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Results for October 2018

0430/1810 October 2018Wicked Campers

Wicked Van with slogan on the back - "Every time you masturbate God Kills a kitten". Rego is 1CWZ 736 (WA)

0431/1810 October 2018Sportsbet

Interruption of a process - in particular, trimming bonsai, resulting in the destruction of the item being worked on, implying that none of these pastimes are as satisfying or valuable as a sportsbet multi. 

0432/1810 October 2018Sportsbet

Interruption of a process - in particular, turning a clay pot, resulting in the destruction of the item being worked on, implying that none of these pastimes are as satisfying or valuable as a sportsbet multi. 

0433/1810 October 2018Honey Birdette

The shop window display of Honey Birdette features two women in black lingerie standing on a balcony with the caption 'an affair like no other - MRS ROBINSON'.

0434/1810 October 2018Sony Pictures Releasing Pty Ltd
There are graphic scary scenes thrust into our faces- of a monster with long sharp teeth about to devour a person and there is another scene where a person is in agony writhing on the ground. 
0435/1810 October 2018Sony Pictures Releasing Pty Ltd
Dark monochrome image of a half-man, half sharp-toothed menacing monster
0437/1810 October 2018Sony Computer Entertainment Aust Pty Ltd

The advert was a PlayStation 4 game, “Fortnite” being aired on a children's television channel, Cartoon Network.

0438/1810 October 2018Sportsbet
Young man sitting on a car bonnet. Overvoice talking about how his mum paid for the car. Similar theme in other ads targetting young people in their late teens.
0439/1810 October 2018Universal Music Aust Ltd

Billboard advertisement for Eminem's Kamikaze album. Black background. Aeroplane going to the left.

0440/1810 October 2018Inspirations Paint

Woman was cleaning up after husband and he texted her saying he was at the pub and she sent back a smiley face.

0441/1810 October 2018Geocon

The billboards for the Tryst apartments  contain a close up of one or two women with the suggestion of intimacy. 

0442/1810 October 2018Domino's Pizza Australia Pty Ltd

It’s an ad for Dominos big New York style pizza that has swearing beeped out at the end. 

0443/1810 October 2018ING Direct
Isla Fisher without warning burst the balloons of all non ING customers, which happen to be female and she also proceeds to burst the balloon held by a young female without asking her if she is a customer, she assumes she is. All the people targeted in the add are female. All the men in the ad are ING customers (funny that) and she gives them a balloon (without bursting it).

0444/1810 October 2018Wicked Campers

Wicked Camper Van with SA registered plates 'S011 BMU'. The back of the van features the words 'Life is like a bowl of soup, you only get blown when you're hot...' and the side of the van features a picture of an alien pointing a finger upwards and the words 'GET iT UP YA'.

0445/1810 October 2018SAHMRI
During this advertisement the narrator talks about syphilis and sex. At one point they say “we all like to have sex”.
There was also a cartoon of two people being intimate in bed.

0446/1824 October 2018Stan

Advertising upcoming Stan tv show "Escape at Dannemora", adult rating of sexual nature

0447/1824 October 2018Kelly Co Vending
It is advertising on a vending machine , where you can purchase wipe on sexual appeal. The image is of a naked woman crouching down in stilettos with a whip.
0448/1824 October 2018Honey Birdette

Advertisement features a woman wearing black lingerie sitting behind the wheel of a convertible. The caption says "The Arrival...MARIA'.

0449/1824 October 2018Honey Birdette

This advertisement features two women in black lingerie, one of them is straddling the other. The caption states 'The most indecent affair yet...SIENNA'.

0450/1824 October 2018Honey Birdette

Two women in red lace underwear stand facing each other. The caption states 'Surrender to her command CANDICE"

0451/1824 October 2018Honey Birdette

The advertisement features a woman in a tuxedo facing a woman in red lingerie. The caption says 'surrender to her command CANDICE'.

0452/1824 October 2018Honey Birdette

A woman wearing a black lace bra with the caption 'The most indecent affair yet SIENNA'.

0453/1824 October 2018Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Depicts high speed driving on country dirt roads/tracks as well as “tearing up” ground spinning wheels etc

0454/1824 October 2018Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford vehicle that shows a man walking out in front of a car that has automatic breaking.
0455/1824 October 2018Honey Birdette

A woman in leather lingerie that only just covers the breasts and is in dominatrix style

0456/1824 October 2018Nestle Australia Ltd

Ad promoting Optifast.

0457/1824 October 2018Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited

Emphasises power and 4wd ability of VW Amarock - including a scene suggesting a car narrowly overtakes two trucks.

0458/1824 October 2018Universal Pictures

Advertisement for an upcoming horror movie Halloween.

0459/1824 October 2018Stuart Alexander & Co Pty Ltd
It is a billboard on a bus. The largest image in the ad is a fruit kebab showing strawberry, banana, passionfruit, mango, peach.Text above says " a bit fruit-y a bit fusion-y". Below the kebab is a much smaller image of the mentos product and the words "...who says no to Mentos"
0460/1824 October 2018Koala Sleep
The ad describes a comparison between people with red hair and the company's mattresses.
0462/1824 October 2018Jackson Motor Company
Separate scences showing a young man and a man driving different vehicles by themselves at different locations (city, country).

0466/1824 October 2018Craveable Brands

Advertising $5 red rooster pack. A father uses a large drill to drill into a wall which has a TV on the other side. The drill goes through the TV.

0467/1824 October 2018National Pharmacies

Poster advertisement of a boy scratching his bottom and the text "If you were wondering how to deal with intestinal worms in small children, National Pharmicies has the solution."

0468/1824 October 2018Sportsbet

Sportsbet advertising which features the line 'BS responsibly'.

0469/1824 October 2018Unilever Australasia

The advertisement depicted one elderly man handing another elderly man a large mug of tea bearing the slogan OLD FART.

0470/1824 October 2018Repco Ltd
Advert shows someone sniffing oil fumes to guess the oil, penrite.
0471/1824 October 2018General Pants Group

A large window display with various photos of girls on the beach. . These included a girl from the waist up, completely nude with only two flowers covering her breasts.

0472/1824 October 2018Lion
The ad is set at an outdoor bar where a black man is sitting talking to a white woman. The barman, using oversized binoculars, spots a man bringing a buck of dark-bottled stout beers toward a group of drinkers. With an expression of disdain he opens a Heineken, and in an effort to intercept what he sees as inferior dark ales, he sends the Heineken toward the drinkers via skateboard. As the beer travels the ad cuts to a white male looking down at a black male. The Heineken arrives and the stout is replaced.
The super shows ' Lower Calories Lower Carbs Great Taste Have it all with Heineken 3'.
The ad finishes with a group of people drinking Heineken. A white male and female couple grin and drink their Heineken. The white male laughs in the direction of the black man beside him who has neither a beer or a girl on his arm.
0473/1824 October 2018Mad Harry’s
Animated tv ad for a retail chain - Mad Harry’s
0475/1824 October 2018Universal Pictures

Preview for horror movie Halloween.

0476/1824 October 2018Brand Developers
The ad was for a make up product that was used to cover up "blemishes" and had a teenage girl applying it and complaining about her looks.