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Results for December 2018

0498/1812 December 2018Kittens
The billboard is of a young women who is in her underwear in a sexually explicit pose supposedly offering to wash your car.
0512/1812 December 2018Remedy Kombucha Pty Ltd

Enormous sign around building facing both Springvale Rd. & High St.Road with the word GET FRUCT.

0513/1812 December 2018Skoda
The lyrics of the song on the ad ("Stone Cold Classic" by AKA George) includes the line "I goddamn have it"

0515/1812 December 2018Munchkin Inc
The ad shows cows roaming free and the manufacturer is saying their formula is 100% grass fed cows. But it’s insinuating that the cows shown are the cows that the milk is from. When in actual fact the milk comes from cows that are mass produced and are used and abused. They are impregnated with a rape tools and are not happy and free roaming cows as per portrayed.

0518/1812 December 2018Telstra Corporation Ltd

Many gadgets for christmas. Use of drone by children too close to parents kissing under mistletoe.

0519/1812 December 2018World Animal Protection
Encouraging viewers to help protect abused animals by showing footage of animals including bears, elephants and dogs being treated cruelly.
0522/1812 December 2018Wicked Campers

The Wicked camper vehicle with SA registration S646BTA had the slogan "Would a man know his way around a woman's clitoris....even if he had a GPS?"

0524/1812 December 2018Grill'd

The ad makes reference to a Motherfaker and Motherlover, too obviously close to being a Motherfucker.

0529/1812 December 2018Gun World Australia
It is a large billboard featuring a hand gun wrapped in Christmas paper under a Christmas tree with the slogan "Whats under your tree this Christmas" It also features a target with an outline of Australia.

0530/1812 December 2018Wicked Campers

Wicked van with SA registration "S604BTD". Text states "Lets play a game of fuck-off. You go first"

0531/1812 December 2018Carlton and United Breweries

Television advertisement depicting a woman as a beer. Shows her in an esky. 

0532/1812 December 2018Wicked Campers

Wicked van with QLD registration "229XUM'. Text states "You're not a woman until humans come out of your vagina and trample on your dreams". 

0533/1812 December 2018Yum Restaurants International
The advert shows a child at a dinner table. He is playing with the food while an older adult watches on. Person comes in with large bucket of KFC. Child says "bucket" and grabs the KFC out of the bucket
0534/1812 December 2018Sports Locker

Picture of a male using his middle finger at the front of the store.

0535/1812 December 2018Honey Birdette

Advertisement with a woman in white lingerie and the text "Leave Santa a treat" - Jessica Set

0536/1812 December 2018Honey Birdette

Woman in red one piece underwear with the text "Unwrap me" - Chloe Bodysuit

0537/1812 December 2018The Firm Gentlemens Club

Creative execution displaying women with very little clothing, along with the copy, "The Firm. Buck's Nights".

0538/1812 December 2018Crazy Horse Revue Pty Ltd

Creative execution displaying women with very little clothing, along with the copy, "Crazy Horse. Buck's Night". 

0539/1812 December 2018David Jones Ltd
Large photo of a lady wearing a bra and pants only.