The Ad Standards Community Panel meets twice a month. In each case considered by the Community Panel, it will determine, based on all the information before it, if an advertisement breaches one or more provisions of the prevailing advertiser Codes or Initiatives. It will uphold or dismiss complaints.

If a case is upheld

Ad Standards will provide an ‘initial upheld’ letter informing the advertiser that the complaint against an advertisement has been upheld. The letter includes a copy of the draft case report detailing the reasons for the Community Panel’s determination to uphold the complaint.

For upheld cases, advertisers are requested to provide a written response, within 5 business days, of the action they will take to comply with the Community Panel's determination

Advertisers can choose to modify the advertisement to remove offending element(s) that led to the Community Panel’s determination to uphold the complaint(s). During this time the advertisement must be removed.

The effect of a Community Panel determination to uphold a complaint against an advertisement is that the advertisement cannot be re-broadcast or re-published in the same format or medium.

If a case is dismissed

Ad Standards will provide an ‘initial dismissed’ letter informing advertisers that the complaint has been dismissed and that no further action in respect of the broadcast/publication of the advertisement is required.

In dismissed cases advertisers are encouraged to consider the issues raised by complainants in relation to current and future advertising campaigns.