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Results for May 2018

0160/189 May 2018Village Cinemas Australia
It was an ad for an upcoming movie titled "Blockers" which is rated MA 15+
0200/189 May 2018Diandian Interactive
Pre-role ad was served promoting a Game called Guns Of Glory depicting a massacre of an army with violent sound effects.
0201/189 May 2018Grill'd
We're all about healthy burgers.
0202/189 May 2018303 Mullenlowe
The advert went around the top and sides of the weatherzone main content and depicted a frightening zombie-like pointing a gun, plus actor Will Smith also with a gun, and red flecks, that look like body matter, flying through the air.
0203/189 May 2018Optus Communications
There were images of swimming scenes to advertise the partnership between Swimmingsa and optus during the Commonwealth games coverage
0204/189 May 2018Singtel Optus

The Optus 4G ad shows a car doing a burnout next to Mr Bolt (start of ad).

0206/189 May 2018Wicked Campers

Wicked Camper van with the slogan “Weed is not a drug. It’s is a plant. I’m am not a dealer. I’m a florist.”, and the SA number plate S 083 BSP

0207/189 May 2018De Nardis Hair Design

Print advertisement featuring three women and the words "which one would you like for autumn/winter?"

0208/189 May 2018McDonald's Aust Ltd

The 'Man of the match' certificate issued to children following a soccer match includes a $5 voucher for McDonald's. 

0209/189 May 2018Yum Restaurants International
Kentucky Fried Chicken 50th anniversary
0210/189 May 2018Roadshow Films

Massive painting on side of a building with Rampage title, an actor, and three very large vicious animals (rabid dog, crocodile )with large teeth, drooling, dark appearance.

0211/189 May 2018Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd The
A full-size rolling billboard at the bus stop (AdShel) for the Smith's brand "Peking Duck" chips.
0212/189 May 2018Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd The
The ad featured a packet of the chips, with duck corpses hung by the neck on each side.
0213/189 May 2018Moranbah Dental
Murray portrays himself sitting on a park bench looking a young lady up and down in a very sexualized manner.
0214/189 May 2018IAG Insurance
NRMA has used Hunters And Collectors "Throw Your Arms Around Me" as their theme song.

0215/189 May 2018PVH Brands Australia Pty Ltd

3 women in Calvin Klein underwear sitting together

0216/189 May 2018McDonald's Aust Ltd
Video and text 'Bring home all the fun from Mr McGregor's vegetable garden. Each week there's a different Peter Rabbit toy to collect, free with every Happy Meal. So hop on into Macca's before they run away and see Peter Rabbit in cinemas now.'

0217/189 May 2018Crimsafe
In the advertisement, 'Kimmie's Dad' supposedly has a lead executive from a competing brand attached to a lie detector. As the ad progresses it becomes apparent that it actually gives electric shocks if the 'executive' answers incorrectly. This continues until the 'executive', emitting cries of pain, gives 'Kimmie's Dad' the answer he wants.
0222/189 May 2018Lion
A short commercial showing about 4 men in a boat fishing and then drinking Iron Jack beer
0223/189 May 2018Yum Restaurants International

The advertisement was about the return of the $5 hot and spicy box and how cheap and affordable it is. It is set on Bondi Beach with a group of Asian tourists exchanging money and only being able to get $15 (3x$5) back - seeing an ad for the KFC box and using the money to buy KFC for the entire family.

0224/189 May 2018Yum Restaurants International
TV commercial promoting a lunch time "special offer" food product ( chicken lunch ) depicting apparent Asian travelers conducting a currency exchange at a beach location in order to possess Australian currency to then be able to purchase the product being advertised.
0225/189 May 2018Tyre Stewardship Australia
The half page advert on page 7 of the SMH is from a dubious organisation called 'Responsible Tyre Disposal".
0226/189 May 2018Ubisoft P/L

Advertising for Far Cry 5 on side of bus. Looks like the Last Supper but with characters from the game.

0227/189 May 2018Monash University

Shocking images of violence

0228/189 May 2018Bras n' Things

The poster at Westfield Fountaingate Shopping Centre shows a female model in really revealing black lingerie, the bra just covers nipples and pants just cover her pubic area and the poster is so big it’s in your face as walking by.

0229/189 May 2018Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
A 4 wheel drive vehicle being driven at speed through a pristine stream and dogs late running through delicate sand dune retention growth vines
0230/189 May 2018Smith's Alternative

Offensive language on an a-frame billboard. Event promotion for ‘Fuckday, 20 April’ 

0231/189 May 2018Revlon Australia
Revlon make up with models strutting across the screens
0232/189 May 2018Unilever Australasia
Dancing people with music playing using deodorant.
0234/189 May 2018Lion

Advertising on TV for Dare Iced Coffee

0235/189 May 2018Mission Australia
Extreme violence and screamng
0237/189 May 2018Windsor Smith Pty Ltd
Naked (light stockings only covering) legs cut off from the waist up with the model wearing a pair of boots.