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Results for March 2017

0084/178 March 2017Weight Watchers

A collage of different people and scenarios. In one scene a woman chops some food and flicks it into a bowl with a large knife. The bowl is being held by a child.

0085/178 March 2017Frucor Beverages Australia
Two "rappers" approach each other whilst having practically naked around and the camera zooms in on all over the women's bodies
0087/178 March 2017Telstra Corporation Ltd
The ad was depicting an Asian man playing a dancing arcade game in the lounge room of a house while two Caucasian housemates were looking on in annoyance, with a deriding manner. The ad was promoting an NBN connection to get connected online, to find a housemate that wasn't annoying.
0088/178 March 2017Telstra Corporation Ltd
The other ad says: "This is Robbo. He's the guy who's going to help you move house this weekend." The picture shows a stupid, clumsy man who drops the sausage out of his roll, spills drink on his t-shirt etc.
0091/178 March 2017Nando's Australia Pty Ltd
It was a large sign on the side of each bus advertising a $10 special at Nandos on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
0092/178 March 2017Crimsafe

The advertisement in question depicted an elderly woman considering the question posed via voiceover as to whether her security screens were genuine Crimsafe screens, inferring she would not be safe in her home unless they were.

0094/178 March 2017Nestle Australia Ltd
The advertising suggests that a young person is failing to kick a ball over a goal but after drinking MILO the person succeeds.
0095/178 March 2017Freeview Australia Limited
The ad shows a young girl and boy watching something on tv. She has seen it before and is not interested, The boy questions her about where she has seen it and wants to know who Dan is.
0096/178 March 2017Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency
Displayed a driver being distracted by a passenger showing image on a mobile phone, the vehicle as a conquence moved outside of the lane. 
0097/178 March 2017KissKill
Email blast to advertise express shipping. Various pictures of women modelling the products.
0099/178 March 2017Tabcorp Holdings Limited
A man walks past a horse . Whilst remembering winning a race in which he won a bet he placed on that horse, he is cuddling it and carrying on like it's the best thing. It also keeps going back to the race win.
0100/178 March 2017Wicked Campers
Spend less on fuel and more on cool shit - like shoe-bongs!
"scribble rude or inspiring messages on the wall" - "She said 'yes'"
Don't rob a 7/11 in just any hire car or campervan - do it in a Wicked Campervan baby!
Byron Bay lads Dune Rats hired our LSD Machine Campervan / Tour Bus for their East Coast Dunies Tour in Dune. Check out the pics and bong on with the kings...
plus more and more off colour remarks..!
0101/178 March 2017SBS Corporation
#fuRacism was the banner headline
0102/178 March 2017Yum Restaurants International
The advertisement is for KFC fried chicken and was released on Snapchat on Saturday 28 January 2017 to coincide with the final of the Big Bash League Cricket, of which KFC is a major sponsor.
The advertisement was an interactive Snapchat lens featuring KFC’s Buckethead. It enabled users to take a photo of themselves with a virtual KFC Buckethead imposed over it. The lens included an ‘open your mouth’ trigger, with the KFC Buckethead spinning and flying chicken exploding into fireworks. Due to the transitory nature of Snapchat, the advertisement can no longer be accessed. The following article, however, provides information on the nature of the advertisement: More detailed information could be obtained from KFC.
0103/178 March 2017AAMI
A family has broken down in Woop Woop, up "Ship Creek".

0105/178 March 2017Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (SA)
VEGAN.... becomes .... BACON

0108/178 March 2017Latter Day Saints Church

This was an ad stating Mormons, a picture of a bible, a couple walking with a very small. Hold between them.

0109/178 March 2017Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd

0110/178 March 2017Love and
Advertisement for Love & Rockets strip joint
0111/178 March 2017Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centres Pty Ltd

Standard slimmer person showing off a nicer figure and stating how much weight loss they had achieved through the offices of Jenny Craig.

0112/178 March 2017Our Watch

A statement "don’t blow it. It’s never ok to pressure someone into sex ...know when to draw the line“.

0113/178 March 2017Greater Bank
Getting rid of the BS.
0114/178 March 2017The Romp Magazine
It was advertising a magazine with a scantly clad female posing like she is doing porn
0115/178 March 2017Close Encounters
Scantily clad prostitute invites customers to telephone.
0118/178 March 2017Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
In a poor attempt at humour to identify and outline health contents of the cereal. The advert utilise an offensive camp voice over for the "goldfish" character.

0130/1722 March 2017Doug Moran National Portrait Prize
It is about 4m high by 8m long at street level on front of the Moran building at 13-15 Bridge St. It is advertising the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.