All we want for Christmas is… responsible advertising

If you’re looking to cut through the Christmas clutter with a left-field ad, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure your ads meet community standards this festive season. 

Rein(deer) in your language.

You should always match the language used in an ad to the audience that is likely to view it. Expletives are never ok to use on mediums that are likely to be seen by children, including outdoor and TV advertising. 

With Christmas being a religious holiday, it’s also important to make sure your cut-through content doesn’t discriminate against or vilify a person or group of people on account of their religious beliefs. This includes the imagery shown or the words and phrases used. 

Deck the halls with distinguishable ads.

It’s easier than ever for consumers to purchase goods through social media channels, so it’s crucial for advertisers and influencers to clearly disclose when a post follows the gift of a product or is sponsored or part of a relationship with a brand. 

Give consumers the gift of clear ad disclosure this Christmas by following our how-to guide when engaging influencers to promote your brand. 

Don’t be a Grinch when it comes to advertising to kids

There are few things a child looks forward to more than Christmas. While advertisers are keen to capitalise on their excitement, there are also some rules they need to abide by when targeting ads towards kids:

Will you be on the naughty or nice list? 

The last thing you want in the run up to Christmas is to be found in breach of the advertising codes. To avoid this costly mistake, it’s worthwhile submitting your campaign to our Copy Advice Service for review. 

We can provide fast and confidential guidance about potential issues in your content and the best way to go about fixing them. We accept requests for all new concepts, imagery, copy and campaigns prior to publication, broadcast or public release.

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