Advertising Standards Board Members (Part-time positions)

The Advertising Standards Bureau seeks applications for several positions as members of the Advertising Standards Board.

The Advertising Standards Board is responsible for considering complaints made by members of the public about advertisements. The Board considers complaints made about advertisements against a variety of industry codes including: the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) Advertiser Code of Ethics, the AANA Code for Advertising and Marketing Communications to Children, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Voluntary Code for Motor Vehicle Advertising, and the AANA Food and Beverages Advertising and Marketing Communications Code.

The Advertising Standards Board was established by the advertising industry as a means of providing a public and transparent complaints consideration process about advertisements. The Advertising Standards Board operates in an environment that is both sensitive and occasionally high profile.

The Advertising Standards Board currently meets twice per month (once face to face and once by teleconference) to consider advertisements and the complaints made about them. However, this is under review and remuneration may change in light of the process implemented.  Currently, remuneration is in the vicinity of $1,000 per month.

Applications are encouraged from people around Australia and travel expenses to and from Sydney will be met. Applications are also invited from young people and from persons with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.

The Advertising Standards Board operates as a team of people who reflect the opinions of ordinary members of the community, articulate their own views, and appreciate the views of other members of the Board. The Advertising Standards Board is not intended to be a team of advertising experts. Membership of the Board is on an individual basis, not as representatives of industry, consumer or special interest groups.

People sought for appointment to the Board ideally have an interest in, and views on, advertising and community standards. They are people who have been involved in their community and who have empathy and can reflect broader community standards in their decisions.

Board members work as part of a diverse team in interpreting Codes, applying reason, commonsense and sensitivity when assessing a wide variety of material.

Persons interested in applying should provide a statement of their work and community experience and a short application (preferably no more than two pages) addressing each of the following matters:

1) Ability to interpret Codes in applying the standards generally accepted by reasonable adults in the public interest,
2) Demonstrated involvement in the community and the ability to reflect broad community standards,
3) Ability to apply reason, commonsense and sensitivity when assessing a wide variety of material, and
4) Demonstrated ability to work as part of a diverse team.

Further information about the work of the Advertising Standards Board can be obtained by calling 02 6173 1500.

Applications will be treated in the strictest confidence and should be directed to ASB.

Please send all applications to [email protected] no later than 26 May 2017.