Ad Standards Industry Jury role

The Ad Standards Industry Jury is a system of alternative dispute resolution directed to address and resolve challenges in advertising that might otherwise lead to litigation.

The Industry Jury considers complaints which breach Section 1 of the AANA Code of Ethics. 

This includes complaints about:

  • the legality of an advertisement
  • misleading or deceptive advertisements
  • advertisements which contain misrepresentations likely to harm a business
  • exploitation of community concerns in relation to protecting the environment
  • misleading country-of-origin claims.

The benefits of the Industry Jury and its system of alternative dispute resolution are that:

  • the process is concluded in a timely manner (the Industry Jury must make a determination within 15 business days of receipt of final submissions from the complainant and advertiser)
  •  the process is less costly than litigation, with the only cost being fees for the members sitting on the Industry Jury and legal and administration costs of Ad Standards, and
  • the parties have the option of proceeding to usual dispute resolution procedures if desired.

The Industry Jury is made up of a variable panel of at least three qualified legal practitioners, nominated by Ad Standards from a Register of Lawyers it maintains. Practitioners on this register have certified to Ad Standards that they have experience and expertise in the area of advertising and/or competition and consumer law and that they hold a current practicing certificate. They must also certify that they have no conflict of interest in the particular matter.


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