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Results for June 2016

0230/168 June 2016Bentley Motors Ltd
Wheels Magazine placed this advertisement on their web-site.  From the text below, they claim: " Late last year, Pommie journo Ben Oliver thought he could do better than that. So he arranged for Bentley to lend him a Continental GT Speed. Bowe had previously maxed out the Continental himself, having been hired by Bentley to drive it for a video they produced of the event. He even got a bit more speed out of it."
So clearly Bentley paid the driver so they could produce the video and they lent them the car. It is clearly an advertisment, because it features the Bentley logo at the beginning and at the end, it has the logo, the web address and the words # BeExtraordinary.
Wheels Magazine can hardly claim that this is editorial.
Additionally, during the ad, there’s a link on the side to another Bentley ad, using the same logo at the beginning and end.
0231/168 June 2016Mercedes-Benz Aust/Pacific P/L
While driving at a sedate speed through picturesque mountains a couple reach a ferry stop. One character suggests to the other, 'if we take the ferry we could save an hour'. The suggestion is the ferry is an hour faster than how long it takes to drive the route. The other member of the couple accepts this as a challenge to shave an hour off the time and equal or beat the ferry , 'challenge accepted', and the couple race back to their car. The music speeds up, the car is shown at various swelling curves of the road, and the suggestion is that the race is on. The tagline is 'instantly thrilling'.
0235/168 June 2016Bendon Ltd
Three very large full window posters depicting three ladies in lingerie. One lady is reclining (this takes up two windows) and the other two are more upright. You cannot see their faces, just their torso.
0236/168 June 2016Ultra Tune Australia
Ad where women accidentally take their car though a car wash and got wet.
0237/168 June 2016Health World Limited
Inner Health Plus animated characters advertise all products are good for you and are cool in the fridge
0239/168 June 2016McDonald's Aust Ltd

We are writing to complain about an advertisement featured on the McDonald's Australia Face book page. The advertisement, posted on 2 May 2016 at 10:00pm, is for a promotion whereby a free Happy Meal is provided to customers who purchase a Create Your Taste meal (the Promotion).

0240/168 June 2016Treasury Wine Estates
Humans pushing themselves to the limits. Ballet dancer, bull fighting.
0241/168 June 2016A2 Milk
A2 Platinum® Premium Infant Formula, Follow-on Formula and Toddler Milk Drink are nutritionally tailored providing key age-specific ingredients which are essential for growth and development.
0242/168 June 2016iSelect Pty Ltd

2 semi-naked men jumped from platform to the pool.

0243/168 June 2016iSelect Pty Ltd

A woman double tapping a TV and the TV worked. Then she does the same thing but double taps the fish tank and then she double taps the wall and a guy’s couch starts to shake, then she taps the wall and then he gets naked on the couch!

0245/168 June 2016Greater Bank
The advertisement promotes the No BS -no bank shareholders. The image shown is a very young female in a low cut two piece tankini, bearing lower midriff - under a summer water hose.
0246/168 June 2016LHD Lawyers
An advertisement for the possible need of Lawyers to make a claim.
0247/168 June 2016GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Australia
This advertisement shows a large shaggy dog running into the family house leaving footprints and dirt on the floors. The father in the family drags the dog along the floor by its forearms and into the bathroom for a wash. Consequently the man ends up with muscle soreness.
0248/168 June 2016Bethesda
The ad contained animated violence and weaponry and the written slogan on the screen "fight like hell"
The ad was for a R18+ PlayStation game
0249/168 June
2 couples are having dinner together and chatting, the successful couple used "" and the 'fail' couple didn't.
0250/168 June 2016Salvation Army
An envelope with child holding a teddy on front of envelope saying "If only this were just a child's story book.
Inside a booklet telling a detailed story of a 5 year old who's mother is a prostitute, then the girl cuts herself with razors, gets abused, teen pregnancy, more abuse, Salvos come to rescue of her as a single mother.
A note was enclosed asking for donations to the Red Shield Appeal.
0252/168 June 2016Wicked Campers
Written in cartoon character and very colourful, and attractive to my 8 and 5 year old, was an image of an Egg (human like) having sex, doggy style with a chicken. The eggs facial expressions and The chickens head was back as if it was having sex. Below it clearly said, what COMES first the chicken or the egg?
0253/168 June 2016Advertising Advantage
Female model wearing clothes from pretty young thing clothing range; she is seen outdoors and indoors
0255/168 June 2016Twentieth Century Fox Film Distributors Pty Ltd
Movie Trailer advertisement for the X-Men: Apocalypse movie
Displayed on a 30ft GIANT plasma screen
Centre court at Westfield Carindale
0256/168 June 2016Sanitarium Health Food Company
Customer picked iced coffee instead of up and go.
0257/168 June 2016Network Ten Pty Limited
Regularly aired advertisement for the Channel 10 tv show, Have You Been Paying Attention.
0258/168 June 2016Mars Confectionery
A woman is sitting on a couch, and says to a man "I feel like a snack".
The man says "Yeah" and goes to the kitchen and opens a cupboard.
He is then repeatedly hit in the head by a number of objects that are thrown out of the cupboard.
The camera then shows what are supposed to be M&M chocolates in the cupboard that are holding objects that they are about to throw.
The man says "Get in the bowl", and the M&M chocolates in the cupboard say "You get in the bowl".
The M&M chocolates in the cupboard then throw another object that hits the man in the head.

In the background the woman twirls her hair, seemingly unaware about what is happening.

It is highly likely that she was aware the man was being hit in the head, and she had purposely asked him to get the chocolates from the cupboard knowing he would get hit by objects thrown at him.

0259/1622 June 2016Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
The advert showed pictures of models in Bonds clothing.
0260/168 June 2016HTH Group
Home Hardware - a guy comes on telling the tradies on site they're all soft because they eat cup cakes and that they need to harden up like real tradies
0261/168 June 2016HTH Group
Home Hardware - a guy comes on telling the tradies on site they're all soft because they have scented candles and toilet paper that they need to harden up like real tradies
0262/1622 June 2016Isuzu UTE Australia Pty Ltd
The driver of the car is saying how wonderful it is to get away from "the worst apprentice".
0263/1622 June 2016Anyinginyi
There are many parents on the North Shore Of Sydney and the Outer Western Suburbs of ALL Ethnicity's, who have this F.A.S.D ,

0264/1622 June 2016Total Tools
Exclusive storewide insiders deals - VIP insiders night - Advertising discounts on selected products (all fair enough)
0265/1622 June 2016Michael Roach Financial Services
They are advertising some sort of superannuation lookup service
0266/1622 June 2016Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd
Horror and supernatural themes, advertising for a coming soon movie, The Conjuring 2.
0267/1622 June 2016Lululemon
They having sayings all over the outside of their windows. This particular store is at an entrance to the shopping centre. The saying that is offensive reads: "Children are the orgasm of life. Just like you did know know what an orgasm was before you had one, you won't know how great children are until you have them."
0268/1622 June 2016GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Australia
Advertising Panadol for children
0269/1622 June 2016Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd
hearing parts of the horror movie . And unnerving , scary voices and wording
0270/1622 June 2016Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
A young girl dressed in skimpy and revealing blue underwear
0271/1622 June 2016Motor Accident Commission SA
It was an anti drug driving ad.
0272/1622 June 2016KIA Automotive Australia
The man in red KIA car is reversing free hands and waves to a girl being carried by a man.
0273/1622 June 2016KIA Automotive Australia
While the car was reversing the camera moved to a man with his back to us with a little girl over his shoulder.
0275/1622 June 2016iSelect Pty Ltd
iselect insurance advertising
0276/1622 June 2016Schnitz n Tits
A hot pink billboard poster that has been posted around many streets in Melbourne with black lettering that says Shnitz n tits.

It is posted on wall on side of road under the train bridge in Sherbourne road, Eltham/Montmorency between Stephen street and Meruka drive.