Environmental claims

The AANA Environmental Claims Code is aimed at ensuring that advertisers and marketers develop and maintain rigorous standards when making Environmental Claims and to increase consumer confidence to the benefit of the environment, consumers and industry.

The Code was created in 2009, but substantially rewritten in May 2018 to simplify the provisions.

Provisions of the Code:

  1. Truthful and factual representation
    Environmental claims in advertising must not be misleading or deceptive and must ensure that all disclaimers, including those about the extent of environmental benefit, are presented in a manner that can be clearly understood by the consumer.
  2. A genuine benefit to the environment
    Environmental claims must clearly explain the significance of the claim but not overstate the claim or imply the product or service is more socially acceptable on the whole. 
  3. Substantiation 
    Environmental claims must be able to be substantiated and verified and any testimonials must reflect genuine, informed and current option of the person.

Further information

For more information see the AANA Environmental Claims Code: Practice Note.