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Results for April 2018

0119/1811 April 2018Advanced Medical Institute
The ad implies that by using the AMI oral strips, one would be able to satisfy their partner sexually during Valentine's day
0133/1811 April 2018Trelly's Tackle World
The advertisement is referring to products that could help with "open season" (duck season). The man is wearing camouflage and says it's open season and behind him there are a series of pictures that run with a strike through them including the greens political party symbol, picture of Muslim fighters, suggesting that they are targets in open season.
0136/1811 April 2018JC Spares

“Dick’s got nuts” radio ad

0137/1811 April 2018Sportsbet
A man is shaving around his genitals when his is interrupted by a vuce and 'apparently' injures himself.
0138/1811 April 2018Australian Football League

A poster on the Telstra phone box located at Stop 17 Port Road, Beverley, showing a Muslim woman in a head covering with the word "NEVER" printed under her image and the AFL logo below.

0139/1811 April 2018Doll House Gentleman's Club

The Dollhouse premises includes a picture/silhouette of a woman holding a pole. There is additional advertising that includes provocatively posed women and details of the 'Miss Nude World" competition.

0141/1811 April 2018ALDI Australia
It depicts smoking cigarettes in the advertisement.

The above is a link to the original post.
I also have a screenshot.
0142/1811 April 2018Mantle Group
It makes a sexual reference "I'll tap that" to advertise its bar.
0143/1811 April 2018Pretty Little Thing

Two young women advertising women clothes.

0144/1811 April 2018Cosmax Prestige Pty Ltd
It was a perfume ad, a man in a white speedo dove off a cliff down to a woman in a white bikini floating on a donut, then they embraced and made out and she pulled down his speedo, then the ad cut to the product

0145/1811 April 2018Lion
The post from the 5 Seeds Instagram account @5seeds_au depicts a young woman sitting on the beach in the sun, wearing a bikini and holding a bottle of 5 Seeds. The post is captioned ‘Girls just wanna have sun’ [sun emoji image, bikini emoji image] #5Seeds [camera emoji image] @mcdhannah #sp’.
The post is a regram of a post from the woman’s Instagram account @mcdhanna. The original post is captioned ‘The sand. The heat. The water cooling my sunburnt shoulders. And, a cheeky 5 Seeds lower sugar cider. That’s what the hot summer ahead looks like. @5seeds_au #ad’.
The woman, Hannah McDonald, is a social media influencer with 11,400 Instagram followers. She appears to be in her early 20’s.

0148/1811 April 2018Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Ltd

Hyundai I20 - Shows a person sitting in a vehicle whilst being towed on the trailer of a truck on a road, which is illegal on an Australian road

0149/1811 April 2018Billabong International Limited
Photo of Children exposing their bottom cheeks in a surf advertisement on an outside window the size of the entire shop wall

0151/1811 April 2018Becker Film Group

Promotion for upcoming movie Swinging Safari

0152/1811 April 2018NSW EPA
2 dark skinned park goers are running away from rubbish that is magically stuck to them while 2 fair skinned ladies watch. The dark skinned park goers then realize that by throwing the rubbish in the bin, the rubbish will stop following them.
0153/1811 April 2018Goldfingers Mens Club

The posters are always featuring one or two girls in extremely explicit and sexually suggestive poses such as one where a girl was sitting topless with a guitar between her legs, legs spread wide open and her finger in her mouth in abbey suggestive way.

0154/1811 April 2018Vitaco Health Australia Pty Ltd
News Segment on Studio Ten using a Dr to promote Nutra-Life Kyolic Aged Garlic. I could not find the segment in full online, but it is examined in part by Media Watch at this link:
0155/1811 April 2018Australian Liquor Marketers
Advertising wine in a catalogue with this one bottle being labelled Perfect for Mum and the brand being Squealing Pig The catalogue is titled IGA Liquor Christmas Specials. 2 weeks only 6th to 19th December. Particular reference is on the bottom of page 3.
0156/1811 April 2018IBM
A black man is depicted with the words: "Be known for your breakthroughs, not your break-ins"
0157/1811 April 2018Club X Mermaid Beach
Full window photos of ladies sex toys including the wording “Worlds First Touchless Clitoris Stimulator”.
0158/1811 April 2018Wicked Campers
Am I Still a Virgin if I take it up the Shitter?
0159/1811 April 2018NEDS
A client follows up on the lack of progress of work on a house construction site with the site supervisor. The tradesmen on site comment that they are waiting for work to be finished on site by other tradesmen while using their phones.
0161/1811 April 2018Sportsbet
The ad showed a male who appears to be fully naked, however the top half of him is being shown. He has a shaver, and he is simulating shaving the lower half of his body.
0162/1811 April 2018Country Road
Advertising was a catalogue insert for mens clothing. The theme was 'The Player'. It featured predominantly male models. A female model featured on one page next to a male model in a helicopter, on another page in a boardroom setting.
0164/1811 April 2018Bestway
Promoting a very large portable spa located on wooden decking just outside doors leading to a family room all on the same level.

0165/1811 April 2018The Proactiv Company

TV ad for Proactiv Skin Care

0166/1811 April 2018The Proactiv Company
An tv ad for Proactiv Skin Care products. A teenaged girl (Leslie) talking about where she gets breakouts on her face and saying it's more emotional than she thought it would be.

0167/1811 April 2018ALDI Australia
Advertises some of the food as a special for “Greek Easter”.

0169/1811 April 2018Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd

For the Nissan Xtrail - shows people walking with headphones, and a woman walks in front of a car with her headphones on. 

0172/1811 April 2018Twentieth Century Fox Film Distributors Pty Ltd
Film advertising for the movie The Red Sparrow

0173/1811 April 2018Crimsafe
This advertisement is about having crimsafe installed so that you can go away on holiday and know your house is safe.
0174/1811 April 2018Mondelez International
Colourful poster of Cadbury easter bunny chocolates and Humpty Dumpty in a grassy field. Text 'Gifts to make them hop, skip and hump this Easter'
0175/1811 April 2018PVH Brands Australia Pty Ltd
The advert is of several women lying on a bed in their underwear.
0176/1811 April 2018Hungry Jacks
Bright poster featuring four types of frozen drinks on the side of buses. Text 'Hungry Jack's Large Frozen Flavours $1'