Kids… it's time for a review

The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) has launched a review of the Children’s Advertising Code to ensure that it continues to provide a robust framework for the regulation of advertising to children on all media platforms. 

What does the current Advertising to Children’s Code cover?

The existing code has been in place for over 20 years and includes rules for how brands can advertise products to children.

The rules – that apply to all media – prohibit the use of sexual appeal, the use of images that may frighten or distress children and prohibit the promotion of anything that relates to alcohol. The rules also require advertisers to be clear and unambiguous in their messaging and require parental or guardian consent prior to collecting or disclosing a child’s personal information. The rules apply to advertising of products or services which are targeted toward and have principal appeal to children. 

Why does it need to be updated?

Children are an especially vulnerable group that require additional protection when it comes to advertising and marketing communications directed to them. Advertising that specifically targets children must be responsible and sensitive to their needs and levels of understanding.

The way children consume media is rapidly changing. Now is the time to re-evaluate the code to ensure that it continues to protect children from harmful, deceptive, or offensive advertising content.  

How can I suggest a change?

It’s important that everyone gets an opportunity to have their say about the new Advertising to Children’s Code. The AANA welcomes submissions to the review but encourages you to read the accompanying Discussion Paper first. Submissions close on 5 August 2022. The new Code is expected to come into effect in 2023.


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