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Results for March 2018

0065/1821 March 2018Universal Pictures
A movies advert for Fifty Shades of Grey Freed in which a couple is depicting moving though a highly adult themed relationship with scenes including being held hostage at knife point and a woman sitting on the floor in a leather corset, a man holding a leather whip to her neck, swimming seemingly naked together, etc.

0072/187 March 2018Swarovski International (Aust) Pty Ltd
The ad shows men giving men a ring and a woman giving a woman a ring and a man giving a woman q ring. The man giving a man a ring gives him a passionate kiss.
This is unacceptable behavior on television advertising.
Gorcing young people and yes teens stay up to 11pm to see this is wrong. It gives them the idea that being gay and givibg open displays of affection is acceptableit is not.
It also elevates the idea that their relationship is deeper than a man and a womans. Get is off television now.
Same sex marriage may have won the postal vote but 90 % of families voted no snd do not agree with gay unions. We dint need this disgusting activity shoved onto our children
0079/187 March 2018Alice Springs Towing and Transport
We live in NSW near Lismore but are unable to get local free to air. We have installed satellite dish and get IMPAJA free to air.Throughout the televising of the Australian Open, an advertisement for an outback transport company (NT) occurred on numerous occasions during the daytime.
0080/187 March 2018Bras n' Things
It was basically the beginning of a bedroom scene.

I was shocked when I glanced over to the shop and was confronted with a large poster in front of the shop of a girl in "sexy" lingerie laying down with a man behind her with his hand across her waist.

If people want to think about raunchy bedroom scenes, they can do it on their own time. We don't need it forced on us and our small children while out grocery shopping.

I know they've been in trouble for this kind of thing very recently. They only care about sales not the public. Even though I will never buy from their online store again after this disgusting and upsetting promo.

If they want to present like an adult store they need to get out of shopping centres. Otherwise they can treat shoppers with some dignity.
Please deal with this ASAP.

0081/187 March 2018Bras n' Things
Huge TV screen in store where I took my 8 yo and 14 yo daughters. huge images of woman and male caressing each other in bed.
0082/187 March 2018Sanitarium Health Food Company

Ad for Weetbix minis with the tag line "toss them and catch them" and a video of a surfer tossing and catching weetbix minis in his mouth.

0083/187 March 2018Honey Birdette
Sexually objectifying image sof a woman in red, fetish gear with suspenders, in another photo giving porno treatment to a strawberry.

0085/187 March 2018Mr Wongs Hydraulics

The promotion material is RACIST and insulting. The image of the cartoon man is offensive and the tag line mocks those from the Asian community,

0089/187 March 2018Sexyland
Describing products to buy for self and partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
0090/1821 March 2018Wicked Campers
Slogan on the back of wicked campervan: Oral sex: it’s a great last minute gift. Picture on the side of van of a clown smoking a glass drug pipe.

0091/187 March 2018Lottoland
A tweet promoting gambling / online lottery.
Sea Eagles fans, there’s less than 24 hours to bet on @LottolandAU's US Power Special Jackpot..
Your chance to win! -
0092/1821 March 2018Brake & Auto parts Mackay

Throughout the ad, the word [email protected]#k is used 3 times and although it is bleeped over, it is blatantly obvious what the person is saying.

0093/187 March 2018Sanitarium Health Food Company
"Weet-Bix™ Cholesterol Lowering takes Australia’s No. 1 breakfast cereal and adds the functional benefit of cholesterol-lowering plant sterols. Weet-Bix™ Cholesterol Lowering is the only cereal product on the market to contain 2g of plant sterols in 1 serve, making it the ideal choice for those wanting to reduce their cholesterol."
0094/187 March 2018FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
Ad for Foxtel sport subscription.

0096/187 March 2018AAMI
The new AAMI advertisement is set on a construction site where a younger apprentice is given a hammer to take care of, he uses the hammer and it falls into concrete, everyone is looking at it then the AAMI girl walks over and pulls it out of the concrete and raises it in the air, this is a take-on the Marvel comic character THOR and his hammer (Thor being the only one who can pull the hammer and his characteristic holding it in the air).
0097/187 March 2018The Smith Family
A blonde woman is seen driving a grey 4WD, with her child in the back. She stops the vehicle in a schoolzone, directly in front of a pedestrian crossing. The child starts to get out of the car, while the mother watches, first as a group of young children go skipping across the pedestrian crossing, without looking to see if any vehicles are approaching, then followed by a young, small child who also crosses the road (without stopping or looking, at all for oncoming traffic), looking very depressed. The mother looks very concerned and pensive. She then turns around and kisses her daughter who gets out of the vehicle. The next footage is taken from the side of the woman as she watches the child, still depressed, walks slowly past her window on the footpath, then towards the camera. As the car is driven away, we see the text advertising the Smith Family.
0098/187 March 2018Jaguar Land Rover Australia Pty Ltd
Jaguar cars
0099/187 March 2018Carlton and United Breweries
Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) is using fear of the ‘Ginger Gene’ to launch its new Rusty Yak Ginger Ale – which will initially be found hidden amongst regular Yak six packs.
The campaign for Rusty Yak says the ‘Ginger Gene’ – which has “been floating around in human DNA surprising families for generations” – has been discovered in beer and consumers need to stop it from spreading further.

0100/187 March 2018Carlton and United Breweries
Find the hidden bottle of ginger ale in a 6 pack and win $500
0101/187 March 2018Carlton and United Breweries
0103/187 March 2018Stan

We love watching the cricket over summer as a family. My 15 year old, 11 year old and 8 year old all love sitting and watching with us.

I am however concerned and disappointed with some of the ads that are shown in the breaks. Three that I will use as examples.

Firstly, the 'Romper Stamper' ad, with the frightening faces in masks and violence, was excessive.

0104/187 March 2018General Mills Australia Pty Ltd
It shows a range of women with ridiculously exaggerated facial expressions being completely unable to control their cravings for a food bar/snack & then being satisfied & happy after they eat it.
0105/187 March 2018Nando's Australia Pty Ltd
The advert states to celebrate the relaunch of Nandos Nedlands they are offering free lunch from 11am - 2pm.
0106/1821 March 2018Hungry Jacks

TV commercial Free drink and Fries with ANY whopper.

0107/1821 March 2018Hungry Jacks
Description of the advertisement
The advertisement is for a Hungry Jack’s Frozen Coke. The advertisement appeared as a post that was received by Instagram users in the week of 30 January 2018. The advertisement is attached to an email sent separately to the Advertising Standards Board.
The advertisement is an animation. It depicts a frozen coke being transformed into a rocket after sprouting fins and rocket engines The rocket frozen coke then rises from the ground with the help of rocket engines and launches spraying bubbles of frozen coke and the rocket drink then shoots across the screen several times. The visual is accompanied by the sound of a jet engine taking off together with popping bubbles which increases in volume as the rocket takes off and shoots across the screen. The tagline under the post reads “Blast off into refreshment with Hungry Jack’s Frozen Coke. Land on a Large for just $1.”
0108/187 March 2018Suncorp
Advertisement promoting GIO car insurance.

0109/187 March 2018The Greater Union Organisation Pty Ltd
Cinebuzz email to members on 30 January regarding 50 Shades Of Grey upcoming final film release.
0110/1821 March 2018CGU Insurance
They are advertising business insurance packages for new migrants

0111/1821 March 2018Spark Networks Services GmbH
First kiss but in a sexual manner. 

0112/1821 March 2018Turnstyles Exhibitions and Events
A car is being driven down a road. A woman in the passenger’s seat stands with her torso protruding out of the open sunroof. Operatic music plays.
0113/1821 March 2018iSelect Pty Ltd

Choosing ISelect as a product due to rising costs of Health Insurance.

0114/1821 March 2018iSelect Pty Ltd
Woman finds out her could have been cheaper so violently bashes a piñata in front of horrified children.
0115/1821 March 2018Yum Restaurants International

Ad for KFC 24 Nuggets for $10 with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce.

0116/1821 March 2018Sportsbet
A man is seen from the waist up, naked with a razor buzzing going down, out of view of the camera. He is then seen ‘cutting ‘ himself after hearing whatever it is being promoted.

0120/1821 March 2018Bras n' Things
3) A woman wearing harness- and BDSM-style fetish-style lingerie (indicated by the straps and loops) who looks as though she is in a Chinese brothel (based on the racial steroptype that is presented through red Chinese lanterns, that it is Chinese New year, that this kind of advertising trades in stereotypes that are not only always sex-based)
0121/1821 March 2018Bras n' Things
2) A poster of a woman wearing maroon underwear with her legs spread apart in a clearly sexual pose.

0122/1821 March 2018Bras n' Things

A poster of a woman wearing fetish-style white lingerie with suspenders.

0124/1821 March 2018McDonald's Aust Ltd
Selling shaker chips and suggesting to go to the beach and eat them. Then when joined by seagulls to go and get your water cannon from the car and ruffle their feathers
0125/1821 March 2018Wallet Wizard
A specific Ad by 'Wallet Wizard' that depicts a woman whom has spilt water a mans laptop, then in an attempt to 'dry' the laptop has put it in the clothes dryer. The man comes home and questions the women exclaiming 'where will you get me the money for a new laptop' therefore needing the service of 'Wallet Wizard' in order to obtain the money needed for the new laptop.
0126/1821 March 2018Nutricia Australia Pty Limited
In the advert a small toddler crawls through a pet flap on the front door of a house - the impression is that the milk drink gives him the strength / initiative to do that action - it totally ignores the safety aspect of crawling thro' the door and out onto a road way - very irresponsible of the manufacturer!!!!
0127/1821 March 2018Universal Pictures
128 second video trailer advertising an upcoming feature film due for release in Australian cinemas on 29/03/2018 entitled “Blockers”. In the opening scene of the advertisement a male adult who is nursing an infant enters a bedroom where an adult female is sitting up in bed working on a laptop computer, the scene cuts forward a few seconds and it seems the infant is no longer present in the room. The male, using North American English, informs the female that while he was doing the washing he located some female undergarments. The male then bengins dancing slowly with one of the undergarments in front of his face, he proceeds to place the undergarment into his mouth, pulling it further into his mouth using his teeth in a fashion akin to mastication of food for ingestion. The female watches the male do this for a few seconds before informing him that the undergarment belongs to his daughter, the male then expells the undergarment from his mouth and runs out of the room. Later in the trailer the male’s daughter is revealed to be a denarian in her final year or high school.
0128/1821 March 2018Honey Birdette
A poster of a woman wearing harness- and choker-style fetish lingerie with suspenders in a highly sexualised posed with her rear-end pushed out behind her in what is referred to as 'presenting' when talking of animals. The image can be seen at 
0129/1821 March 2018Hanes Brands Inc
Men and women sexualised in desert scene in underwear working
0130/1821 March 2018Danz Worx

Approx 3 metre banner advertising Dance classes for children, with a large photograph of a small girl aged approx 8 yrs, in full frontal splits, legs open to front of camera, in blue leotard, plus details of school contact

0131/1821 March 2018NEDS
NEDS offering Odds on NFL games
0132/1821 March 2018Purplebricks
The ad shows a woman finding out she sold her property and paid commission on the sale. Had she used Purple Bricks she wouldn't have paid commission. She is using a whipper snipper and violently cuts the flowers and the head off a gnome.