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Results for November 2018

0461/1814 November 2018Enhance Plastic Surgery
The advertising in this commercial glorifies breast enhancement and says that having small breasts is something to be ashamed of and that you can fix that and increase the size of your breasts.
0465/1814 November 2018Wicked Campers

Wicked Campers Van - Rego: S758 BAB. "Nothing says romance like choking on a dick because You're choosing his penis over air. Now That's love."

0474/1814 November 2018Wicked Campers

Wicked Camper van with slogan: “I don’t always give a woman an orgasm. But when I do she usually spits it out” on the rear

SA registration: S636 BTA

0477/1814 November 2018New Age Caravans
The large advertisement is across the entire bottom third of the page (I think it was Page 9, 11 or 13, right-hand side fairly close to the front); showing a large photo of a New Age Caravan Wayfinder camper parked (with no car attached) across two lanes of a country road, over double yellow lines. The heading is Escape The Ordinary.
0478/1814 November 2018Gifting life

Youtube advertisment for Dying to Live which features Jesus on the cross.

0479/1814 November 2018Gifting Life

Facebook advertisement for the promotion of organ donation which features Jesus on the cross.

0480/1814 November 2018Gifting Life

Advertisement on the Dying to Live website which promotes organ donation and features Jesus on the cross.

0481/1814 November 2018Domayne

Domayne Kids Summer Launch Bedding 2018. Has a boy sitting on an unsecured tallboy. 

0482/1814 November 2018Camel Rock Brewery
At the end of the ad is reference to the listener in the ad seeing a phsychiatrist.
0483/1814 November 2018Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd

The advertisement features both men and women sitting on the toilet in an advertisement for V.I.Poo

0485/1814 November 2018Coca-Cola South Pacific
Fanta's current campaign on their Facebook page is Halloween themed, specifically including a music video which has been designed to advertise their product and encourage including Fanta in trick or treating.
0487/1814 November 2018Rockstar Games

It was an image of a man pointing a large gun pointing it towards the audience.

0488/1814 November 2018Rockstar Games
Red & black picture of Western looking man in hat holding & pointing a gun out toward audience
0489/1814 November 2018Honey Birdette

Poster advertisement featuring a woman in black lingerie and the word Madonna

0490/1814 November 2018NEDS

The phrase "fluc up" is used in the advertisement.

0491/1814 November 2018Honey Birdette

The advertisement features two women in black lingerie, one standing and one crouching, and the text 'Cleo'.

0492/1814 November 2018Hanes Brands Inc
Television advertisement featuring Serena Williams and the song 'I touch myself' for breast cancer awareness.
0493/1814 November 2018FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
Foxtel - Watch shows on demand - It starts out marketing a veteran from Afghanistan. the Wife is complaining that he has changed and is abusive -

0494/1814 November 2018BCF
The BCF ad sings “BCFing Gun”

0495/1814 November 2018Wicked Campers

Wicked Camper van with a large image of two Muppets characters, one appearing to smoke drugs, and the other appearing to be drug affected. The following text was included:

"roll roll roll your joint,
pass it down the line,
take a toke, inhale the smoke
and BLOW your fuckin' mind!"
Vehicle registration was (SA) S801BAC.
0496/1814 November 2018Workwear Group
There is a black and white image of a  large, muscled man. The corresponding line reads "He asks for vents in his shirt. Would you argue with him?"
0499/1828 November 2018Grill'd
The ad depicts a burger bordered with tomato vines. The caption to the image is "Don't be a motherfaker. Eat like a motherlover."
0501/1828 November 2018Sportsbet

Provides information on how to place a bet on footy and horse racing. Features the phrase 'BS Responsibly"

0502/1828 November 2018Carlton and United Breweries

A Yak is wading in water at the beach with exposed hindquarters facing the viewers. The hindquarters look like human female buttocks. The caption says something like “its getting wild out here”

0503/1828 November 2018Bras n' Things
The shop was in the shopping centre and had a large poster covering the window with three women in their underwear.

0504/1828 November 2018HSV
There was a picture of a black Chevrolet Camaro with associated logos etc.
Text in white located at the bottom left of the billboard stated:
'Keep Left whilst it overtakes you'
0505/1828 November 2018Carlton and United Breweries
An adult male is used to represent a bottle of Carlton Dry. He is taken from a beer fridge and slid across a bar to a customer. The customer then walks through the bar carrying the male as if he was a bottle of beer. They pass a 'stereotypical' German in Bavarian costume to highlight the difference in the beers.

0506/1828 November 2018Sexyland

Billboard for Sexyland with girl with tattoos and message 'delivering Sexy Fun for holiday'.

0507/1828 November 2018Department of Social Services
A Father, Young son and daughter are in a car and the son mentions detention for lifting a girls skirt. The father makes a comment in disbelief. The little girl then speaks about how she is already going to accept that in the future she will be harassed and possibly abused.
0508/1828 November 2018IAG Insurance
Man rides motorcycle to shops repeating milk and toilet paper over and over, then stops to urinate on a tree before continuing to ride to shops.
0509/1828 November 2018Hanes Brands Inc

Bonds television advertisement featuring an Australian white Christmas.

0514/1828 November 2018BizCover

This ad shows a dirty and neglected foot with severely overgrown pixelated toenails which are in the  process of being clipped. The intended message being rather than watching something like this one should go to Bizcover's website and make us of their products.

0520/1828 November 2018Cotton On

Email - Subject line states "Broke AF? 45-75% off starts now"

0521/1828 November 2018Cotton On

Women wearing pink bra and g string - life size pictures. frontal view and large view from rear of bent over bottom.

0525/1828 November 2018Honey Birdette

Poster featuring a reclining model in a sleigh wearing lingerie with large slogan TAKE A RIDE and smaller print Honey B's guide to Christmas. Displayed in front store window in a family thoroughfare. Madame Set.

0527/1828 November 2018Honey Birdette

A woman wearing a black bodysuit (Luna Bodysuit). Material is very sheer across the pubic region.