Ad Standards

Ad Standards manages the complaint resolution process of the advertising self-regulation system. Our vision is to be Australia’s community voice for complaints about advertising and marketing standards. Our purpose is to give a voice to consumer values and guide industry in maintaining decent and honest advertising aligning with prevailing community standards.

Ad Standards functions as secretariat for the Ad Standards Community Panel and the Ad Standards Industry Jury – the two independent bodies established to determine consumer and competitor complaints against the advertising self-regulatory Codes.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan covers five key result areas:

  1. Complaints handling
    ​​• Ad Standards Community Panel makes robust decisions that align with community standards
    • Ad Standards complaints handling service meets established best practice, and
    • Ad Standards Industry Jury provides a well-respected and well utilised service to advertisers.
  2. Community awareness
    • Ensure Australia’s community voices are heard through expansion of our Community Awareness activities and strategic partnerships/alliances.
  3. Beneficiary and stakeholder engagement
    • Ad Standards engages effectively with beneficiaries and stakeholders.
  4. Internal business processes and financial stability
    • Ad Standards is financially viable and sustainable
    • The self-regulation system is funded appropriately
    • Support our workforce to be agile, to expand and grow to continue to deliver high quality services, and
    • Maintain a strong culture of independence, ethical conduct and accountability through effective governance.
  5. Business transformation
    • Expand our services to stay contemporary, and
    • Ad Standards identifies opportunities to remain consistent with international best practice.

Ad Standards Board of Directors

A Board of Directors governs Ad Standards. Ad Standards works within the objects set out in its Constitution to develop and monitor delivery of the strategic directions of Ad Standards and ensure high governance standards.

The Ad Standards Board of Directors places the highest priority on preserving the integrity of the advertising self-regulation system. It insists on absolute separation between its work and the work of the Ad Standards Community Panel and the Ad Standards Industry Jury.

The current members of Ad Standards Board of Directors are:

David Scribner Chief Customer Officer, Ooh!Media (Chair)

Matthew Hall Managing Director, Artifex Advisors

Vince Meoli Commercial Director, HYLAND

Lisa Ronson Chief Marketing Officer, Coles Australia

Wayne Gabriel Chief Marketing Officer, Toyota Australia

Jenni Dill Chief Marketing Officer, McDonalds Australia


Ad Standards has eight staff which includes the Chief Executive Officer, the Operations Manager, two Case Managers, the Communications Manager, the Legal Manager, the Project and Communications Officer and the Administration Manager. 

A report on the operations of Ad Standards is published annually in its Review of Operations.