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2010 - year of building for future challenges

The details of the Advertising Standards Bureau’s achievements and initiatives for the past year are available with the release of the Review of Operations 2010.

“Our work during 2010 has placed us in a strong position to deal with the continuing scrutiny of the advertising self regulation system and our administration of the complaints handling process,” Fiona Jolly, Chief Executive Officer said. 

Ms Jolly said the Review of Operations focuses on the ASB’s work during 2010 in building awareness of advertising self-regulation and the role of the Advertising Standards Bureau and its Boards.

She said raising awareness of ASB among members of Parliament has assisted ASB’s work in the various Federal government inquiries involving advertising and classification which were announced at the end of 2010.

“I am confident the Bureau will ably demonstrate the important contribution it makes to the Australian community and the benefit to the community and government of keeping advertising self-regulated. 

"We welcome the opportunity to provide input into these inquiries and we are confident that the advertising self regulation system will withstand the strongest scrutiny,” Ms Jolly said. 

The Review of Operations also includes information about the completion and release of research into sex, sexuality and nudity.

“From that we can see that there is concern in the community about sexualised images and themes in advertising – particularly in areas of the media that cannot be ‘switched off’. 

“The research gives the Board licence to take a more strict approach towards sex and also provides important information to industry about community views into acceptable uses of sexualised images or themes,” Ms Jolly said. 

“As administrators of a number of industry codes we will continue to provide feedback and information about our work to ensure the continued robustness and responsiveness of the advertising self regulation system in Australia ,” Ms Jolly said.

The Review of Operations for 2010 is available online and in hard copy.