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Results for July 2017

0286/1712 July 2017Asahi Premium Beverages

The advertisement is an Instagram post by Vodka Cruiser from the username ‘vodka cruiser’.
It depicts the face of a girl who appears to be a young teenager, with star-shaped glitter underneath her eyes. The caption reads “How to cover your dark eye circles the morning after.”
Other Vodka Cruiser Instagram posts also appear to be directed to children. They include images of settings resembling children’s parties, including two images depicting bottles of Vodka Cruiser amongst colourful confetti, and an image of pink Vodka Cruiser with pink polka dot paper cups and striped pink straws, that would typically be used at children’s parties. Another post depicts a cut out paper heart, coloured in by hand with coloured pencil and bordered by silver stickers. The words, “V is for Valentine Vodka” are handwritten in purple texta in the centre of the heart, and coloured pencils and heart appear in the background.

0293/1712 July 2017Apple

The television commercial promoted a Telstra product and featured Delta Goodrum riding in the passenger seat of a vintage BMW. It was broadcast during The Voice on Channel 9 on Sunday evening.