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Results for June 2018

0199/186 June 2018Kogan Technologies
Promotion of a new TV and its aspects

0255/186 June 2018Century 21 Medowie

This letter box dropped promotional material is a 20x10cm card featuring a photograph of 'youngish' man looking down the unbuckled and unzipped front of his trousers through a magnifying glass. The title text reads "We're extremely proud of our small vacancy rate". 

0256/186 June 2018Jaguar Land Rover Australia Pty Ltd

My reason for complaining is safety. The public is told over and over about the dangers of driving through flood waters, but the land Rover Discovery advertisements recommend exactly that. "Through rivers deep" is the wording I complain about.

0257/186 June 2018McDonald's Aust Ltd

The adult (man) & child are in a workshop building something. The man hammers his finger accidentally and it implies that he swears in front of the child. He then is putting money in a jar labelled “swear jar”. He then takes his child to buy McDonald's with the rewards of coins from all the swearing he’s done.

0258/186 June 2018Woolworths Supermarkets
A father and his 3 children are driving to the shops. 1 of his children appears to be a teenager, 1 a tween and the other is younger than the tween. The kids are asking Dad to buy things at Woolworths. The youngest child asks for more eggs as he's making crocodiles out of the cartons.

The next and final scene is Dad bringing the groceries back to the car. The 3 children are in the car. The youngest child asks his Dad if he remembered to buy the eggs. This implies that he wasn't shopping with his father and that the children were left in the car.
0259/186 June 2018ALDI Australia
An approximately 7 second long ALDI corned beef commercial, with the food product in question being 'sliced' alongside accompanying 'slicing' sound effects. The red price tag was displayed on the right hand side of the screen and there was a female voice-over
0260/186 June 2018Gnomes
The use of innuendo via the use of an actor with a NZ accent to describe his "coloured deck". Both actors look in the direction of the NZ actors groin after the second actor makes the statement of "nice deck". The reply, again with legs apart, is that it is a "coloured deck" and he then displays a big smile. Only blind freddy would not hear the word 'deck' as 'dick' due to the NZ accent.
0261/186 June 2018Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
The advertisement is a series of shots of a woman going about her daily business, all the while being bombarded with input from other people in her day to day life. The footage then shifts to her driving a Nissan SUV.

The video is available in full on the Nissan youtube channel
0262/186 June 2018Gelatissmo
A poster with a picture of Ferdinand from the animated movie, text 'Love a-bull field of flowers is a banana lolly gelato with rainbow candy flowers #unbullievable, WIN A FERDINAND HOME MOVIE PACK' with accompanying small text about colour-in competition. Picture of the gelato with colourful sprinkle and flowers.

0263/186 June 2018Charli & Kate

I don’t know exactly what is was advertising, hair product. It showed attractive girls dancing around, showing a lot of cleavage. It’s very sexualised.

0264/186 June 2018Transport for NSW
The ad's slogan is Yeah, Nah and depicts a driver making a last minute decision to overtake a truck, before crashing into an oncoming vehicle with a family in it.
0265/186 June 2018Underworks
An overtly sexual and demeaning representation of a woman semi clad including her spreading her legs in a full wide open croutch shot. Completely unnecessary and offensive to me and my 12 year old child.

0267/186 June 2018Prestige Hino

Radio ad about two guys talking about the recent purchase of a new truck. The guy who bought the truck should have gone to Hino. They use the word ‘truck’ suggestively, but it leaves little to the imagination. ‘Truck me!’ ‘Are you Trucking serious!?!’

0268/186 June 2018Unilever Australasia
The advert depicts a black African woman working on a tea plantation, then a group of white people drinking tea.
0269/186 June 2018The Alannah & Madeline Foundation
I have heard the new domestic violence ad 4 times today.
I am totally against violence.
In the ad it states that the father killed the 5 year old daughter and mother because they were having money problems

0270/186 June 2018DPP Pharmaceuticals
A blonde and red -headed family dressed mostly in white and light blue has a man intrude on their house to steal their stuff (and soap). He is dressed in all black and is Asian. Cliched much?
0271/186 June 2018Jacobs Douwe Egberts
The ad for L'or coffee that was streamed during and ad-break on SBS demand, and which is also available to view on the company's Facebook page, is showing a handful of women in what looks like a backstage area or a strip bar/burlesque show. One of the women takes a sip of coffee and the camera zooms in on her lips as she's exhaling/panting. Another woman, who is only wearing a corset and underpants, is touching her thighs in a sensual manner. The advert ends with a woman passing through a set of curtains to enter what looks like a lit-up stage. The final scene is her face, looking - for some reason - sad.