Community Panel member

Appointed September 2014

Gina was born and grew up in Sydney but underwent a tree-change with her husband and children and lived in Orange, in central western NSW for 11 years. Living in a regional town has provided Gina with many adventures, including the threat of bushfire evacuation, running out of rainwater and encountering wildlife (which she never would have come across in the city) ranging from snakes to delightful blue wrens. Most of all, Gina has enjoyed the inter-connectedness and strong sense of community that comes from living in a regional town. In Orange, Gina was involved in many aspects of life at work, school, church and the local music conservatorium. She was a board member with the Orange Regional Conservatorium and played cello with the Orange Symphony Orchestra and the Colour City Chamber Orchestra. She has taught scripture in a local public school, is an involved member of her church and has been active in a local resident action group.

Prior to moving to Orange, Gina worked as an intellectual property lawyer in a top tier Sydney corporate law firm. Since then, she has taken time off to be with her young children, worked as a legal editor and as a government lawyer. She also spent some time working with the community as a criminal lawyer with Legal Aid. She is currently working in the area of intellectual property and commercialisation for the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

As an Australian of Korean heritage, Gina has a particular interest in questions of displacement - spiritual, cultural and physical - and completed her undergraduate English Literature Honours thesis in this area. She is currently completing her Masters of Law.

She is the mother of three rambunctious children and loves a good cup of coffee with friends and going on long drives.