace. A voiceover says words like "that's enough of that", and the men look sheepish and recoil from one another.
0045/1624 February 2016Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd The

A maintence guy attends an old woman's residence to fix her stair lift, the man opens a bag of chips and leaves them on his tool box. The old lady try's to steal a chip, and the man kicks the tool box, hurting the old lady's hand.
The lady then presses a button sending the maintence man shooting up the stairs on the lift, out of the window.

0046/1624 February 2016World Animal Protection
This advertisement is too raise money to assist in reducing animal cruelty such as showing tigers and elephants being beaten in order for tourists to take pictures, ride them etc
0047/1624 February 2016Youi Car Insurance
Ppecific Youi ad. The Presenter of the ad walks across a floor of a studio with dozens of unsafe electrical cables strewn across the floor as he talks about Youi products.
0052/1624 February 2016Sexyland
Billboard shows naked women's legs spread out with male legs in between and socks on. On the other side are items sold in the shop.
0053/1624 February 2016Barwon Heads Wine Store
Billboard advertising to sprint 200m to winestore. "... keep your fluids up!.. plenty of water in wine "
Self promoting during International bike race being held
0054/1624 February
The billboard said something along the lines of whilst you are sitting in traffic on Parramatta Road we could be looking for your next dream job. I took we to mean you and Next to the phrase there was a picture of a mobile phone with a sick icon and at two new alerts icon.
0055/1624 February 2016The Iconic
The advertisement displays separate photos of a male and female in Iconic brand sportswear.
0057/1624 February 2016Penthouse Club Perth
Penthouse gentlemans club celebrating their 1st birthday, come and spend the evening with the hottest penthouse pets in nothing but their birthday suit
0059/1624 February 201699 Bikes
There are two very large photographs in the windows, one male and one female.
0061/1624 February 2016Twentieth Century Fox Film Distributors Pty Ltd
It was for a coming movie. The poster looked like it was for spiderman or someone in a super hero outfit. didnt see the name of the movie
0063/1624 February 2016Radio Rentals Group
The main theme of the advert is a Japanese/Chinese carton figure yellowing chop chop about prices. The man's teeth are accentuated and he is dressed in a martial arts uniform.
0067/1624 February 2016Specsavers Pty Ltd
The title of the advertisement is " I do everything online, including Pottery classes!"
0070/1624 February 2016Caputo and Sons

I would like to complain regards the TV ad for Capputua Sons fish market Pf Pirie South Australia.

0081/1624 February 2016Narangba Valley Tavern
Nylon banner with several semi naked male strippers pictured with no clothing on their upper body. It is for the Bad boy male stripper act that is an up coming show in March 2016 at the Narangba Valley Tavern
0498/1510 February 2016First Home Buyers Direct
First Home Buyers Direct advertisement featuring a female-voiced jingle addressing her landlord about the landlord's lack of attention to the tenant's needs and complaints and ending with a line that she hopes one day a tenant "kicks you in the balls".