Complaints to the Advertising Standards Board

The complaint process is transparent and accessible to all members of the public. The process provides fairness for complainants and advertisers. Privacy issues are also considered.

The Advertising Standards Board makes its determinations under appropriate sections of the Code of Ethics, and other Codes relating to food and beverages, advertising and marketing to children, and environmental claims as prescribed by the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA).

The Board can also consider complaints under the other industry Codes and Initiatives, including motor vehicle advertising, and food and beverage advertising and marketing to children.

Although a complaint may be about a matter that the Board can consider, a case will not be raised if a complaint raises an issue under the Code of Ethics and the issue is one that the Board has consistently considered not in breach of the Codes.

All complaints about alcohol advertising are directed to the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Committee. Food and beverage advertising can also be considered under other industry initiatives.

Once a complaint is recieved by the ASB, it then assesses the complaint to determine whether it can go to the Board. If accepted the advertiser/marketer is notified and a response is requested. The complaint is then considered by the Board and the advertiser and complainant are advised of the determination. A case report is then published.

The original complainant or advertiser/marketer can also ask for a review of the determination.

Competitor complaints

The Advertising Claims Board provides a competitive complaint resolution service. Information on lodging a complaint with the Claims Board can be found here.