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Results for November 2017

0436/178 November 2017Hollywood Showgirls
The advert shows 2 women, with very suggestive looks and highly made up. One is blond, with her top hanging off her shoulder, and the other with her hand on her chest area.
0468/178 November 2017Holden Ltd

End of the advertisement female runs into ocean with surfboard wearing what appears to be very skimpy bathers - almost g string.

0471/178 November 2017University of Sydney
A billboard ad with the hands of brown women reaching through a chain link fence with the phrase "unlearn criminal" in white writing over the top
0474/178 November 2017McMillan Law

The advertisement shows a Police Chase through city streets, dangerous driving and then cuts to the male driving the vehicle walking out of court with a smile, then the tag line for McMillan Law, the tone stating that the behaviour is acceptable in society as they will provide representation that results in a smile.

0476/178 November 2017Dulux Group
It was advertising Cabots Aquadeck and showed a father and daughter applying the material. Nether was wearing the PPE which is recommended in the Company MSDS
0478/178 November 2017Youfoodz

You Foodz commercial featured on/during Channel Nine’s broadcast of ‘The Block.’ Young boy using the word 'bollocks'

0482/178 November 2017Shiploads
This advertisement is about Halloween costumes/accessories. An Evil clown face pops onto the screen, a dark zombie doll crawls toward the screen accompanied by dark music.
0485/178 November 2017Ali Insurance
Ad about Ali insurance
0486/178 November 2017Coca-Cola South Pacific
The ad describes coffee roasting "in the sun" with roasted beans lying on deck chairs.
0487/178 November 2017Burger Urge
Image depicting Korea and Kim Jong Un on a rocket ship describing their burger as oppressive whilst potraying a negative image of both north and South Korea.
0489/178 November 2017Lottoland
Infomercial on the Channel 9 morning show

0490/178 November 2017Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Couple at drive in movie watching the movie, talking about the car and talking to the actors in the movie
0491/178 November 2017Total Tools
The advert is swearing whilst bleeping out the word "fuck" and using an overlay such as #*+%!
It is clear they are saying fuck and my children are seeing this and hearing it.
They clearly say in the advert "we fucking swear by our prices"...bleeping out the fuck section of fuck-ing and keeping the "ing"
0492/178 November 2017NEDS

The NEDS ads show characters who are addicted to gambling. For example it shows  somebody pressing every button on an elevator so that they have more time to gamble. All the ads show total gambling addiction!

0493/178 November 2017BMW Group Australia
The ad opens with shots of mobiles phones and someone touching a touch screen in a car. The claim is then made: "going from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds. 
0494/178 November 2017BMW Group Australia
There are 2 versions of this ad. The second ad (a couple of minutes later) opens with shots of people on mobile phones interspersed with the BMW speeding through local streets. It's then seen changing lanes rapidly without an indicator and then seen doing a four wheel drift around a corner and then speeding through a puddle, creating a huge spray of water. All the time, there is the sound of a vehicle accelerating in the background.
0496/178 November 2017Sportsbet
Encouraging to download the app/gambling specials using the Christmas carols
0497/178 November 2017Sportsbet
The ad provides examples of conduct to which the voice over responds either 'good' or 'bad'. One statement is 'my fly isn't really broken' to which the voiceover responds 'bad'.
0499/178 November 2017Catch Group
The ad shows 2 men using urinals, leaping around and screaming at each other.

0500/178 November 2017Nando's Australia Pty Ltd
The add had a deal with WTF written. Children were at the bus stop shouting what the fuck and thinking it was ok after seeing it.