Community Panel member

Appointed August 2011

Karen is a Queensland Baptist minister, serving the Australian Defence Force as a chaplain. She was commissioned in June 2016 and is currently ministering in regional New South Wales. Karen’s work involves providing religious ministry, pastoral support and participating in the everyday life of a defence member.

Karen is from Brisbane and was accredited as a pastor in 2008. She has previously served at Windsor Road Baptist Church, a Brisbane city congregation and North-East Baptist Church in Nundah. Her ministry has primarily focused on multi-cultural young adults, youth and overseas mission.
She has also worked for Australian Baptist's Cross-Cultural Agency, Global Interaction. As “Young Adults Consultant” for Queensland, she worked across the state to increase awareness and involvement in cross-cultural work. As part of this work Karen met with young adults from across Queensland, helping them to contribute to mission and community work in countries with the greatest need.

Karen has worked with young people and their families since she was teenager. She began her working career in administration and business roles, after completing a Bachelor of Business, but then changed direction and completed a Master of Divinity. She has since completed a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership. In 2015, Karen completed the Arrow Leadership program which develops emerging leaders in the Australian Evangelical sector.

In her spare time Karen volunteers as a church youth leader. She is a regular patron of coffee shops, libraries and thrift shops. On virtuous weekends, she will manage to make it to her local Park run on a Saturday morning.

As with all Community Panel members, Karen’s contributions are her own and are formed by her beliefs and experiences. Her view on a particular advertisement does not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Defence Force or Queensland Baptists.