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Results for October 2016

0407/1612 October 2016iSelect Pty Ltd
Mums discussing insurance cover while boys playing soccer
0408/1612 October 2016Holden Ltd
It is about trying a ute. Mentions a new definition for truck stop. Here is the link on YouTube to the ad
0409/1612 October 2016Rip Curl Pty Ltd
It is basically the torso of a woman wearing a small bikini top

0410/1612 October 2016Accor Asia Pacific Australia
The advertising was suggestive of people engaging in sexual activity in the adjoining bedroom.
0411/1612 October 2016Fairfax Media
Advertising of RSVP website. Opportunity to meet the one special individual .
0412/1612 October 2016Surfstitch
Sent via an online newsletter
0413/1612 October 2016Allaro Homes
TV advert for home builders
0414/1612 October 2016Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Advertising lamb
0415/1612 October 2016Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
An advert in which some men are advertising lamb
0416/1612 October 2016Techtronic Industries Australia
The ad is for a Vax cordless slim vacuum cleaner
0417/1612 October 2016ANZ Banking Group Ltd
Children approximately 6 - 8 years of age were sitting discussing how unfair it was that women were paid less than their male counterpart for doing the same job.
0418/1612 October 2016Warner Village Theme Parks
Movie world promoting fright night.
0419/1612 October 2016Natural Health Specialists
Direct mail promoting 'sexual Rocket Fuel' - potency capsules. Dr Richard Summer. New medical breakthrough. International sexual research test.°
0420/1612 October 2016Suzuki Marine

Mum is sad & misses her husband, son is sad & misses Dad, daughter is sad & misses Dad, dog is happy because he/she gets to eat "missing" Dad's dinner (this is the funny bit). It seems he went fishing one day & never came home. Then we see him scooting around on his boat having fun.

0421/1612 October 2016Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
The advertisement is headed ‘LCMs Handball Legends’ and is comprised of several segments.
The text of the first segment states:
Create your own LCMs Handball Legends highlight reel this school holidays.
The LCMs Handball Legends video booth will be popping up at 2 locations around the country this school holidays.
Westfield Southland: Sat 17-Wed 21 Sep, 9am – 5pm
Westfield Parramatta: Tues 4 Oct – Fr 7 Oct, 9am – 5pm.
4 to collect.
This segment also depicts a handball court drawn in chalk and four brightly coloured handballs with smiling cartoon faces and crowns.
The second segment alternates between three ‘Finishing moves’, i.e. ‘The Slogg,’ ‘Backwards Bounce’ and ‘The Spinner,’ each accompanied by a cartoon image of a young boy, aged approximately 10 years old and drawn in chalk, performing the ‘move.’
The third segment consists of three bright orange squares which provide links to the ‘Handball Rules,’ the ‘Handball Terms’ and the ‘Handball Court.’ Links to the Handball Rules and Handball Terms direct the user to a PDF document that has, at the bottom of the first page, images of each of the brightly coloured ‘LCMs Handballs’ (i.e. Krazy King, Bouncy Queen, Jack Attack and Loopy Larry) and the phrase ‘Collect all the LCMs Handballs.’ The Handball Court link similarly features the LCMs Handballs in demonstrating how to draw a handball court. Each of these documents features white text on a bright blue background with a chalk border. Each document is written using simple language and the Handball Rules note that the game is ‘popular in schoolyard playgrounds across Australia.’
The fourth segment states
Buy any 2 LCMs
Score a FREE Handball
This segment also features an image of a handball court with the four LCMs Handballs.

0422/1612 October 2016Fairfax Media
An advertisement for online dating service demonstrating couples interaction.
0423/1612 October 2016Fairfax Media
Short ad online while downloading YouTube clips

0424/1626 October 2016Unilever Australasia
The ad features several people with various animals. There was only one representation of an ethnic minority who was non-white. They were of Asian descent and were depicted with a tiger. The dominant group (Anglo-Saxon or European descent) were portrayed with lions, polar bears and a puma.

0426/1626 October 2016Entertainment One
Ad for Girl on the Train movie
0427/1626 October 2016Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd
Advertisement for the movie Blair Witch.
0430/1626 October 2016Stan
Whilst watching Yu-Gi-Oh (rated PG) with my children this afternoon I was very unhappy to see an advert for Stan being played.
0432/1626 October
This is an add that depicts the meerkat character directing a man in the making of an ad for "Compare the Market"
0433/1626 October 2016Sportsbet
The ad is the Sportsbet TV ad that ends with the men standing at a roadside looking at a women in a caravan/tent, saying you don't get to choose the after party or something to that affect. 

0434/1626 October 2016BCF
BCF.......ING fun
0435/1626 October 2016NSW Rural Fire Service

Screen is dark with slow moving footage of flames. Threatening voiceover says that "I am fire" and can send embers far into the distance. Fire says "I know *exactly* where your weak spots are". "You think the fire truck will save you? Do the maths: there will never be as many fire trucks as houses."
Woman's voice comes on, encouraging people to make a fire plan.

0436/1626 October 2016Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd

The latest Mitsubishi ad shows a vehicle driving through water, among other environments and natural landscapes.

0438/1626 October 2016Attipas
It is an ad for young children's shoes, particularly toddlers. Shows a little boy crawling and climbing, than a little girl playing doctor.
0439/1626 October 2016Sir Walter Premium Lawn Turf

The advertisement depicts a get together of friends celebrating the renovation of a lawn and backyard.
The attendees are enjoying the barbecue until one guest grasp a handful of grass and starts throwing the grass while screaming in the hosts face that it is not Sir Walter Buffalo Grass. With this abuse all the party goers run screaming from the home. It shows that after a 6 month period and the homeowner replacing the lawn and the abusive guest supervising the installation.

0441/1626 October 2016Mixxmix
Static image of young teen girls wearing school tunic with caption: COME AND SHARE A SUMMER FANTASY WITH ME.
0442/1626 October 2016iSelect Pty Ltd
Man gets bitten by a cobra snake and dies
0443/1626 October 2016OPSM Pty Ltd

To prevent children from being bullied responsible parents should buy their children OPSM glasses. The ad suggests that if a parent does not purchase "cool" OPSM glasses their child will be called "4 eyes"

0444/1626 October 2016Godfreys

It was a commercial where the lady depicted bull fighting for no apparent reason.