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Results for January 2018

0001/1824 January 2018FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
It is an add with Chris Hemsworth. He is sitting on a couch supposedly watching TV and the smoke alarm is going off in the room he is sitting in.
0003/1824 January 2018Sportsbet
A group of white males standing around betting on horse races with a black man in uniform standing by a fire place. The black man is asked a question.
0004/1824 January 2018Sportsbet
Melbourne Cup/merry ‘puntmas’ spring Gambling campaign
0006/1824 January 2018Goldfield Collisons
The ad begins with a "cat call" whistle followed by the statement "Show us your Dent".
0008/1824 January 2018Origin Energy
A husband is made to look foolish for thermally insulating his house and the wife is made to look smart for being on the Origin savernator website.
0009/1824 January 2018Microsoft Pty Ltd
An offensive, insensitive, dangerous and grossly inaccurate TV Commercial for HP computers depicting a "friendly" killer Great White shark.
0551/1724 January 2018Paco Rabanne
A topless man is shown massaging his body while several girls are spying on him through a one way mirror. As he moves his hands downwards more girls enter to spy on him. As he sprays his deodorant/perfume the girls faint.

0569/1724 January 2018Commonwealth Bank of Australia
A customer named Gordon calls the CBA call centre, and the call is answered by an employee of Indian-appearance named Ishan. They realise they went to school together.

0570/1724 January 2018VIMN
Showing drastic body image type on a channel with a huge teen demographic, completely irresponsible to impressionable teenagers showing a woman amd guy who work out excessively. With so much pressure already on kids to look ‘perfect’ this promotes a distorted vue of what is ‘healthy’ shame on MTV and Chemist Warehouse for producing and airing such damaging material to young impressionable minds
0571/1724 January 2018Advanced Medical Institute
Ami oral strips for longer lasting sex. Merry sexmas
0572/1724 January 2018Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited
During this add it show a couple in the back seat of a car as the female straddles the male which is inappropriate !
0573/1724 January 2018Brand Collective
Large text saying "FUCK OFF".

0574/1724 January 2018Love and
It is a digital sign that shows on a loop. The advertisement has two slots on that loop. The first is of three females, the second is just one of the three females
0575/1724 January 2018MECCA Brands Pty Ltd
The poster which promotes the beauty product and which is displayed at eye height of a 6-year-old on a stand next to the product reads as follows:
"I see a hot, man in your future."
I sense he will come in to your life, soon.
He used to meet babes online, but now he's out in the real world.
It will start with a coffee date, like all good romances do.
He'll keep you on your toes with his dirty jokes.
But he'll work his smooth moves on you, too.
You'll spend a lot of time in the bathroom together. Naked.
You'll turn into one of those couples that posts photos all over Instagram, #letsbefrank
He'll call you babe and you'll live happily ever after.
Without any pants on.
If you like what's in store get ready to pick him up.
0576/1724 January 2018Southern Cross Austereo
The advertisement featured wolf whistles, revving of engines and cat calls, as well as lines of copy such as "Make the boys think you are really attractive with your long luscious locks" and something about walking into a bar and making the boys stop in their tracks.
0578/1724 January 2018Paco Rabanne
An additional for his and her perfume 1 Million and Lady Million
0579/1724 January 2018BCF
It's an advertisement about the retail outdoor company B C F.. using an song to promote their products
0580/1724 January 2018Fonterra Brands (Australia) Pty Ltd
Older Italian lady is cooking pasta for dinner and uses this product to do so. Husband comes in and sees that it is from a packet and says “what do I need you for?”
0581/1724 January 2018Puratap Pty Ltd

A man is asked to taste a glass of tap water and the conversation around pesticides is misleading people about the safety of water.

0582/1724 January 2018Youfoodz
The Billboard details the words
Eat the Best
Fork the Rest

0583/1724 January 2018Youfoodz
Forkin Fresh! headline You'll never eat frozen again Youfoodz now in store!
0584/1724 January 2018BCF
"Have a BCFing christmas" sale promotion.
0585/1724 January 2018Origin Energy
It is an advert for a new natural gas supplier in Western Australia, with the headline of "he's plumbing the barbie in"
0586/1724 January 2018Nova Entertainment
Female voice describing the cost of breast enlargement:
"from as little as $6999".
0587/1724 January 2018Australian Human Rights Commission
Here is the link to the ad.
While I love what this organisation stands for being of ethnic race myself, I found it to be quite unfair to portray hard working taxi drivers in this light. They are part of the fabric of our community and already face so much racism and discrimination themselves. With everything they are currently facing and face on a daily basis - this is the last thing they need to have added to this. Its a completely inaccurate depiction of this group of people and the ad in itself only encourages vilification against australias poor taxi industry.
0588/1724 January 2018JSW Powersports
The ad showcases Jet skis, including vision of riders "having fun".
JSW is the logo ID referred to in the ad along with their website address.
0589/1724 January 2018Youfoodz
There are three versions of the commercial, each with a young red headed boy approx. 8 years old selling the idea of prepackaged "Youfoods" as an alternative to home cooking. In one version, he says; "You're living in the friggin' 90's" (a euphemism for "fucking")

0590/1724 January 2018Vistaprint
I wish to Complain about a TV commercial for that is running now on the Foxtel A&E channel and maybe others.

0591/1724 January 2018Total face group


The images are located across the street from a school (International Grammar School). An image of a woman being stared at by men with the text: "There are looks, and then there are good looks." Also "we say bring back the harmless glance of adoration and the long stare of wonder at your beauty. [...] cosmetic injectable etc.