Nominate a kinder ad

Terms and kinder conditions apply

Every day we are bombarded with thousands of messages – even we’re guilty of adding to the clutter. At Ad Standards, we know that advertising has the power to shape global conversations. We want to make sure these conversations are always productive, pushing us towards a kinder world.

There are Codes that set high advertising standards. Together, we can exceed them. That’s why we’ve created *terms and kinder conditions. It’s a campaign that celebrates kinder ads. Those that tackle societal issues and spread positive messaging on their own terms.

Nominate an ad

Join us in celebrating kindness by nominating outstanding ads (form below) that exceed the advertising standards. We want to recognise advertisements that help create kinder conditions.

How does it work?
  • Everyone can get involved by nominating an ad on any medium that exceeds any of the advertising Codes.
  • We are looking for ads that use creativity to spread positive social messaging. Examples include challenging stereotypes, increasing diversity and social inclusion.
  • The top 'kinder ads' will be announced through the media and on the Ad Standards website.



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