RCMI & QSRI food initiatives: determination summary

To be considered under the AFGC Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative (RCMI) or Quick Service Restaurant Initiative (QSRI) it must be determined that the advertisements are directed primarily to children.

To do so the ad must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Do children represent 35% or more the audience of the program in which the ad was shown?
  • Is the program where the ad is broadcast clearly directed primarily to children?
  • Is the ad itself clearly directed primarily to children?

Recent upheld decisions by the Ad Standards Community Panel have found:

  • Vouchers handed out at children’s sporting events for fast food will breach S1.5 where the voucher is not exclusively for the healthier choice product.
  • Advertisements that do not represent healthier dietary choices will breach if shown in programs directed primarily to children.

The Community Panel have also dismissed complaints under the initiatives.

The Community Panel's view is:

  • Using animations may appeal to both adults and children so the advertisement may not be directed primarily to children.
  • While advertisements may have appeal to children, they must be directed primarily to children to be considered under the initiatives.