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Results for November 2016

0425/169 November 2016Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited
Darren’s mom wasn't expecting him to take corners like this. But a few days ago neither did Darren. See how the Golf GTI brings out the driver in you.

0428/1623 November 2016Sportsbet
If you're the sort of person who takes things which you think are free you'll like the free boost to your odds
0429/169 November 2016Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited
Buy a family car - it's easy to forget it's a family car!!

0437/169 November 2016Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited
The button "Learn More" takes you to

0445/169 November
The gambling advertisement came on during the Pandora radio 'casper babypants' station.

0446/169 November 2016Coca-Cola Amatil
The ad is very geared at being Australian and if people didn't know Mt Franklin was Australian and you drinking pure Australia!!!
0447/169 November 2016Tabcorp

It was an ad about a man who leaves his family to go away for the weekend with friends, but then spends the whole day and night watching sports and using the TAB app on his phone set to the tune of "I Will Always Love You" by Bon Jovi. When he gets back the wife asks, "How was your weekend" and he smiles blissfully and says "great".

0448/169 November 2016Makita

Man in his front yard behind a white picket fence. He sees a lady running bye- she turns to say hello and he smiles and then there is a shot of him of him sexual gesturing behind the fence- the women gives him a disgusted look. The fence then falls down to reveal the action was actually the vibrating power tool.

0449/169 November 2016AHM Health Insurance

Sexist advertising and messaging. Ad showing a young couple. The voice over tells the viewer to imagine the woman is your health insurance company, locking you in and keeping you from escaping. She is bad for you and you should dump her.
An alternative ad says the man is the health insurance and he is bad for the woman and she should dump him.

0450/169 November 2016AHM Health Insurance
Image of hetero couple with woman taking cash out of mans back pocket in facebook feed ad.
0451/169 November 2016Shedd

The advertisement shows young, very swim women, in various poses, and clothing simply falling off them, or is inferred to fall off them. Various types of clothing is dictated in this manner, including a bikini top and a very clear crutch Close up that explicitly focuses female genital.

0452/169 November 2016Energy Window Fashions
This advertisement features a staring wide-eyed man, talking in a strange fashion, who completes the advertisement by saying 'we may look crazy but ...

0455/169 November 2016Hungry Jack's

Hungry Jacks  TV Halloween ad Online; 

0456/1623 November 2016Ubank

TV ad which featured apparent terminally ill people, telling us why it is not important to prioritise real estate.

0457/169 November 2016BCF
He song for BCF Bcfing fun
0458/169 November 2016Aldi Australia

Small children. Teens, in bathers in adult poses, noted one was wearing lip gloss. ie inappropriate way to pose young children for advertising.

0459/169 November 2016Microsoft Pty Ltd
Ad showed cars racing at high speed, side by side on a winding road. One car on the wrong side of the road.
0460/169 November 2016HTH Group
To promote the Home Hardware chain.
0461/169 November 2016WorkSafe Victoria
WorkCover personal injuries at work.
0463/169 November 2016ING Direct
It has Isla Fischer interrupting a lookalike and she makes a statement about the colour of her hair (red). She states, "would I choose this hair colour?"
0464/169 November 2016Now Finance
A man is tied to a table and hooked up to a lot of wires. Three aliens are stood around him. This is the link to the advert on YouTube:
0465/169 November 2016Unilever Australasia
The advertisement features the Paddle Pops Lion (the Lion) holding the Paddle Pops ‘Twisty Pop’ icy pole (the Product) amongst a backdrop of water and plants. The Lion is wearing armour and gloves, and is holding the Product in his right hand, as if it were an implement. The advertisement states that the product is ‘New’ and has the tagline ‘Twist It, Taste It.’
0466/169 November 2016BMW Group Australia

BMW vehicle shown speeding and loss of control of the vehicle in opening part of the ad, there is an excessive amount of smoke coming from the tyres and it isn't a dirt road. The car is shown breaking the road laws and clearly speeding and encouraging reckless driving.

0467/1623 November 2016Ancestry
A dark haired woman with a New Zealand accent stands in front of a picture of a Maori Warrior saying she had always assumed she had some Maori ancestry but after taking the Ancestry DNA test learns she is anything but.

0469/169 November 2016Motor Accident Commission SA

MAC of SA is running a campaign addressing speeding in cars on the roads, how dangerous it is and how it can affect others around you. It features a character, The Hairy Fairy. This campaign has both still images and video ads which can be seen on tv.

0470/169 November 2016Motor Accident Commission SA
The Motor Accident Commission of SA currently has a campaign running bringing community awareness to the benefits of speeding reduction. The campaign features a character, 'The Hairy Fairy', who can be seen in video ads on Youtube.
0471/169 November 2016Motor Accident Commission SA
The Motor Accident Commission of SA currently has a campaign running bringing community awareness to the benefits of speeding reduction. The campaign features a character, 'The Hairy Fairy', who can be seen on Facebook as well as still images on Facebook.
0472/169 November 2016WorkSafe Victoria
This ad contains a man being crushed to death on a 4 wheel motorcycle. Including very graphic sounds and images.
0474/169 November 2016UNIBET

The scenario shows gamblers noting that a soccer referee is on a 'short list' for being appointment for the final of the tournament. As a consequence, the gamblers conclude they might 'beat the odds' by predicting the decisions by the referee.

0475/169 November 2016UNIBET
Three males discuss whether a footballer will score based on his height vs a defender who uses a hair gel that will get in their eyes and make it hard for them to defend.
0476/169 November 2016Motor Accident Commission SA
On the billboard it shows 4 blokes with speedo limits cut out on their very hairy backs.
0477/1623 November 2016Lion

The advert describes people drinking alcohol and pressing a red button to have exhilarating experience, flying in air, jumping out of plane with a parachute.

0479/169 November 2016Twentieth Century Fox Film Distributors Pty Ltd
The ad was a short trailer for the film 'keeping up with the jones' '
0480/1623 November 2016Apple
Two helium balloons meet up and join many other resulting in a massive number of balloons floating into the atmosphere.
0482/1623 November 2016Dope Lemon
Young girl modelling T-shirt lifting up top to expose breasts.

0484/1623 November 2016Strike Bowling

It was a banner style advertisement appearing in a train carriage which primarily displayed a slogan that said (something like) "every time I see you I want to touch my elf"

0485/1623 November 2016Gage Roads Brewing Co

Yelp, Gage Roads Brewing Co, and Peg Leg are teaming up to shout you free beer on Wednesday 26 October! We're tapping a keg of Little Dove new world pale ale, the Champion Beer at the 2016 Australian International Beer Awards, and pouring 'til it runs dry. Here's how to score your free pint:
1. Come down to Peg Leg bar from 6pm on Wed October 26 with the Yelp app on your phone
2. Check-in at Peg Leg.
3. Drink and be merry!

0486/1623 November 2016Hungry Jack's

The advertisement was of a gentle scene of a puppy or kitten, followed by a sudden scary zombie-type face appearing on screen, accompanied by a loud screaming sound.

0487/1623 November 2016FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
Advert depicted a close up shot of a 'Walking Dead' zombie with the caption 'got more zombie for your money' (something similar to this).

0490/1623 November 2016Cairns tyre specialist

A large bikini cleavage close up followed by pictures of tyres.

0491/1623 November 2016Bendon Ltd

Heidi Klum was advertising her new swimwear line (in very provocative poses) there were various beauty products advertised as well as other bikini ads for Westfield shopping.

0492/1623 November 2016Go Health Clubs

"Don't be a TIGHT ASS" advertising campaign.
Advertisement also available at:

0493/1623 November 2016BMW Group Australia
The subject line is: "With looks that set hearts racing, the BMW M4 GTS boasts a 0 to 100 time of just 3.8 seconds." and the advert says "BMW Australia" "Sponsored".

0495/169 November 2016Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited

An advertisement that promotes the Tiguan as so good that you forget that it is a family car. Segments depict a child in the back seat with her parents in the front talking as if they have forgotten the child is there. Well-made and funny segments.

0496/1623 November 2016Sanitarium Health Food Company
Gentleman buying Ice Coffee gets held at for buying wrong product and other character takes the Ice Coffee and throws it against the glass door in the shop.
0497/1623 November 2016Bikini Girls Massage

The flyer is double sided; one side is advertising the services the Bikini Girls provide and advising they require girls to work for them, with two girls in bikinis pictured (nothing particularly offensive)
On the other side however, it says "Bikini girls are hot" and below has a picture of 5 women who are naked, most of the girls are covering their breasts with their arms but one woman is topless and her breasts are clearly displayed.

0499/1623 November 2016Renault Australia

Renault Megane is seen speeding towards camera. Joined by 2 other vehicles. The vehicle in front makes a very sudden turn to the right of the screen, with sounds of a high revving engine, no indicators and throwing up a lot of sand as in a 4 wheel drift.

0500/1623 November 2016Marshall Batteries

Husband and pregnant wife stagger down steps and get into car, attempt to start the car to head to hospital, however car does not start. They call Marshal Battery replacement.

0501/1623 November 2016MECCA Brands Pty Ltd

Large images of seemingly nude women lying on their backs with legs in the air, covered in filth (coffee scrub). My 11-year old daughter noticed it first and said:" mummy that is horrible. It makes me feel yucky". Sign said;" get naked and cover yourself in coffee.." or something to that effect.

0502/1623 November 2016Danone
The ad is about building foundation for babies 1st special achievements.
0503/1623 November 2016Riot Stage Youth Theatre

A picture of a girl that looks about 12-13 years old, with 3 or 4 skinless hotdogs stuffed into her mouth, as the image for a show called "F."
It's a production by the Riot Stage youth theatre as part of something called the Poppyseedfestival, & is being performed at Trades Hall in Melbourne.

0506/1623 November 2016Crownbet

It is one of the Crown Bet money back ads that says if your horse doesn't win you get your money back

0512/1623 November 2016Unilever Australasia
The advertisement is for Paddle Pop Twirly Pop and was released on YouTube in August 2016. The advertisement has also been played on subscription television. The advertisement can be found at the following link:

The advertisement is a 15 second film clip showing two young children playing on a beach who discover a treasure chest with a Paddle Pop Twirly Pop hovering inside. When one of the children tastes the Twirly Pop, an animated scene with the Paddle Pop lion appears. The scene shows the Paddle Pop lion and another animated character using the Twirly Pop as a weapon to fight another, presumably evil, character, and the Twirly Pop blows the evil character up. The scene disappears and the children are shown again holding the Twirly Pops in the air triumphantly. During the second half of the advertisement the phrase ‘true heroes balance energy intake and activity enjoy Paddle Pop as a treat within a balanced diet’ is shown at the bottom of the screen.