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Results for March 2016

0043/169 March 2016Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund
It was a poster on the footpath near the fast food restaurant.
0049/169 March 2016Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd
A man standing in a room getting ready to have a sexual interlude pops a blue pill out of a bottle, which he looses out the window and despairs over it, the pill rolls on and falls into a parked car which then grows much larger and a passerby makes some remarks.
0051/169 March 2016Trelly's Tackle World
Advertising fishing tackle for Australia Day.
0058/169 March 2016Pharmacare Laboratories
Various pack shots of the 'Skinny' weight loss products with clips of skinny/very slim women dancing around (some of whom are sipping drinks from a straw) and male voices in the background singing 'I love em, I love em, I love em... skinny' repeated over and over.
0062/169 March 2016Medibank Private Ltd
It showed diferent categories of people who could join Medibank
0064/169 March 2016Marriage Alliance
An image with a depiction of a sad woman sitting at a desk with a noose around her neck, apparently about to commit suicide by hanging. The image is captioned 'Same sex marriage increases PC bullying in the workplace'. The image is currently available at
0065/169 March 2016Wicked Campers
A winking Lego man with his head near a Lego woman's vagina. The slogan was she wants my brick. The Lego woman has her knickers mid thigh and a bra on. The back of the van says "virginity is curable". The drivers side of the van has the winking Lego man lying on top of the Lego woman and the writing on the door says "legover"
0066/169 March 2016Pharmacare Laboratories
Advertising a range of dieting supplements called Skinny from Slim Right - sold by Woolworths
0068/169 March 2016Aussie Broadband
A man with a dressed chicken taped to his back runs off and another person lets a Rottwheeler dag loose to chase him.
0069/169 March 2016Merivale
Food and Wine Festival
0071/169 March 2016Sportsbet
Guys hanging around in numerous circumstances "trusting" their intuition - described as "man truition".
0072/169 March 2016Coca-Cola South Pacific
It speaks of desire and shows a man standing between the open legs of a woman sitting in front of him and her skirt is up around her upper thighs. Also, he has his hands on her bare thighs.
0073/169 March 2016Coca-Cola South Pacific
I girl lifting a bottle of coke to her mouth
0074/169 March 2016Medibank Private Ltd
It was a Medibank private Ad which showed different shots of gay men or women couples being intimate with each other.
0075/169 March 2016Chemist Warehouse
It was a chemist Warehouse add and the had many products on e of which was condom's and on the box was written Love Sex.
0076/169 March 2016Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
There was a Kellogg's ad around 8:05pm which showed women touching their breasts while wearing bras and words such as "Boobs" were used.
0077/169 March 2016Stockspot
The billboard features cartoon like images of middle aged, overweight men in their fifties or older, whose heads have been modified to give some semblance to cats, with the caption "investing without the fat cats". It also shows a younger person being "used" as a "drinks table"
0078/169 March 2016Swisse Vitamins Pty Ltd
The ad suggests that the product (a "detox" pill) may be useful in people who like to indulge - this is described with a backdrop of a group of women toasting a glass of wine.
0079/169 March 2016Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd
The ad displays a older gentlemen with a women in a seductive position. He tries to take a blue pill (clearly viagra) which misses and goes down a drown. It eventually goes into the hole where petrol in the advertised FIAT car where the car becomes bulky and becomes bigger (clearly due to viagra affects)
0080/169 March 2016Walking Wounded
There is a picture of a serviceman who committed suicide. The main writing is "Ended his service in 2005. Ended his life in 2006." Below the picture is the name of the deceased "Warrant Officer David Wiseman". At the bottom of the poster are the words "Walking Wounded. Saving the returned soldiers from suicide".
0082/169 March 2016Commonwealth Bank of Australia
In the ad' a guy runs out of petrol in the outback. He buys petrol in a 20L steel can. He is then given a lift in another car.
0083/169 March 2016FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
Foxtel NRL sport on 3
0084/169 March 2016Adam & Eve
The TV advertisement is for “JO” brand personal lubricants and “adam&eve”, a company which sells the products. The advertisement footage consists of 12 consecutive frames.

Frame 1 shows a topless woman lying face down on top of a topless man, who is lying on his back. Both the woman and the man are wearing black underpants. The woman’s underpants are revealing. The left-half of the woman’s left breast is exposed.

Frame 2 shows footage of a woman’s torso. The woman’s face is not shown. The woman is wearing a bra and underpants. The woman is lying on her back. The camera pans to the left, down the woman’s torso, focusing on the woman’s left hand, which extends downwards over the front of her underpants. The 2nd finger of the woman’s left hand is not visible. This, along with the position of the woman’s left hand, suggests that the woman is putting her 2nd finger of her left hand down the front of her underpants.

Frame 3 shows a woman standing with her arms raised. The woman’s face and upper left side of her torso are visible. The woman is wearing a bra. The camera pans downwards from the woman’s face to the upper left side of her torso.

Frame 4 displays the JO H20 Water Based Lubricant products.

Frame 5 shows the upper torso of a man with his shirt un-buttoned. The chin and mouth of the man, and the chin and mouth of the woman behind him are visible, as is the right hand of the woman behind him, which is placed on the upper right of the man’s torso.

Frame 6 shows, from behind, a topless man’s back and head. The man’s face is not visible. A woman is standing facing the man, and her face is visible. The woman’s right arm is around the man’s torso, and her right hand is on the upper left part of the man’s back.

Frame 7 displays the JO Hybrid Lubricant products.

Frame 8 shows a woman lying on her back, with her knees bent up and together. The view is from the top of the woman’s head, looking downward towards the woman’s left hand, which is in her lap. The woman is wearing black lingerie.

Frame 9 is of a woman lying on her back. The woman’s face and torso are visible. The woman is wearing a bra and underpants and the shirt she is wearing is unbuttoned.

Frame 10 displays the JO ALL-IN-ONE Massage Glide products.

Frame 11 shows a man standing behind a woman. Their upper torsos and faces are visible. The man and the woman are both wearing clothes. The man’s position behind the woman, and his “gaze” could be perceived as “predatory”.

Frame 12 shows a man lying on his back, and a woman lying face down on top of him. Both the man and the woman are wearing singlet tops, and the woman is wearing black underpants. The lower half of the man’s body is not visible. The woman is pulling forcefully at the man’s singlet. The caption reads: “JO “Meet your new best friend” ”.

Frame 13 is the last frame in the advertisement. It reads: “adam&eve 107 Gladstone Street Fyshwick, Canberra or find us on Facebook”.
0087/1623 March 2016Indeed
Jobs in electronics
0089/169 March 2016Sin City Gentleman's Club
Mobile Billboard, 2 busty, scantily clad women.
0090/169 March 2016Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd
2 boys attempting to erect a tent, they think they've done it but it then collapses. The ad then shows a perfectly erected and organised tent next door. One boy says to the other, "wish my parents bought a jeep". The other boy replies, "me too", as a boy drops a pile of firewood at the gent next door.
0092/169 March 2016FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
Two woman were sitting in a small and sparse kitchen - one was giving another a gift. It was a matryoshka doll. One woman explain how it went - then said it costs $50
The voiceover then came in an said 'Australians would prefer to spend their money on this (or something of that nature) and it then advertised Foxtel.
0093/169 March 2016FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
The advertisement was promoting Australia as a sporting nation but during the content of this Ad it described pursuits or cultural objects of people from other countries for example one advertisement showed a Russian Barbooshka doll and said it cost $50 and we as Australian would better spend $50 on watching Foxtel as we are a sporting nation
0094/169 March 2016Cruise Republic Ltd
Advert for cruise finder
0095/1623 March 2016Hungry Jacks
The communication claims that "unlike their big competitor, Hungry Jacks' uses hormone-free, 100% Australian Beef" with emphasis on "No added hormones"
0096/1623 March 2016The Comfort Group
Couple in bed and the sheep says "so you've been faking it" and the female says "every night".
0097/1623 March 2016Zerella Fresh
A man and a woman in a kitchen discussing how the "low carb" potatoes will be good for both their waistlines.
0098/1623 March 2016Frucor Beverages Australia
An advertisement on the morning after Australia Day, with a standing poster saying "I Survived Australia Day", giving away free sports drinks and food to people, and asking them to get a photo taken with the poster.
0099/169 March 2016Fantastic Framing
"We can shoot your wife and frame your mother-in-law, if you want we can hang them too". Vehicle nsw rego: WQZ 819
0100/169 March 2016Penthouse Club Perth
A billboard depicting women (presumably escorts or strippers) in a highly sexualised way, obviously advertising what goes on inside the club, but visible to children who would not be allowed in the club because of its age limit.
0101/1623 March 2016Tom Ford Beauty
On the first page is a full page advertising men's Eue De Toilette with the use of a naked woman but on page 19, apparently there is no need to have David Beckham naked to advertise his Eau De Toilette.
0102/1623 March 2016Sportsbet
Advertisement showing the sports bet app and how to place bets over the app - the hunch.
0103/1623 March 2016Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Ltd
An advertisement for the Hyundai Santa Fe motor vehicle
0104/1623 March 2016Ella Bache
Two naked women advertising Ella Bache
0105/1623 March 2016Hesta
Advertisement is for Hesta of a community nurse providing services to homeless people.
0106/1623 March 2016Parfums Christian Dior
In the Advert there is a man and woman and if flicks between the two.
0109/1623 March 2016Wicked Campers
A Wicked Camper painted on the back with the words 'bukkake ruined my carpet!'
0110/169 March 2016Fiesta Canvas

I have been advised by the ACMA to contact you the ASB re my complaint about “Fiesta Canvas” as seen on commercial TV here.

0111/1623 March 2016Parfums Christian Dior
This was an ad for Dior's 'Poison' perfume, sponsored by Myer, which made use of suggestively explicit sexual material, which was completely inappropriate for the context in which it was played - if at all.
0112/1623 March 2016Sportsbet
The advertisement makes a joke about getting the sportsbet phone app to avoid having to waste time trying to pronounce difficult (ethnic & islander sounding) names.
0113/1623 March 2016Expedia
A man and a woman are organising accommodation via a website.
0114/1623 March 2016WorkSafe Victoria
The importance of having Worksafe procedures in place in the workplace to prevent injury.
0115/1623 March 2016Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd
Actor holding/carrying automatic weapon very prominently.
0116/1623 March 2016Wicked Campers
"If a dog smells you're arse, you're probably a bitch!"
(They spelt it wrong too).
0117/1623 March 2016Zac Homes
The advertisement is a billboard advertising for tradesman to apply to the company, Zac Homes, who are currently hiring.
0119/1623 March
Compare the market. Meercats.
0120/1623 March 2016Coty Australia Pty Ltd
Fast clips of a naked couple heavy petting, jumping in water
0121/1623 March 2016Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd
Shows a chicken farmer (a lady) who appears concerned for their welfare and happiness checking on her chickens, which are happy, in sunshine, in a well-ventilated large shed with the slogan "Stegglers for Quality"
0122/1623 March 2016Wicked Campers

Slogan painted on rear of car rego 314WDO: A blow job a day keeps the break up away.

0124/1623 March 2016Expedia
Advertising booking hotels but showed a couple doing sexual role play as a horse and rider.
0127/1623 March 2016Parfums Christian Dior
The ad is for a perfume called Poison. in pink hues and black shadows. A pretty blonde girl looks at camera. The bottle of perfume, pink glass in front of her. The tag line is : I am not a girl. I am Poison.
0132/1623 March 2016Cougar Life Inc
Cougar online dating about getting young men.