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Results for November 2015

0428/1511 November 2015Holden Ltd
During the evening of Sunday the 18th October on GTS BKN Port Pirie on channel 6. Holden VFII.
0429/1511 November 2015William Hill
Stops a horse race to talk about betting and then tells them to carry on.
0430/1511 November 2015Kao (Australia) Marketing Pty Ltd
Naked female lying on her chest with 3 bottles of the product placed across her bottom area
0431/1511 November 2015St George Group
I am writing in regards to the St George commercial in which a young boy, approx age 8-9 is seen doing board flips on his skateboard. His sister is sitting nearby watching him.
0432/1511 November 2015BizCover
A gentleman is receiving a body wax while the viewer is told using the insurance is not painful
0433/1511 November 2015Animal Liberation Queensland
The radio advertisement draws attention to the issues of the short lives of bobby calves, and the annual cycle of birth and grieving that dairy mothers must endure. I believe that the purpose of the campaign is to encourage people to swap dairy for non-dairy alternatives.
0434/1511 November 2015Breitling Oceania Pty Ltd
At the beginning of the ad, a crew dressed all in red scatters on a runway, hurrying to get ready for their upcoming tasks. As they scramble, they check their watches for precision.
The plane lands, and a woman holding a stop sign ogles the pilot, flirting from a distance. Suddenly, she looks distressed, and the camera takes her point of view, revealing the root of her alarm as a blonde woman in shorts climbing up to the cockpit, seemingly with a similar goal in mind.
0435/1511 November 2015Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses
The advertisement is a grotesque and completely false compilation of horses designed to impede the legitimate enjoyment of the spring racing carnival.
0436/1511 November 2015Tyco Australia Pty Ltd
A man is using an ADT product to turn lights on and off at his home. His female partner calls him and threatens domestic violence against him by threatening to "put his lights out" if he does it again.
0437/1511 November 2015David Jones Ltd

Found here:
OR here:

People dancing, running and moving to music and theatrical scenes.

0438/1511 November 2015Bingle Insurance
Car insurance ad with a man ordering car insurance on a mobile phone while riding two singing horses - then in closing scene the driver is in the car with the two fantasy horses galloping alongside a car
0439/1511 November 2015World Vision Australia
I have two young children watching cartoons on GO when this advertisement about an 8 year old girl who is raped and is forced to marry old men.
0440/1511 November 2015Super Cheap Auto Pty Ltd
Ad depicts 4 vehicles doing burn outs and crossing each other in a figure 8 pattern. They cross in front of a SuperCheap semi trailer and it is shown to swerve and almost roll
0441/1511 November 2015Vitaco Health Australia Pty Ltd
The ad features a next to naked girl, wet hair, skimpy bikini bottoms with little ties at the sides. Currently in a shower and covering her breasts and vagina area with her arms - as though she has been sprung being NAKED and the slogan reads - across her breast area NO NAUGHTY BITS
I have seen the ad on the WiFI boxes around Coogee - specifically on corner of Coogee Bay Rd and Brook St
0442/1511 November 2015Vitaco Health Australia Pty Ltd
The advertisement is on busses and trains and features a woman in bikini and two males in the background wearing almost nothing (showing most of their rears) on a beach with "unguilty satisfaction" written on the front
0443/1511 November 2015Live Lighter
This is a NT Government campaign to explain the dangers of sugary, carbonated drinks.
0446/1511 November 2015Beiersdorf Aust Ltd
The ad was for skin cream by Nivea Visage
0447/1511 November 2015Key Factors
Postcard sized. Features two pigs on front-one mounting the other from behind, with the bottom pig seemingly female. The tag line is 'Dominate your cash flow!"
0448/1511 November 2015Victoria's Secret
Highly sexualised and offensive! It's a corner shop plastered on two sides with HUGE photo's of very provocative women, one practically half naked. One picture is over 12 feet tall and it's in the centre of Robina Town Centre, clearly visible from all the banks. Another picture shows a half naked woman barely covering her breasts. On two sides there are enormous entrances so inside is also clearly visible with more very sexual and provocative women in lingerie all over the walls as well as a big tv screen with the Victoria's Secret parade showing constantly.
0449/1511 November 2015Sportsbet
This ad shows a gambler at the races with what appears to be a very nasty case of sunburn beneath where binoculars would have been. It includes the comment "Don't worry it's only second degree".
0450/1511 November 2015Global Shop Direct
Hello, today I was watching channel 10 (I think) in the morning and there was a disturbing ad for a laughing ball (a dog toy). The ball makes the sound of a human baby/toddler when it's bitten.
0451/1511 November 2015Golden Circle Ltd
A male adult with a child and the male slices a pineapple depicting the juice content. The impression is that these two are Australians cutting an Australian pineapple.
0465/1525 November 2015Emily Ulman
Drawing of two blokes playing with each other's todgers: