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Ad Standards applauds the kindest ad of them all

A fun-filled television commercial for wheelchair accessible holiday accommodation has been announced by Ad Standards, Australia’s independent advertising complaints adjudicator, as the first winner of the ‘kinder conditions’ award.

Selected by the Ad Standards Community Panel for promoting social inclusion and diversity, the winning advertisement from was voted the kindest ad of them all from an impressive list of ads with positive social messages.

The ‘kinder conditions’ campaign invites the community and advertisers to nominate ads that challenge stereotypes and clichés to recognise more socially progressive marketing communication across the wide range of social issues covered by the advertising codes in Australia.

Ad Standards CEO, Ms Fiona Jolly, congratulated and noted the high standard of all advertisements nominated for recognition, with a special credit to the shortlisted finalists.

“Recognising great ads with social value has also been a first for Ad Standards. The cross-section of ads nominated clearly shows the value of diversity and social inclusion to consumers and the brand power of advertising that goes beyond the already high standards in the advertising codes to influence social change.”

“The codes work to achieve greater good for everyone, providing protection through standards that reflect society’s values across wide-ranging social issues," said Ms Jolly.

The Ad Standards ‘kinder conditions’ campaign continues and nominations for round two are now open to the community and advertisers to recognise great ads that celebrate creativity and social inclusion for a job well done.

The shortlisted ‘kinder conditions’ finalists:
Team Girls TVC – Suncorp
Mum’s Birthday TVC – Cadbury
Westpac Separation Hub TVC – Westpac
Blood normal TVC – Libra
Look up campaign – Outdoor Media Association (OMA)