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Results for April 2019

0072/193 April 2019Dr Drains

A radio advertisement for Dr Drains which features a Doctor and Nurse talking about Vaporoota.

0079/193 April 2019Universal Pictures

This television advertisement features scenes from the upcoming movie 'Greta'.

0080/193 April 2019Universal Pictures

This app advertisement features scenes from the upcoming movie 'Greta'.

0085/193 April 2019NEDS
The ad had a man looking at his phone making a comment about how footy players today were not that good. He commented he wished for the legends like Blocker Roach to return. Blocker Roach then appears. 
0086/193 April 2019Unilever Australasia

Television advertisement for Lipton iced tea stating that their ingredients are tea leaves and peaches.

0087/193 April 2019Hanes Brands Inc

The ad depicted a small group of women in a professional work meeting. Their bras were "talking".

0088/193 April 2019Tabcorp Holdings Limited
The ad started off as saying that it would be better to be gambling and using the app rather than driving in traffic. 

0091/193 April 2019Casella Family Wines
A poster outside BWS with the words "Rich, Elegant, White." There were other by words for white wine in a smaller font and crossed out, with the main focus on being the above words.

0092/193 April 2019ALDI Australia

The front page and page 6 of the catalogue features a man riding the Crane E-bike in a public place. In both cases the rider is not wearing a helmet

0093/193 April 2019Frucor Beverages Australia

Billboard featuring the text "Watching a sex scene with your parents . - sweat happens". Image of bottle with blue energy drink labelled Maximus. 

0094/193 April 2019Frucor Beverages Australia

Billboard advertising a blue sports drink. Text states "A semi in your smugglers".

0095/193 April 2019Paramount Pictures Australia
An adverstisment for the movie Pet Cemetery

0096/193 April 2019Amanda Johnston Body Waxing and Tanning Specialist
A very large poster of a photo of a woman naked from the waist up, (covering her breasts with her arm), is displayed out the front of the shop
0097/193 April 2019The Good Foundation

Billboard with the text "1 in 4 children are obese. This is not ok"

0098/1917 April 2019Lollypops Lounge
A radio ad with a seductive women's voice starting to say what is on offer at "Lollypop's Lounge", but the answer is "shhhhhh", with the strong implication that it is too "naughty" to say out loud. That sequence is repeated a few times. It refers to the business being a Gentleman's Club, and the name "Lollypop Lounge" infers specific sexual acts.

0099/1917 April 2019Department of Health Western Australia

It is informing of them of sexually transmitted disease, condoms and sex.

0101/1917 April 2019Myer Pty Ltd
A girl excitedly holding up her personalised Creme Egg tin filled with creme eggs (two bags of minis, one large creme egg)

0102/1917 April 2019Holden Ltd

People are seen fleeing a party with men in black chasing them. A red Holden Equinox is seen driving through the streets trying to escape riders on motor bikes. It's then seen driving through a container terminal. At one point, it is seen being reversed, then making what is described as a 180 (ie) where the vehicle makes a sudden 180 degree turn and faces the opposite direction.  

0103/1917 April 2019Honey Birdette
Image features two women in black/animal print lingerie. Woman are facing one another, breasts are touching. Blonde woman has a hand on brunette woman’s hip. 
0104/1917 April 2019Chatime

Transport advertisement with a quote from someone drinking a Chatime beverage: "My first Cha Time..."The ball felt weird in my mouth".

0105/1917 April 2019Tabcorp Holdings Limited
The  advert features a woman being asked by her male partner to name the event and she is given a "Millionaires Hot Seat" type choice of 4 answers. All 4 answers are the same "The Championships" and the woman is shown having difficulty answering the question while at the same time others (men voices) are shouting her the answer. 
0106/1917 April 2019Inspirations Paint

Television advertisement featuring a little girl flicking a spoonful of icecream into her grandmother's face so that she could be sent to her room to admire her new painted bedroom.

0107/1917 April 2019Construct Personnel

Advertisement on rear of Ute with business name on left side under this a blurry group of 9 people (from waist up) in various business/trade clothing. Their email address in center . Under this large telephone number contact. To the right of this on opposite side is a large clear picture of. Woman in hard hat and a speaking balloon with their Facebook contacts.

0111/1917 April 2019Frucor Beverages Australia

Bus stop ad states "She's late".