You can complain to Ad Standards if your complaint is about advertising material pertaining to:

Section 2 of the AANA Code of Ethics

  • Portrayal of sex/sexuality/nudity
  • Portrayal of people
  • Exploitative and degrading images
  • Language
  • Violence
  • Health and safety

AANA Food and Beverages Advertising and Marketing Communication Code

This includes:

  • truth and honesty
  • contravene prevailing community standards
  • communicate information in an appropriate manner
  • undermining of healthy active lifestyles or healthy balanced diets
  • appropriate substantiation of health claims
  • misleading or deceptive nutritional or health comparisons
  • use of statistics or scientific terms to imply or ascribe validity to claims
  • accuracy of claims related to the product
  • use of personalities without clearly distinguishing between commercial promotion and editorial content
  • promotion as meal replacements
  • specific rules about advertising food and beverages to children

AANA Advertising Code for Advertising and Marketing Communications to Children

This includes:

  • prevailing community standards
  • misleading or deceptive to children
  • clear representation of the product
  • confusing advertising with editorial content
  • sexualised imagery or suggestions
  • promotion of unsafe or dangerous behaviour/activity
  • the portrayal of unsafe or dangerous products
  • social values, such as alarm and distress to children
  • issues of undermining the authority of parents or carers
  • unclear pricing
  • unclear qualifying statements
  • unclear competition rules and information
  • use of popular personalities
  • any association to alcohol
  • privacy of information collection
  • promotion of inactive lifestyle combined with unhealthy eating habits

AANA Environmental Claims in Advertising and Marketing Communications Code

This includes:

  • truthful and factual presentation of environmental claims
  • relevance and clarity of environmental claims
  • substantiation of environmental claims

FCAI Voluntary Code of Practice for Motor Vehicle Advertising

This includes:

  • unsafe driving
  • depiction of speeding
  • illegal driving practices
  • depiction of people driving while fatigued or under the influence of alcohol
  • deliberate and significant environmental damage
  • issues of clarity concerning motor sport in advertising

AFGC Responsible Children's Marketing Initiative of the Australian Food and Beverage Industry

Advertisements for food and beverage products to children under 12 in media that do not:

  • present healthy dietary choices, consistent with established scientific or Australian Government standards


  • reference a healthy lifestyle, designed to appeal to the audience through messaging that encourages:
    • good dietary habits, consistent with established scientific or government criteria and
    • physical activity.

Australian Quick Service Restaurant Industry Initiative for Responsible Advertising and Marketing to Children

The Initiative establishes a common framework for advertising and marketing communications to children under 14 years of age:

  • to ensure that only food and beverages that represent healthier choices are advertised to children, and
  • to help parents and guardians make informed product choices for their children.