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Ad Standards recognises TVC for creating kinder conditions in advertising

A television ad with a sweet story and positive social messaging has been recognised by Ad Standards, Australia’s advertising complaints adjudicator, for creating ‘kinder conditions’ in advertising.

The winning TVC ‘mums birthday’ from Cadbury was nominated for promoting social inclusion and “actions that speak louder than words” and awarded round two winner of the ‘kinder conditions’ accolade.

The kinder conditions campaign invites the community and advertisers to nominate ads that challenge stereotypes and clichés to recognise more socially progressive marketing communication across the wide range of social issues covered by the advertising Codes administered by Ad Standards.

Ad Standards CEO Ms Fiona Jolly congratulated Cadbury for a great ad that celebrates creativity and promotes positive social messaging.

“Mum’s birthday is an excellent example of leading creative that tells a positive social story, which is also a great news story for business.”

“Kinder conditions has effectively created a new space to recognise and create advertising that exceeds the already high standards set in the ad Codes to achieve better business outcomes,” said Ms Jolly.

Ms Jolly noted the high quality of all round two nominations and thanked advertisers and the community for their participation in an initiative highlighting the ability of advertisers and agencies to have more socially progressive messaging in their communications.

“The high quality of all nominations shows how advertisers can go above and beyond the standards set out in the Codes to create content which reflects and exceeds community standards and expectations,” said Ms Jolly.

Brand Equity Director at Mondelez Australia, Mr Anthony Ho, thanked the community and Ad Standards for the award.

“We’re thrilled to have been nominated by the public for this award. It demonstrates that true kindness and generosity lives in all of us.

Cadbury Dairy Milk has a rich heritage and nostalgia for many Australians. In a time of such turmoil and change, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our belief that ‘there’s a glass and a half in everyone’,” Mr Ho said.

The nominations were judged by the Ad Standards Community Panel on creativity and effectiveness promoting positive messaging and challenging stereotypes and clichés across wide-ranging social issues. The shortlisted ‘Kinder Conditions’ finalists listed in no particular order are:
- Team Girls TVC – Suncorp
- Spread the Merry – Australia Post
- Life Experts – Bethanie