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Results for February 2018

0011/187 February 2018Nepean Events
I have a problem with the photo for the advertising. Just the photo's of the hand holding the glass of wine or beer above the water.

Dangerous behaviour.

0012/187 February 2018True Local
When the email is opened it shows Steve, leaning back in his office chair, with a bikini clad girl on his wall, looks like from a magazine, not a photo, due to the background.
Not the worst example of sexist advertising. But still inappropriate, given the level of violence against women that exists.
0013/187 February 2018KMart Australia Ltd
Two people from different families decorating their home with Kmart Christmas decorations in a split screen.
0014/187 February 2018Pope

The add demeans white males and portrays them as stupid if the add was turned to focus on females or other people apart from white males the lynch mob's would be out.

There are too many adds denigrating white males.

0015/187 February 2018McDonald's Aust Ltd

Shows an older couple with lots of children around playing and eating McDonald's

0016/187 February 2018Lotterywest WA
"It's just not Christmas without scratchies"
0017/187 February 2018The Firm Gentlemens Club
Ad features woman in underwear, including stilletto heals and suspenders, leaning on the back of couch with her butt in the air and face pressed against a wall.
0018/187 February 2018Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
In the add the woman drags her child in a pram up a staircase. This is not good behaviour and should not be shown as a thing somebody should be doing. It is dangerous and irresponsible as the pram could slip and the child could be hurt.
0023/187 February 2018FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd

Chris Hemsworth appears to hear a childs' soft toy talking to him, and becomes aggressive and destroys the toy.

0024/187 February 2018Hotels Combined
A man and wife (plus she is so much smaller than him and not very developed in breast area- that was strange anyway) are looking at booking a hotel with a pool. And then he rips off his clothing to be
Standing there in just a bikini. The outline of his private parts is clearly seen and he is dressing to the right. Not appropriate.
0025/187 February 2018Hotels Combined
An ad with four people talking about Hotels Combined and referencing the term "arse".

0026/187 February 2018Ultra Tune Australia
Three women are driving to a costume party, and hit a tiger. Mike Tyson then makes an appearance.

0027/187 February 2018Ultra Tune Australia
A group of women dressed for a night out walk through a dark street in Melbourne only to find the tyre on their car is flat. They are confronted by a gang of men, one of them holding a baseball bat. One of the men smashes the car headlight with the bat after asking in a threatening voice if they have "car trouble". Then actor Jean-Claude Van Damme comes to their rescue.
0028/187 February 2018Lottoland

A television commercial made up to look as though it is a news story - and shown within a news bulletin. People are celebrating their win.

0029/187 February 2018Ultra Tune Australia
Advertising ultra tune services for when people have car accidents/ breakdowns. 3 women in car who crash into a tiger then mike Tyson comes along to help.

0030/187 February 2018Yum Restaurants International
Family playing a game enjoying eating kfc
0031/187 February 2018Ballarat Heating Centre
Advert for heaters specifically a Coonara heater
0032/187 February 2018National Australia Bank Ltd
The advertisement showed children being incorrectly restrained in a car.
0034/187 February 2018Purplebricks
Two guys building sand castles for their kids and are talking about using agents to sell a house and one of them didn't use 'Purple bricks" and in his frustration proceeds to smash down both the sand castles, much to the kids disappointment.
0035/1821 February 2018Threebyone
A massive window display shows 2 women naked walking on a beach. The front window display shows a womans jeans zip undone and the shop is called Service. The objectification of women as here to service men is frankly overt and demeaning. Happy to send you images of this via e-mail. I have taken them on my phone.
0036/187 February 2018Materials in The Raw - Guildford
They are selling landscape materials but have a drawing of woman with no clothes on under their logo. My 6 yrs old son asked me why that woman has no clothes on?

0037/187 February 2018ARN
Ad showing two host entering elevator . Girl has something in hair . Guy says bend over I will check .
Looks like she is giving him a head job in elevator when door opens and another girl sees and seems uncomfortable to enter elevator and leaves
0038/187 February 2018Amaysim Australia PtyLtd
A man is sitting on a ride -on- mower and drives it out to the front of his house. He then pours petrol? On the vehicle and sets it alight. He then stands back to watch it.
0039/187 February 2018Glue Store
A large image of a woman, with breasts covered but projected outward and pursed lips ready to be kissed overlooks the atrium.
0040/187 February 2018ALDI Australia
The catalogue depicts three different bottles of Moscato and Prosecco each with a label of a woman in a rather compromising position ie breast and bottom and leg to the fore with a headline Kiss the Girls!
0041/187 February 2018Cotton On
The very large poster of two female models shows an obvious gap in the pants where the model is not wearing underwear and the labia is clearly visible.
0043/187 February 2018The Local Shack
A young man sitting at a table, possibly on a first date, meets with somebody wearing a dress. The man asks if they want to play a game and the person in the dress is revealed to have a masculine sounding voice, to which the man is surprised.
0044/187 February 2018ZURU Toys
The advert was for Water balloons that you fill multiple at one time.

0045/1821 February 2018Bras n' Things
It was at least 30seconds of multiple women in various kinds of lingerie in full light with body shots of every part.

0046/187 February 2018Sydney Festival

The promotional advertising for live show - Riot.

0047/1821 February 2018Youfoodz
Right at the end, you find out that YouFoodz is advertising their food. Not that it's clear until the end....
0048/187 February 2018Bosch
Male tries to measure how much liquid to use in the washing machine. Young teen daughter shows him how to add liquid to machine.
0051/1821 February 2018BP Australia Pty Ltd
Using a mobile phone at a petrol station which some idiots will take for granted and use it for other stuff and blow them up
0052/187 February 2018Pretty Little Thing
It is disgusting and offensive the advertisement is based on 'sexual lust' . polluting our society in particular children and youth . 
0053/1821 February 2018KIA Automotive Australia
Towards the end of the ad spot, the Apple CarPlay screen was shown whilst the car is driving, and the driver’s finger is seen swiping the screen whilst the car is moving.
0054/1821 February 2018KIA Automotive Australia
Kia Stinger being driving very quickly on a circuit deviating along a white curved line. It suggests the car holds to Road when driving quickly.
0055/1821 February 2018Sexyland
A song advertising sexy land . My primary school age kids think it's a place for families and asked to go after they heard the song !!!!jingle makes it sound like a place for kids I have just spent an hour trying to research how to appropriately explain it. I'm very angry
0056/1821 February 2018Honey Birdette
An approximately two meter tall poster on the window of Honey Birdette of a woman in black bondage style lingerie. Her nether regions are minimally covered and she is in a sexually suggestive pose with legs spread. She has a choker around her neck which is attached to the top of her bra by two straps. The writing next to her says "Do not disturb Georgia", I assume that is referring to her. I can provide a photo if required.
0057/1821 February 2018Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
It’s the musical lamb ad, presumably their 2018 Australia Day ad. People in red and blue are singing and dancing.
0058/1821 February 2018Buccaneer Pools & Spas
I find it highly irresponsible you picture children without ADULT supervision
0059/1821 February 2018McDonald's Aust Ltd
The television commercial showed 3 people using the same trampoline at the same time.
0060/1821 February 2018Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd
Various shots of a Jeep and summer activities such as surfing and canoeing.
0061/1821 February 2018Coca-Cola South Pacific
Showing a couple of teenagers racing to get a drink of coke to cool down
0062/1821 February 2018Coca-Cola South Pacific

The ad entails a young man and a young woman jumping off a cliff into water below.

0063/187 February 2018AHM Health Insurance
Health insurance add from AHM with a chiropractor, physiotherapist, naturopath, optometrist and dentist with an Aussie cricketer. Advertising for “health insurance you’ll actually use”.
0064/1821 February 2018Coca-Cola South Pacific
The advertisement depicts two young people (early 20s) in a vehicle who observe that they are out of coke. They race to a cliff edge where they see a floating bar below with coke. Spontaneously they jump off the cliff to get the coke.
0066/187 February 2018Sunraysia Marine
Radio commercial
0067/187 February 2018Suncorp

Ute with no cover

0068/1821 February 2018Ella Bache

Photo of naked women.

I do not like to be confronted with a large poster of naked women whenever I go through town

0069/1821 February 2018Brand Developers
0070/1821 February 2018Wicked Campers
Painted on a van.
Using a childrens character on one side and displaying on other side of van a quote on how the fictional character Mr White makes blue tinted Crystal meth.
0073/1821 February 2018Unilever Australasia
The advertiser was trying make a link between using lynx body spray and the ability in helping males to get a date with girls.
0074/1821 February 2018Holden Ltd
This appears to be a facebook campaign by Holden, whether through ignorance or deliberately shifting blame onto other road users. You need to use a touch sensitive screen (it works on an iphone) and shows a cyclist about to hit a suddenly opened door, with text suggesting it's a 'mistake'. In fact, it's a very serious offence and has killed three cyclists in Melbourne alone in recent years. In two cases, the negligent driver opened the door and the cyclist was knocked under a passing truck. It is one of the most common causes of injury to urban riders.
0075/1821 February 2018Transport Accident Commission
The advertisement shows an Asian woman driving. In the passenger seat is a police officer. A mobile phone rings. The Asian driver looks concerned and goes to pick up the phone. The police officer says "it's only a text message". The Asian driver looks worried.
0086/1821 February 2018Tattoo asylum

Woman, half naked, restrained in a straight jacket sitting in her own urine.

0087/1821 February 2018Sabco Australia
It said the broom was good enough for this ‘bitch’ of a job.
0088/1821 February 2018Illawarra Toyota

The current Illawarra Toyota TV ad includes acts of illegal (woman hanging out of top of car); dangerous (speeding across flooded causeway) and reckless (talking and not concentrating in traffic) driving.

0531/177 February 2018Holden Ltd

An add on television depicts unsafe positioning of seatbelt on a pregnant woman.