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Results for February 2019

0012/196 February 2019SodaStream Australia

Soda stream uses one reusable bottle to make hundreds of carbonated drinks, rather than wasting hundreds of bottles. Hundreds of plastic bottles are shown.

0015/196 February 2019Pixelberry Studios
Asking the player to ‘PLAY NOW’ after showing a video of a female coming home and walking into the bedroom to find her partner in bed with another female.

0025/196 February 2019Youfoodz

Youfoodz ad featuring people describing places where they have 'lost it'.

0026/196 February 2019Santos Ltd
The advertisment promoted Santos’s environmental benefits of natural gas (CSG) compared to coal mines, alongside their involvement in the Tour Down Under.
0027/196 February 2019BetterHelp

The advertisement depicts a women having a panic attack in her car and house. It ends with her chatting online with a 'counsellor' from

0028/196 February 2019Koala Sleep

Radio ad contained the phrase "Australian as...digging a hole in a dead dog's donger" 

0029/196 February 2019Koala Sleep
The billboard states 'INOFNIDEA'? .
0030/196 February 2019Metricon Homes

The ad displayed a naked woman in the bath tub cleaning her shoulder. 

0031/196 February

Ladbrokes advertising gambling on australian open. Features a close up of a woman's bust swinging a tennis raquet.

0032/196 February 2019A2 Milk

Baby formula tin with the headline ‘believe in better’ and photo of a baby.

0036/1920 February 2019Stan
The ad was a preview/promo for the Stan series Black Monday.
0038/1920 February 2019Thorne Harbour Health

Two men in white underwear arms over each other.

0039/1920 February 2019Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund
The advertisement featured two women who appeared to be on tinder only for it to be revealed that they were swiping right on subs. It suggested that some subs were better then others and encouraged consumers to find a product that it a ‘match’ for them.

0040/1920 February 2019Suzuki Australia Pty Limited

Advertisement for Suzuki Vitara.

0042/1920 February 2019McDonald's Aust Ltd

Advertisement promoting "double up" of main ingredients.

0043/1920 February 2019Uber
Tennis stars advertising Uber Eats

0044/1920 February 2019Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Ad for Wrigley's chewing gum that features one boy pushing another boy up against the wall.

0045/1920 February 2019Hunter Valley Steel

The ad starts with a women answering a phone with an exaggerated accent. A man places an order for 1mm steel to fix his box trailer, and she quotes a price. A voice over then asks if you spotted the mistake. Another male then states that the 1mm steel would not be appropriate for the job and suggests more suitable material. The voice over states when you need an expert not an order taker, call HV Steel.

0046/1920 February 2019Parfums Christian Dior

Perfume advertisement for Dior featuring Charlize Theron.

0047/1920 February 2019Cosmetique
This was a large advertisement for breast implants on the back of a council bus that featured a naked woman holding her breasts with her arms crossed.

0048/1920 February 2019ANZ Banking Group Ltd
A young person in a wheelchair was being chased/attacked scared for their well-being as they were being hunted down by a tiger.

0049/1920 February 2019ANZ Banking Group Ltd
The advertisement depicts a man in a wheelchair, moving from the left side of the shot to the right. He stops at the right hand side of the shot.
Soon after, a tiger begins walking towards him growling. The man is clearly in a panic - hyperventilating and shaking his hands around. He does not move his wheelchair away, and the shot cuts off as the tiger is now very close to the man.
0050/1920 February 2019Honey Birdette

Poster advertisement features the name Saskia and a picture of a woman in a black leather and mesh lingerie set. She is wearing a bra, thong and suspenders and is leaning against a motor bike.

0051/1920 February 2019Honey Birdette

Poster advertisement featuring the word Kukuro. The advertisement features a woman in bondage-style lingerie leaning against a motorbike with her back facing the camera. The Lingerie is made of black straps and buckles and leaves the woman's buttocks exposed.

0052/1920 February 2019Honey Birdette
Not your valentine campaign, “Vienna”. Woman in sheer, black bodysuit straddling motorbike. Image contains side view of model’s fully exposed breast (nipple has been airbrushed).

0545/186 February 2019McDonald's Aust Ltd
The advertisement is a McDonald’s app called ‘Happy Studio’, available for download on mobile devices. The app provides interactive games and activities for children, with the character that the child controls being an animated Happy Meal box.

0551/186 February 2019Alka Power

Web page with images and text promoting Alkalne Water.