Ad Standards has an online advertiser response form.

By using the online response form, advertisers can simultaneously provide their response and upload all relevant information required for consideration of the case.

Please do not submit the form multiple times. Lodging the form with all information once only, will assist Ad Standards to confirm that all relevant material has been submitted.

Please note that the contents of the Advertiser Response to Complaint Form cannot be saved. You will need to include all information requested in the form in one session.

Please do not leave fields blank.

We urge you to insert the text of your response in the Advertisers response to complaint field of the form as these words are uploaded by the system into the final Case Report.

Files can be attached in the File upload facility section of the form, but the Advertiser response to complaint field should include the text of the response and not say “see attached file”. 

To ensure that a response is linked to the correct case, the correct case number must be included when completing the online forms. The case report with the leading ‘0’ included must be in the format XXXX/YY (eg. 0987/15).