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Results for January 2019

0001/1923 January 2019Thomas Farms Kitchen
The ads message was that the prepared meals were timesaving so texting your partner ‘What’s for dinner?” Was no longer necessary , leaving time for more important messages and The ad then ended by saying
“wink emoji, eggplant, question mark”
0002/1923 January 2019Wicked Campers

Wicked camper van with SA registration S 799 BAC with the slogan “masturbation is the only thing that isn’t taxed, regulated or illegal. That’s your "freedom". You’re free to go fuck yourself...” on the back of the van and the words 'Bukowski Some people never go crazy. What truely horrible lives they must lead", on the side of the van with a cartoon image of a man lighting a cigarette.

0003/1923 January 2019Mars Wrigley Confectionery

The ad has three women each eating Maltesers whilst describing their weekend. 

0005/1923 January 2019Pretty Little Thing

Young women dancing around in the street and rain to sell clothing.

0006/1923 January 2019Ferrero Australia Pty Ltd
The advertisement is a Kinder app called ‘Magic Kinder’, available for download on mobile devices. The app promotes the Kinder brand and products to children, Kinder Surprise in particular.
0009/1923 January 2019Godfreys
The advertisement was of a Godfreys warehouse sale which depicted several moving forklifts.
0011/1923 January Internation B.V.
It shows people in different countries with accomodation.
0013/1923 January 2019SsanngYong
Ad shows a vehicle driving at speed into what is portrayed as sea water on a beach.
0014/1923 January 2019Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota Kluger ad featuring a woman applying lipstick at traffic lights. This advertisement also features a man looking at the woman when the rear window winds down and her son stares at the man. 
0016/1923 January 2019Sexyland

Sexy land ads at 7.59am advertising a sexy land sale with clear direction to purchase a rabbit and lubricant and other sex toys on sale.

0017/1923 January 2019Museum of Old and New Art

Television advertisement for MONA exhibition.

0018/1923 January 2019Hungry Jacks
15 second ad, man dancing to a song singing 'Summer bbq pineapple whopper'
0019/1923 January 2019ACON Inc.

Billboard with two people on top of each other, on a bed, without clothing. Text encouraging people to get tested for HIV, including the phrase "we test".

0020/1923 January 2019Specsavers Pty Ltd
Male subject attaching basketball ring to a car garage door instead of above it.
0021/1923 January 2019Yes Loans

There are two television commercials. In each, a man addresses the camera and describes being left in financial difficulty due to the actions of his former female partner.

0022/1923 January 2019Ultra Tune Australia

TV advertisement for Ultra Tune featuring Charlie Sheen

0023/1923 January 2019McDonald's Aust Ltd

McDonald's advertising the new 36 flavour frozen fantas. 

0024/1923 January 2019WR Engineering
The advertisement involves two men discussing how "she's still looking good after all these years" while overlooking a woman gardening. The woman then realises the men are discussing a garage door.

0511/1823 January 2019Mars Wrigley Confectionery
I have to watch an “m&m’s makes movies” advertisement that shows a man following a woman that implies the abduction of the woman by the man who drives away in a car when I go to the cinema.
0540/1823 January 2019Yum Restaurants International
There is a child sitting with some kfc and a voice over that says something like "sometimes you just have to say bucket"

0541/1823 January 2019Yum Restaurants International
There is a child sitting with some kfc and a voice over that says something like "sometimes you just have to say bucket"
0542/1823 January 2019Yum Restaurants International
Live a little
0543/1823 January 2019Honey Birdette

This poster advertisement features a model laying down, wearing electric blue and black lingerie with suspenders. The caption on the ad states 'Honey B's guide to Christmas TAKE THE REINS Whitney Set'.

0544/1823 January 2019Cheap as Chips
This is a Christmas product advertising brochure delivered in the mail and therefore accessible to all ages. The brochure would be read by people of all ages including children. On page 3 there is a picture of a young girl in a 'Christmas tutu', next to this is a picture of a young man wearing a 'Christmas mankini' with three smaller picture of different designs next to his large picture.

The young man is completely naked except for the 'mankini' which consists of two straps going over his shoulders down to a small bag covering his genitalia - the bag is red with the words 'jingle my bell' printed on it with a small bell attached.

0546/1823 January 2019McDonald's Aust Ltd
McRib advertised by McDonalds - Two children eating McRib's at the beach with a voice overlay as a man walks past in speedos.
0547/1823 January 2019Moranbah Dental

There are two men in a red convertible sports car. They are ogling two women sitting at a bus stop. One of the men sneezes and his dentures fly out of his mouth.

0548/1823 January 2019Stephanie's Boutique Lingerie

In the ad, there are multiple images of women in their underwear.

0549/1823 January 2019Narbil Training
2 guys talking to each other, one guy uses an insult to the other guy by calling him a “deadset ranga” because he didn’t understand what he was saying about him wanting training and they work at a training place
The offended guy objects to being called a ranga because he doesn’t have red hair

0550/1823 January 2019Insight Timer

Insight Timer, a global meditation app posts regular feel-good quotes on Instagram to inspire users.  

0552/1823 January 2019Department of Health and Human Services (TAS)

Meningococcal ad from Tas Government where a group of teenagers react to the news that their friend Emily has died.

0553/1823 January 2019Wicked Campers

Wicked camper car with Catoons painted marked car with sexual slogan across the back written in bold print stating: ""I'm no Fred Flintstone but I can make your bedrock"

0554/1823 January 2019Kittens
A black bus with blacked out windows. On the back of the bus, there was a large colour photo of a group of women dressed in lingerie in sexually provocative poses. Along the side of the bus, there was another large image of a woman dressed in lingerie reclining on her back with her knees bent.