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Results for May 2017

0177/1710 May 2017Mars Petcare Australia
A bloke is feeding his young child who is in a high chair. The child gets food all over its mouth. The bloke goes into the kitchen for something to wipe the kid's face. When he comes back, the kid's face is clean and the family dog is sitting smugly in the corner of the room, the clear implication being that the dog has licked the kid's face clean. The bloke rewards the dog with a Pedigree Dentastik (spelling?)

0178/1710 May 2017McDonald's Aust Ltd
The advertised material depicted coffee made with professional barista equipment

0184/1710 May 2017Brierley Hose and Handling
Brieley Hose and Handling (Tasmania)

0186/1710 May 2017Westside Dermatology
A billboard at Brisbane Central Station for Westside Dermatology.

0188/1710 May 2017Universal Pictures
A full trailer for the upcoming movie "Get Out" was shown during a normal ad break in the show of "Modern Family".
0189/1710 May 2017Kleenheat
A man and a woman are cooking sauceages at a kids sporting function.
0190/1710 May 2017Bulla Dairy Foods
A billboard next to Riverwood train station and a school bus stop.
The billboard has the words ‘unfakeable fun’, picture of two children holding up 3 ice creams and images of three boxes of Bulla ice creams ‘Custard Tart’, ‘Fairy Bread’ and ‘Cookies and Cream’.

0191/1710 May 2017Good Lock Locksmiths
Describing a locksmiths ability to undo a chastity belt.
0192/1710 May 2017Primo Smallgoods
One line in the ad says 'Australia's favourite bacon'

0193/1710 May 2017Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
A utility vehicle is shown with a dog in the tray at the back. The dog is seen to grow larger and morph into a wolf? Message: this ute is to other cars as a wolf is to dogs.
0194/1710 May 2017Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
The advertisement shows how the vehicle can go through all terrain, including through rivers
0196/1710 May 2017William Hill
William Hill is offering,via Living Social ,"Deposit $20 and get $120 in bonus bets"
0197/1710 May 2017Stan
Advertising Twin Peaks being broadcast on STAN.
0198/1710 May 2017Hungry Jacks
Advertising chicken nuggets and chips as a special
0200/1710 May 2017St. John's Qld
A lady is crying/emotional giving resuscitation to her husband.
0201/1710 May 2017Wicked Campers
sign-writing advertising message on rear panels of ,hire camper van.

0204/1710 May 2017Sexpo Pty Ltd
It was an advertisement for the upcoming Perth Sexpo 5 to7 May