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Results for January 2016

0017/1618 January 2016Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
The basis of the ad is to bring Australians home from other countries for Australia Day to have lamb chops on the barbeque.
0018/1618 January 2016Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
An ad bringing Australians home for 2016 to enjoy lamb, because lamb brings people together.
0019/1618 January 2016Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Australia day operation boomerang ad. For lamb features a scene where a man is cowering in a corner and his table is set on fire.
0484/1520 January 2016Oxfam Australia
An Oxfam ad stating "here's that pile of crap you looked at before" with a picture of faeces.
0485/1520 January 2016Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Selling a Mitsubishi Triton motor vehicle
0486/1520 January 2016Wicked Campers
Chuck Norris only masturbates with pictures of Chuck Norris
0487/1520 January 2016The Adult Warehouse
Lady stating her favourite Christmas song is 'O Come all ye faithful', the clear innuendo to 'cum' is clear and not appropriate during prime time radio when my kids are listening.
0488/1520 January 2016Anchor Wetsuits

Advertisement for wetsuits: whilst depicting the strength of the wetsuits it shows one being used as a tow behind a boat

0489/1520 January 2016David Jones Ltd
A 28 page booklet inserted into the December 5th/6th Sydney Morning Herald. It is advertising accessories like handbags and shoes. The models displaying the items are naked unnecessarily and I think page 10 and page 28 look more like ads for an escort agency.
0490/1520 January 2016Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
TV advert for new model of Toyota Landcruiser
0491/1520 January 2016Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
The ad depicts a Toyota Hilux being driven on the open road. The driver is confronted with a number of cyclists riding across the road and weaves round them.
0492/1520 January 2016Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd
Brand advertising of the Jeep "long live the pioneer, rebel and mutineer"
0493/1520 January 2016Advanced Medical Institute
Promotion of longer lasting sex by company AMI due to erectile dysfunction/premature ejaculation.
0494/1520 January 2016Country Road
I believe some of the photos of one of the young girls were exploitative and degrading. Although the girl in question was not portrayed in a sexual pose as such the style of the photo along with the garment were in appropriate. The photos I object to are on page 19 with the heading 'Gifts for Kids' and a bathing suit on page 4.
0496/1520 January 2016Wicked Campers
Slogan 'anything is a dildo if you're brave enough'
0497/1520 January 2016Shiels Jewellers
Images of a nude man and woman embracing in a seductive pose, words popping up to describe them.. beautiful, sex etc.
0499/1520 January 2016Duo Glass
Advertising double glass glazing and current special 20% off.
0500/1520 January 2016Novus Auto Glass
They are advertising repairing cracks in the car windows.
0501/1520 January 2016Big W
Big W catalogue , details above
0502/1520 January 2016Tomo's Lawn Maintenance
Female complains to male about lawn not being mowed properly suggesting they use the services of the advertiser.
0503/1520 January 2016Australian Business Academy

In the 'from here to here' section of the ad, they show a mother with children in the 'from here' and the same woman in an office in the 'to here' section.

0505/1520 January 2016Honey Birdette
An extremely sexualised image of a woman in lingerie and stockings, with Santa next to her having fainted on the ground.
0506/1520 January 2016Freeview
Advert advertising Freeview TV where young girls uses the phrase "Oh My God."
0507/1520 January 2016Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund
The ad shows a man walking down the street towards a subway restaurant who undertakes three activities on his way. In one scene he ducks underneath a pain of glass that two workmen are carrying.
0508/1520 January 2016LY Lawyers
This advert begins by using all of the slang words for common drugs, the way they are communicated, the voiceover clearly has a smile on his face while naming each drug. It then goes on to say if you have been caught with drugs, call the specialists.
0509/1520 January 2016Our Watch
0510/1520 January 2016Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
The ad involves a car racing two bikes down a hill, with the end line "don't worry, it's a mitsi"
0511/1520 January 2016Patties Foods Pty Ltd
The TV advertisement promotes Patties Party Pies. The advertisement opens with a mother taking Party Pies out of the oven and calling, “Daniel, the Party Pies are ready”. Music similar to the Star Wars theme then begins as the family heads towards the kitchen in slow motion to eat the Party Pies, chanting to the song. Their son then appears dressed as an astronaut walking slowly down the stairs to the kitchen, as the parents continue chanting to the music and thumping the table. The boy sits at the table and takes off his helmet as the father passes him a party pie. The child’s voice over then states, “Patties Pies – The party pies they eat in outer space”. The end frame depicts a box of Party Pies with a cartoon style backdrop of the moon, planets and stars and the words “Best Snack Ever”. The voice over at the end is the child’s voice again, stating “Best Snack Ever”.
0512/1520 January 2016Weis
Ice cream is dressed as though the packaging is a short revealing skirt. Slogan is 'There's a new tart in town'.
0513/1520 January 2016Cricket Australia
The advertisements for Brisbane Heat is marketing family fun. It is full of "boing, boing" sound effects.
This tv adversisement has plenty of family and kids images of fun at the cricket. This advertisement includes 2 slim, very pretty women, in tight garments, standing and jumping up and down. One in a tight blue dress and the other in a tied shirt.
These women are jumping up and down with well-timed "boing boing" sound effects.