Advertising to children: determination summary

The AANA Children’s Code applies to all Marketing and Communications which are:

  • Directed primarily to children (aged 14 and under)
  • For goods, services and/or facilities that are targeted towards and have principal appeal to children

Advertisements in breach of this Code include:

  • Advertisements that encourage children to pester their parents for products.

The Ad Standards Community Panel have dismissed a number of complaints under this Code.

  • Advertisements directed to families, rather than primarily to children, will not be considered under this Code.
  • Advertisements may have children discussing a product but this does not mean the ad is directed primarily to children.
  • While children may want the food or beverage product in the advertisement, if the ad is not directed primarily to children it will not be considered.
  • Advertisements for a brand instead of a product will not be considered under this code.