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Results for September 2018

0373/1812 September 2018Caltex Australia Ltd
The lady is entering data on her smartphone to pay Caltex ( fuel?) to illustrate how quick this can be she is engaged in a race with a man using a chainsaw to cut through timber.
0374/1812 September 2018Team Uggs
Two men describing the product in question (branded footwear) while one of the men parodies a transgender person to the discomfort of the other.
0375/1812 September 2018Mercedes-Benz Aust/Pacific P/L

An advertisement with the The Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Indecorous behaviour, minors in a car kissing in an appropriate way. 

0376/1812 September 2018Roadshow Films
Says twice murders and also states « good for you » . It has two muppets pictures which most relate to kids programs. Depicts and desensitises children and community to murder! Just as Australia attempts to resolve violence and crime. Ridiculous USA movie title and advertising.
0377/1812 September 2018Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd

Parents day at school with parents telling school kids what they do for a living. There's a fireman, a pilot (man). No prizes for guessing the female was a nurse.

0378/1812 September 2018McDonald's Aust Ltd
The ad introduces ‘Maccas new breakfast burger.. the big mac’ And goes to point out all burgers are available all day and you can have them for breakfast

0379/1812 September 2018FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
The ad contains a picture of a fur seal with a shocked look on its face, with the words “what the 4K”?!
0380/1812 September 2018FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd

Ad with surprised looking seal and the words "WHAT THE 4K!" Intended 'play on words' aimed specifically to a younger audience thus large illustration of a Seal

0382/1812 September 2018Choosi Pty Ltd
It was an ad for Choosi, set in a library, where three Choosi representatives (actors) direct library patrons. 
0384/1812 September 2018FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
The advertisement reads "What the 4K" and is promoting a new channel which Foxtel is launching
0386/1812 September 2018Club X
Multiple images of sex toys, each one approx 5ft in height
0387/1812 September 2018Bras n' Things
A series of short film vignettes of a woman wearing undergarments in which she was portrayed as there for others' pleasure only. Very much bordering on pornography. A particularly bad part of the series of vignettes was where a string of fairy lights directed the viewers attention to areas they may which to caress
0388/1812 September 2018Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited
A young man is at a party when a white car driven by young woman pulls up in the driveway. He apologises for overstaying, she is upset. He proceeds to send a text message to the car audio system which converts to a text message imploring the girl to forgive him.

0389/1812 September 2018Roadshow Films
A new movie trailer about a big shark killing people. It was visually scary with red blood seen in the water.
0390/1812 September 2018Roadshow Films
Promotion for new movie Mile 22
0391/1812 September 2018Roadshow Films

The poster was advertising a new movie called "The Nun".

0392/1812 September 2018Roadshow Films

Trailer for horror movie The Nun.

0393/1812 September 2018Motorcycle Service Centre
A mobile billboard on the rear of a bus, promoting a motorcycle servicing and roadworthy centre.

0395/1812 September 2018Barbeques Galore

This ad has a male and female in it. It promotes the stereotype that men are stupid, poking fun at fathers more than a dad joke.

As part of the code vilifying a person is to belittle them. This type of advertising to put down one gender is to belittle them and to make males look stupid. 
0396/1812 September 2018Roadshow Films

Ad for a horror movie "The Nun" 

0397/1812 September 2018Sexyland
Advertising that all sex toys, sex clothing on sale for Fathers Day. Make your father extremely happy with new sex toys etc...
0399/1812 September 2018Honey Birdette

This poster displayed a woman in very revealing lingerie in a particularly sexual pose as if she was touching herself. The words "EDEN, savour every sweet sensation" are on the image.