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Results for July 2018

0289/1811 July 2018Ultra Tune Australia

Two women sitting in a car that gets trapped at railway crossing.

0290/1811 July 2018McMillan Law
This is an ad for a legal company. It depicted two Policemen entering a house and arresting a male. Escorting the male from the house and a female then hits the police.  
0291/1811 July 2018Motor Accident Commission SA
A very large billboard image, geometric and abstract, strong eye-catching colour with this single communication: "Get your sh-t together."
0292/1811 July 2018The Hospital Research Foundation
The best description is set forth on The Longest Table website:
"Spread the word about your forkin’ awesome contribution to saving lives from cancer using #forkcancer! Keep an eye on the hashtag to check out your fellow forkers plans for their Longest Table & get inspired!
Have fun & #forkcancer!
Give yourself a huge pat on the back – you’re helping to save lives from cancer, and having a forking good time while you’re at it!"

0295/1811 July 2018Wicked Campers

Wicked Campervan registered in South Australia registration S 239 BPH with the slogan on the back: "Girl sits on a judges lap and gets honourable discharge".

0296/1811 July 2018Team Penguin Studio
It was a couple of separate clips of young people partying, clearly intoxicated and drinking more alcohol. They all seemed to be in good spirits and enjoying themselves despite one of them almost vomiting. 
0297/1811 July 2018Fujitsu General
The advertisement features Mark Taylor demonstrating a martial art called "Fujitsu" to a family.
0299/1811 July 2018Bobbi's Pole Studio
Bobbie's Pole Studio new development, there is a very sensual woman wearing minimal clothing. I was walking past with my children and had to shield their eyes. Very offensive and inappropriate. this appears to be there new advertising logo. I don't want to see it and especially do not want my kids to be exposed to this.
0300/1811 July 2018The Penthouse
Ad was for a 'gentleman's club' depicting a woman clad in black lace g-string and bra. It consisted of 3 large plasma TVs screens brightly lit with changing images, facing to rear and sides of a moving flatbed truck. Images and text alternated.
0301/1811 July 2018McCain Australia and New Zealand
30 second ad depicting a child finding new ways to shake his fries packet
0302/1811 July 2018TWT Property Group
I can attach a photo. The full page ad is three quarters full of a partially dressed women - turning to the camera, - looking seductive. She is fully made up and in a ball dress which does not appear to cover her top half
0303/1811 July 2018BMW Group Australia
Near end of video - new Mini overtaking old Mini in dangerous and I presume illegal manner as I could not see any indication used and it seemed to be on a public road.
Film clip - available on Youtube:
0304/1811 July 2018Hanes Brands Inc

The ad features a young women getting ready to go out at night and messing around with a camera. It's show as though someone else is watching her in the room, she is 'on show' for them. It's sexualised (obviously, that's how products sell) but my point is you can clearly see her whole breast and nipple in the ad. She's wearing a leather jacket but nothing under that. Tights and black stilettos.

0305/1811 July 2018Sportsbet

The advertisement features a man attempting to disarm a bomb when a voice over states 'kaboom' and makes him cut the wrong wire.

0306/1811 July 2018Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited

There is a kids costume party, one kid dresses as a transformer car then he uses that car to reverse in between two children and sit next to a little girl.  

0307/1811 July 2018Carnival Australia

An ad for a cruise line which uses the phrase 'ship yeah'.

0308/1811 July 2018National Pharmacies
One scene shows a close up of the semi naked rear of a young boy fiddling with his swimming costume and buttocks region, in slow motion.
0309/1811 July 2018Caloundra Big Screen Cinemas

Print advertisement  featuring the words  "HOLY S-T" - and ticket prices information.

0310/1811 July 2018Jaguar Land Rover Australia Pty Ltd
The ad is a picture of a red landrover driving up stairs in china.
0311/1811 July 2018Honey Birdette

A woman in white underwear, full frontal but also with mirror reflection showing buttocks exposed.

0312/1811 July 2018Bobbi's Pole Studio
Sandwich board placed on their front yard facing into the street with business title, list of services and photo of woman pole dancing in underwear
0313/1825 July 2018Moon Active

Two “stereotypical Australian” characters playing the app game because their Chinese neighbour is also playing the game and they can attack and destroy him.

0314/1825 July 2018Moon Active

An advertisement for Coin Master which features Super Wog and depicts  a whiny son in a restaurant kitchen whose phone is taken out of his hand and destroyed by his angry father.

0315/1825 July 2018Moon Active
All ads were created in collaboration with Australian YouTube channel superwog1, known for comedic sketches of a sometimes offensive nature.
One ad depicted a husband and wife in bed, both played by male actors, fighting over the husband playing a mobile game. The wife is aggressive and asking for a divorce, so the husband swears under his breath and presses a button in the game which makes the wife get electrocuted and disappear into smoke, something the husband is clearly happy about.
0316/1825 July 2018Roadshow Films
Poster with skull machine guns scythes grim reapers skeletons etc. positioned at eye level outside primary schools. 
0317/1825 July 2018Menulog

Menu log in which several people state what they want for dinner.

0318/1825 July 2018Wrigley Co Pty Ltd

The advertisement depicts a teenage couple kissing on a bed. A man calls "Lucy" from outside the room and the girl says "that's my dad". The couple jump off the bed and the girl throws the boys jeans to him. The boy removes chewing gum from the pocket of the jeans and places a piece in his mouth. The door opens to reveal the girls parents. The boy standing in his underwear states "Hi I'm Tom" and the father starts to smile.

0319/1825 July 2018Department of Health

There are two TV ads consisting of a montage of people engaging in various activities. The last six seconds of the ads show a person ”Bow Riding” by placing their arm in the water from a moving boat. 

0321/1825 July 2018Realisation Par
This is the text advertising the dress:
Here’s what we know. Men love sundresses. We also know this point is actually pointless because we women dress for ourselves and ourselves only. But sometimes… just sometimes you need a get-out-of-jail-free card. Maybe you forgot to take the trash out or you scratched your dad's car or maybe you were really late and you forgot do the one thing they asked you to do. Whatever the reason, the Alexandra dress is the solution. This is the dress that makes them forget why they were even mad at you in the first place and the only thing that really matters is: If you’re bad at being good, you better be damn good at getting out of it. Trust us. You’re welcome.
0323/1825 July 2018Leisure Pools

Radio advertisement promoting backyard swimming pools by 'Leisure Pools'. Includes the line "Go on Dad, do a dive!"

0324/1825 July 2018Sexyland
An almost naked woman all wet and holding an umbrella (Sexyland ad)
0325/1825 July 2018Best & Less

It was a Best & Less advert with women modeling underwear in a bedroom.

0326/1825 July 2018Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
The marketing commercial describes a teenagers room and in particular a boy and they are advertising to use their brand to clean the house up. There is a woman standing there with the vanish product and a young teenage boy sitting on the bed. The commercial then shows all the dirty things that the teenage boy would do for example clean messy carpet, dirty shoes, Bad smell.
0327/1825 July 2018Gordon Legal
The ad was short. Luke Darcy says "I'll punch you in the face" and then the voice over comes on saying "Gordon Legal".
0328/1825 July 2018VIMN

As we got off the train, a moving billboard featured a segment advertising the MTV show ‘Geordie Shores’. A lady was discussing rumors a girl on the show was pregnant. Eg. “On Geordie Shores, after you have been dating someone a few months, there’s a good chance you are pregnant.’ The boyfriend responded to the rumors.

0329/1825 July 2018Chatime
The billboard said 'Blow me, I'm a hot-tea'
0330/1825 July 2018Australian Pork

The advert shows an old, female person visiting a doctor's surgery with her spouse sitting outside in the waiting room. The woman leaves her doctor's room and tells her spouse what she thinks the doctor has advised her (they need to pork more), but she has misheard, so relates the wrong information.

0331/1825 July 2018Capilano Honey
Ad shows Adult & Child handling bees & honeycomb in the area that the bees have their hives ( boxes ). No protection at all is being worn.