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Results for February 2017

0005/178 February 2017Honey Birdette

They were photos of women in skimpy bras and cut-away knickers, so that one could see much of the groin area. In some of the photos the women were wearing bondage-type underwear. The photos were much larger than life-size, on brightly lit screens on both sides of the door, so they were hard to ignore.

0011/178 February 2017McDonald's Aust Ltd
Advertisement for McDonald's snack box type product
0013/178 February 2017Department of Health and Human Services (TAS)

Ad is trying to stop ambulance officers being assaulted.

0015/178 February 2017Yum Restaurants International
Backyard cricket game. Dad delivers drinks break on a ride on lawn mower.
0017/178 February 2017Coles

People jumping into a swimming pool and partying. Then cut to advertising drink specials with pool in back ground. Was clear association between summer/pool activity and drinking alcohol?

0020/178 February 2017Australian Insurance Holdings
Captian risky had crashed something into a lone tree in the outback and was hanging from a tree [ hanging upside down ] stuck in the tree. he was asking a lone kangaroo for help , but it showed the last long distance vision of him hanging in the tree which depicted a person had committed suicide and and was hanging there because of the crash.

0021/178 February 2017Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd

Moretein ad featuring a family sitting at dinner and the grandmother starts to spray fly spray. The ad is for an automatic fly spray.

0022/178 February 2017Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd

There is also another ad that features an elderly man who uses mosquito coils.

0026/178 February 2017Machine Zone

The video ad presents a fictitious scenario where two groups of women are engaged in a military battle (on their phones). Ad subtitle: 'You Have to Take a Look'. The main protagonist is portrayed as Mrs President, while others are portrayed as 'intel officers' and 'military personnel'. All characters are wearing revealing clothing, and no words are spoken by the characters. The ad concludes with the words 'Mobile Strike' superimposed over images of the characters' almost-bare bottoms, followed by a final Schwarzenegger-style voiceover.

0028/178 February 2017Yum Restaurants International
I find two commercials offensive. One shows  the salvaging of a ball that had been hit over a neighbour's fence.
0029/178 February 2017Super Cheap Auto Pty Ltd

4X4 vehicles are air lifted onto a beach similar to the Gold Coast. They speed up the beach ripping up the sand. They then steer towards a security area and ignore the security guard who attempts to raise a safety barrier
The guard has to dive out of the way as the 4x4 s smash their way into the property.

0030/178 February 2017RSPCA Australia Inc
It shows a dog about to die and then tells you to text the RSPCA so they can send you a leaflet about how to save your pet's life in an emergency.
0032/178 February 2017Logan Law

The post is an advertisement for legal services offered by Logan Law using extreme sexual connotations to relate to having a vehicle hit another vehicle from behind with the usage of hashtags such as "#steveo #hollyweed #loganlaw #smashedhardfrombehind #coppedoneinthebumper #beenrearendedlately #penetratingbrisbane #takenoneinthetailpipe".

0033/178 February 2017Anytime Fitness
Flyer for Anytime Fitness 570 President Avenue Caringbah

0034/178 February 2017Anytime Fitness
#F*CK Unfit. inspirational message with swearing
0035/178 February 2017Anytime Fitness
The advertising is a new campaign by Anytime Fitness to market their gym memberships and new gym exercise app.
0036/178 February 2017McDonald's Aust Ltd
TV Ad McDonalds 4 for $4. 30 sec ad shown on channel 9 lots of time. Bait advertising, Unethical, Misleading. Advertised special not available at all stores and this is not mentioned in voice over only in very fine print which only appears for final few seconds and then does not mention which stores are participating or not.
0037/178 February 2017Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
A mother driving her young son through giant lawn sprinklers with the car windows down and the child was getting wet, to his delight.

0038/178 February 2017Wallet Wizard

A woman arrives home and enters the garage to find her partner has removed a tyre from their car and destroyed it by turning it into as swan. He explains he doesn't know what to do because their car registration is due and they can't afford to replace the tyre and pay the rego. Wallet Wizard loans are suggested as a solution.

0041/178 February 2017Anytime Fitness

On street advertising board advertising gym membership for New Year
This is a link the accompanying youtube clip:
Not complaining about the youtube clip - specifically about the campaign's on-street display ad

0042/178 February 2017Ultra Tune Australia
2 young women perceived as helpless wearing next to nothing and acting like bimbos driving a car.

0043/178 February 2017Ultra Tune Australia
Using sexually objectified women to sell car maintenance
0044/178 February 2017Ultra Tune Australia

Two scantily clad women who are portrayed as silly and naive have trouble when their car catches on fire; cue a sexualised montage where they try to put it out using fire extinguishers, inevitably getting the foam over themselves more than the car. They then run away before it blows up, when it does they get splattered with oil, this does not harm them (which is completely inaccurate because in abnormal situation it would burn them). A man in an auto tune truck arrives to save the day.

0045/178 February 2017Ultra Tune Australia
1: Women approaching a car at night, they are approached by a group of men asking about car troubles, a martial arts star appears and the group of men take photos with him.

0046/178 February 2017Anytime Fitness
The message they were trying to get across was to get people back to the gym.

0047/178 February 2017Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Woman driving on wet road with children in car .

0048/178 February 2017iSelect Pty Ltd
The advert shows a snake handler being bitten on the face by a large snake, after the snake slithers away it camera moves to show the handlers swollen face.
0049/178 February 2017Department of Premier and Cabinet (Victoria)
It was about family violence when the dad spends the day with his son and then gets home and almost trips on the sons toy. He then proceeds to go find the mother and yell and abuse her with the son watching.
0050/178 February 2017The Book of Mormon Musical
A full page advertisement in the form of reproduced Twitter tweets between Casey Campbell and at the Princess Theatre Melbourne.

0052/178 February 2017Universal Pictures
This is an ad for a movie called 'Split' that is about to begin in cinemas. It is the story of a man with spilt personalities who kidnaps, tortures, kiss young girls.
0053/178 February 2017Coles
A group of people are sharing alcohol around a BBQ, followed by Liquorland promotion for wolf blass.

0054/178 February 2017Trelly's Tackle World Shepparton
Advertising fishing and camping products with emphasis on Australia Day
0055/178 February 2017The BOSS Shop
Ad describes various products and services they provide.
0056/178 February 2017Mercedes-Benz Aust/Pacific P/L
The advertisement was promoting a Mercedes Benz sale
0057/178 February 2017McDonald's Aust Ltd
Inside an office a woman and man are behind the desk. The man is eating a brown bread sandwich, the woman is eating a strop and whipped butter covered set of pancakes. The woman looks very happy eating the pancakes, over the moon. The man looks at her and sad to the brown (healthy) sandwich.
0058/178 February 2017Sweet Cheeks
Very Large picture of a saucy female with rear end exposed, this is on the main road frontage of the shop, and around the sides, this is just up the road from schools, come on!!!
0069/178 February 2017Trelly's Tackle World Shepparton
Trelly's Tackle World was advertising an Australia Day sale with an offer of 'free pork kebabs' with the subtitle 'Halal or Haram?' underneath. This is suppose to happen on the 27th February 2017.
0552/168 February 2017Lottoland
Lottoland. All the lotto land with the grandma hiding her gambling habits on her mobile.

0585/168 February 2017Money Plus
A women is standing and gets money thrown/chucked in her face.