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Results for October 2016

0407/1612 October 2016iSelect Pty Ltd
Mums discussing insurance cover while boys playing soccer
0408/1612 October 2016Holden Ltd
It is about trying a ute. Mentions a new definition for truck stop. Here is the link on YouTube to the ad
0409/1612 October 2016Rip Curl Pty Ltd
It is basically the torso of a woman wearing a small bikini top

0410/1612 October 2016Accor Asia Pacific Australia
The advertising was suggestive of people engaging in sexual activity in the adjoining bedroom.
0411/1612 October 2016Fairfax Media
Advertising of RSVP website. Opportunity to meet the one special individual .
0412/1612 October 2016Surfstitch
Sent via an online newsletter
0413/1612 October 2016Allaro Homes
TV advert for home builders
0414/1612 October 2016Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Advertising lamb
0415/1612 October 2016Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
An advert in which some men are advertising lamb
0416/1612 October 2016Techtronic Industries Australia
The ad is for a Vax cordless slim vacuum cleaner
0417/1612 October 2016ANZ Banking Group Ltd
Children approximately 6 - 8 years of age were sitting discussing how unfair it was that women were paid less than their male counterpart for doing the same job.
0418/1612 October 2016Warner Village Theme Parks
Movie world promoting fright night.
0419/1612 October 2016Natural Health Specialists
Direct mail promoting 'sexual Rocket Fuel' - potency capsules. Dr Richard Summer. New medical breakthrough. International sexual research test.°
0420/1612 October 2016Suzuki Marine

Mum is sad & misses her husband, son is sad & misses Dad, daughter is sad & misses Dad, dog is happy because he/she gets to eat "missing" Dad's dinner (this is the funny bit). It seems he went fishing one day & never came home. Then we see him scooting around on his boat having fun.

0422/1612 October 2016Fairfax Media
An advertisement for online dating service demonstrating couples interaction.
0423/1612 October 2016Fairfax Media
Short ad online while downloading YouTube clips