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Results for July 2016

0277/1613 July 2016Pretty Little Thing
Skinny girls
Skimpy clothes
0278/1613 July 2016The Beechworth Sweet Co
The logo of the advertiser depicts a golliwog.
0279/1613 July 2016Nick Scali
The advertisement is for home furniture, couches, chairs etc.
0280/1613 July 2016Gaura Venetian Plaster
Web home page
0281/1613 July 2016Greenpeace
The advertisement seeks to ban plastic bags.
0282/1613 July 2016Port Augusta Veterinary Service
The advertisement is to promote the business Port Augusta Veterinary service
0283/1613 July 2016Love and
The Billboard depicts 5 young pretty girls all very scantily dressed- their bare breasts are visible at the bottom of their tiny shirts. The caption says "come and play".
0284/1613 July 2016Windsor Smith Pty Ltd
The campaign is titled "all tied up" and has a woman in suspender stockings sitting on a chair suggestive of being 'tied up' in an abusive/sexual way. The image alternates in such a way to insinuate her showing her underwear/genitalia.
0285/1613 July 2016Sin City Nightclub
A young woman with large breasts almost all exposed. It is sexualisation and objectifying. It can damage young girls and young men who think this is normal and acceptable. It can contribute to mental illness and is not healthy for all in our society.
0287/1613 July 2016Our Watch
A bus stop advertisement depicting a young lad with the tattoo reading, "I forced her to have sex with me when she didn't want to." Confronting billboard advertisements, targeting teenagers. They depict young people with their violent actions tattooed somewhere on their bodies.
0288/1613 July 2016Tabcorp
The advertisement was about placing bets at your local TAB. It talked about accessibility made it sound like it was a normal part of the day to place a bet - and used the phrase 'everyday value' which I think was highly inappropriate given the addictive nature of gambling. It is giving the impression that there is value from gambling and that it is something you should do every day - totally irresponsible messages.
0289/1613 July 2016Ultra Tune Australia
This is in relation to two ads. I have just watched the second of two sexist ads tonight on network nine. This first ad two women in a car drive of a cliff and are rescued by Ultratune men in a helicopter - the last screen finishes with a shot of the women look up to the men in a gratuitous cleavage shot. The second ad are two women again depicting a 'dumb' stereotype accidentally getting soaked going through a car wash with the top down.
0290/1613 July 2016First National Real Estate
A street of attractive two storey houses was pictured. A group of young people with musical equipment were depicted moving into one of these houses. The voice over posed the question (as close as I can remember the actual words), "Who is looking after your property?" Then the answer was given, "At First National Real estate we put your property first."
0291/1613 July 2016Hero Condoms
A condom vending machine in the male toilets in Sydney airport Terminal 2 near gate 38 has a video and audio advertisement panel attached that advertises condoms and condom use by talking about prevention of HIV and AIDS. It also uses words such as "sex".
0292/1613 July 2016Clean Queens
The work van for the company "Clean Queens", cleaning services. Image of company logo/ person on van.
0293/1613 July 2016ANZ Banking Group Ltd
Two women in a cafe holding drinks. One pays with her phone in the back pocket of her jeans
0294/1613 July 2016Unilever Australasia
The billboard features Manu Fieldel holding a chocolate toffee magnum in front of him just below his mouth. It has had a bite taken out of it. His face has a golden sheen to it, like he's a god. The words 'for pleasure seekers' accompany the ad.
0295/1613 July 2016Bank of Western Australia Ltd (Bankwest)
A banking representative arrives at a home strewn with leftover toys, picks his way over these obstacles to the front door to be greeted by a mother holding an approximately four year old who then shoots the banking representative with a water pistol in the face. The sales representatives smiles, the mother smiles. It is all ok, " part of the service".
0296/1613 July 2016Mazda Australia Pty Limited
Three cars were driving across grasslands.