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Results for May 2016

0175/1611 May 2016Ultra Tune Australia
Add shows two women in a car that has broken down on a railway level crossing suggesting that if there car had been serviced by Ultratune this would not have happened.
0176/1611 May 2016Ultra Tune Australia
Two women dressed quite provocatively in a car while it breaks down on train tracks.
0183/1611 May 2016Seasons Funeral Homes
This particular radio advertisement by Seasons Funerals talks about a man called Mario who emigrated to Australia from Italy. He liked food, especially making tomato sauce.
0190/1611 May 2016Animal Liberation Queensland
Ban Greyhound Racing Billboard depicting live baiting from 2015.
0191/1611 May 2016Spud Shed
The owner of the Spud Shed (Tony Gelati, think that's spelling ), claims "we grow it", rubbish......... the implications are that his company grows ALL that is sold in the stores. If this was so he'd have masses of producing land throughout the world. As some (so called "fresh") produce is grown overseas.
0192/1611 May 2016Advanced Medical Institute
The large signage reads - MEN...GOING OFF TOO QUICKLY. There is a picture of a champagne cork popping.
0193/1611 May 2016Vodka Plus

Post on Vodka Plus Facebook page: man lying on his stomach on a bed with a plate of cake balanced on his back.  Woman in white lingerie sat next to him.  Text reads, Have your cake and eat it.

0194/1611 May 2016Vodka Plus

Post on Vodka Plus Facebook page: man and woman in lingerie embracing.  Text reads, How many grams did you save?

0195/1611 May 2016Vodka Plus

Post on Vodka Plus Facebook page: image of a woman in a bikini lying on her back with her finger against her lips and her eyes closed. The text description reads, "Rosanna Arkle knows where it's at!"

0196/1611 May 2016Vodka Plus

Post on Vodka Plus Facebook page: a man in a suit embraces a woman in lacy lingerie and high heeled shows. The text description reads, "We tick all the boxes: no carbs, no sugars, triple distilled, ready to drink, infused electrolyte blend".

0198/1611 May 2016Sexpo Pty Ltd


0199/1611 May 2016Wet Dreams Aquatics
Painted picture of a mermaid with breast exposed and stars on nipples.
0200/1611 May 2016Dr Eddy Dona
An approximately two-minute promotion for a plastic surgeon, featuring sexualised music and poses.
0201/1611 May 2016L'Oreal Australia Pty Ltd
Woman with addiction to black opium perfume meets dealer for her perfume.
0202/1611 May 2016Victorian Aids Council
To seek treatment for Syphilis
0203/1611 May 2016Galderma
The ad shows a picture of half a man's face, his skin seems slightly reddened. To the left of the picture is a text: 'My job prospects shouldn't be decided by the colour of my skin. HELP END THE DISCRIMINATION"
Bottom right corner contains the name of the drug company, company information is located in the bottom left corner.

We clean up Urine and Faeces in Yirrkala. Urine, Piss, Poo, Shit, Crap, Faeces Droppings, whatever you call it, Our trained biohazard cleaners in Yirrkala can certainly take care of the mess, smell and restore the area to as close to original as possible. When Urine and Faeces have contaminated an area, you need an expert cleaner who specialises in biohazard cleaning. Cross contamination and disease is a real threat when dealing with body fluids or excrement, the area should be closed for access or cordoned off if in a public area.

0205/1611 May 2016Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited
Vehicle depicted driving recklessly and at speed , edited to slow motion.
0207/1611 May 2016Boost Juice Bars Australia
Label: protein balls
0208/1611 May 2016Unilever Australasia
Advertises Lynx personal deodorant for young men
0209/1611 May 2016ACT Government
guy pretending to be stereotypically gay wearing shiny shorts and headband putting things in recycling bin saying RECYCLING in stereotypically gay voice.
0211/1611 May 2016Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
it is a 7ft poster in the front window of the store showing the lower section of the male body with2 hanging gold chair with 2 blokes hanging in them representing testicles, can also be seen advertised on tv and in print media.
0212/1611 May 2016Department of Social Services
An advert that shows a different range of abuse against women being dished out by males
0213/1625 May 2016Specsavers Pty Ltd
Middle aged to elderly woman. Her son is visiting. She tells him how great her spec savers deal was. She appeases his concerns about money by saying- 'don't worry i'm not spending your inheritance', then glances out the window at her topless male stripper looking gardener and says- 'I'm leaving it to Derek.'
0214/1625 May 2016Sportsbet
The men go to the supermarket and place a sport bet on line.
0215/1625 May 2016South Australian Tourism Commission
Video is a shortened version of SATC's 'Adelaide: Breathe' video campaign. The advertisement depicts a variety of things, filmed mostly around Adelaide and surrounding regions. It follows, generally, a person dressed as an astronaut landing and then exploring the region and various aspects of it such as wine, sports venues, and art galleries. It is set to Emma Louise's 'Never Tear Us Apart'.
0216/1625 May 2016Lonsdale London
The ad featured a topless man and woman with the man reclining and a woman laying on top revealing the hang and side of her breasts. They are both just wearing jeans with their heads turned facing the viewer.
0217/1611 May 2016Honey Birdette
The poster in the shop front is a girls bare bottom with her legs apart and you can see a girl in the background sitting knickers
0218/1625 May 2016ANZ Banking Group Ltd
A young man of Middle Eastern appearance is attempting to pay for a carton of milk and offers his mobile phone by holding it up, ready to push the button. The shop assistant and customers all look concerned - the ad zooms in on the eye of the purchaser and people walking into the store view what is going on and back out. Once the EFTPOS machine is ready, the young man pays for his milk and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. The young man looks at the shop assistant and looks puzzled as to why everyone is concerned.
0219/1611 May 2016Advanced Medical Institute
Add states sex should go for longer over and over again
0220/1625 May 2016Goodman Fielder Limited
The advertisement is about Wonder Wholegrain bread, specifically White Smooth Wholegrain. The advertisement features a young daughter with her parents. The mother starts complaining to the father about them agreeing to give the daughter whole grain bread while he bought and served the daughter this 'new' White Smooth Wholegrain. He reacts as if he's being challenged. The advertisement continues with the wife saying to the husband, "you will get it," and then continues with promo about the bread.
0221/1625 May 2016Yamaha Motor Aust Pty Ltd
I am concerned for your advertisement for YAMAHA outboard motors which depicts people operating recreational craft who are not wearing life jackets.
0222/1625 May 2016Tabcorp
A man walks into a TAB venue and reporters swarm him and bring in a massive backdrop advertising Tab. They emulate pre sports interviews with players and ask who they think is going to win. He signs autographs in the meantime
0223/1625 May 2016Vitaco Health Australia Pty Ltd
The advert opens with a shot of a woman in a swimsuit exiting a pool. It then cuts to a close-up of a man staring at the woman. The camera then cuts to a mid-shot of the woman unzipping her swimsuit to reveal her cleavage, before cutting to a shot of her bikini-clad bottom wriggling out of the swimsuit. The camera then cuts to the man who continues to stare at the woman as she showers and takes off her bikini top.
0224/1625 May 2016Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Kelloggs Crunchy Nut ad - man wearing women's underwear.
0227/1625 May 2016Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd The
0228/1625 May 2016Sexpo Pty Ltd
Advertisement for an a sex/erotica products expo right in the heart of Mythbusters.
0229/1625 May 2016Unilever Australasia
The advert states that the product is an olive oil and butter spread.
0232/1625 May 2016Ladyboy Cabaret
It showed lady boys from Thailand performing in little clothing on a stage.
0233/1625 May 2016HTH Group
Home hardware store is a bullying ad were someone throw wood criticizing it, criticizes the tradie's, their dog and over all just bullies the group.