Community Panel member

Appointed December 2017

Rebecca is Geelong based and has worked in various fitness and health settings over the last 25 years.

After gaining her Bachelor of Nursing, Rebecca based herself in London, working and travelling extensively. While in London, Rebecca decided to pursue her love of fitness to a professional level and completed her Exercise to Music instructor course, enabling her to become an “Aerobic Instructor”. This is a role that she still loves and still continues to teach with a passion.

Rebecca has also led Older Adult Groups in council based ‘Livewell Programmes’ as well as teaching local high school physical education students the basics of leading group exercise.

Rebecca’s obvious love of fitness was highlighted during a recent weekly session on a local FM radio station, offering fitness tips to make workouts accessible and fun.

Living abroad motivated Rebecca to apply to Qantas as Cabin Crew, a position she loved and held for several years. Years of travelling also motivated Rebecca to undertake a Graduate Diploma in Marketing (Tourism).

As well as fitness and flying, Rebecca has also worked a Registered Nurse for the last 25 years in health care settings in London, the USA and Australia, working in diverse areas such as the British Defence Force, a children’s camp in the USA and major hospitals in London, Melbourne and Geelong. Rebecca still works in Cardiac Services for two local public and private hospitals, looking after patients post Cardiac and Thoracic surgery as well in a Coronary Care setting.

Rebecca is married and has five children ranging from teenagers to a toddler. She loves her family, spending time with friends, working, the clients she meets, reading, TV and film, travel, an annual camping beach holiday, coaching her daughter’s junior netball team and time at home with her family and pets.